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The Islamic choice of ‘Friday closed and Sunday open’ schools in Bihar created a spark.

Friday holiday

In Bihar, around 500 schools are closed on Friday instead of Sunday, the teacher said –choice from local Muslim people and pressure from Islamic leaders is behind it.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Patna | July 25, 2022:: After Jharkhand, now in Bihar about five hundred schools of Seemanchal is maintaining Friday is a holiday instead of Sunday.  Such an issue of declaring Friday as a holiday like some Islamic countries in the middle east has sparked a row . Here Friday is declared a holiday instead of Sunday in about 500 government schools in four major districts of Seemanchal viz. Kishanganj, Araria, Katihar and Purnia. In this regard, the sources inform that this decision has been taken due to the pressure of local Muslim people and Islamic leaders. The Muslim population in these districts ranges from 30 to 70 percent. According to a news article published in Live Hindustan, about 500 government schools in the four districts of Seemanchal have a holiday on Friday instead of Sunday, in the primary and middle schools. 229 out of 244 schools in Araria’s Jogihat block remain closed on Friday. And such schools remain open on Sunday for studies.

Jogihat’s PEO said this has been going on for a long time. Besides, there is no written order for this, he said.

Friday closed, Sunday open in many schools in Bihar in Muslim majority areas have compromised to make adjustment with Sharia influence.

Friday Holiday for 200 government schools in Purnia

200 government schools in Purnia district are given holiday on Friday. There are 19 schools in Kishanganj which are closed on Fridays. The Education Department is not aware that these schools will be closed on Friday. However, the teachers who teach here say that this decision was taken under the pressure of the local Muslim leader. The Department of Education says they are not aware of schools closing on Friday instead of Sunday here.

There is no written order in this regard

In fact, last week, it came to light that 19 schools in Kishanganj remain closed on Fridays instead of Sundays. Describing this, Kishanganj District Education Officer (DEO) said that this is an old tradition. He said there is no government order for Friday holidays and Sunday for studies. Talks will be held with higher authorities on the matter of Friday to ensure smooth running of the school.

Line Urdu Middle School

The schools are closed on Friday in the predominantly Muslim areas

The DEO said this tradition has continued in schools since the beginning due to the Muslim majority area and the majority number of Muslim students. These all 19 schools in Kishanganj are not Urdu schools or madrasahs, there are many ordinary schools also. Regarding the closure of the school on Friday, Line Urdu Middle School Principal Jharna Bala Saha said: “Friday is a holiday as the school has been a convention here.

This convention of giving a holiday of Friday instead of Sunday has also been highlighted by Republic World also.

This Friday closed and Sunday open in many schools prevailing in Bihar in Muslim majority areas are nothing but to adjust with Islamic influence to establish the Sharia identity of the Muslim people in a cryptic way.

Anyway, many schools in Jharkhand restored Sunday holiday in schools in Muslim-majority areas of Jharkhand reverting Friday as week day, after objections came from many quarters.

The Dangerous plan

The Islamic choice of ‘Friday closed and Sunday open’ schools in many Muslim majority areas in Bihar has already created a spark.

This is a dangerous sign that Now, the Muslims students are only demanding  Hijab in class rooms and Friday as a holiday. Then they will demand separate sitting arrangements, namaj room and beef in the canteen. Being a full fledged citizen of India afterwards, they will demand Sharia in the society and Islamic country in India ultimately. Their planning is clear…. but, the Muslim appeasement in Indian politics is endless.

Few months ago, in Karnataka, there was a big Muslim students’ agitation throughout the state for wearing Hijab by Muslim girls in the class room. The Government there strictly controlled it tactfully. Now, it is to see how the Bihar and Jharkhand Govts neutralize this ‘Friday open’ mode in the schools, another move of Islamists who are very active in these two states.

Read this news in Hindi: बिहार के 500 स्कूलों में रविवार की जगह शुक्रवार छुट्टी, टीचर्स बोले- मुस्लिम नेताओं का दबाव

__With inputs from Live Hindustan. Courtesy to the links used above.

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