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Inspired Islamic people attack Hindu procession and police repeatedly in Bihar.

Bihar: 20 arrested after Hindu-Muslim clash in Siwan, heavy brick pelting on Mahaviri Akhada Procession from Mosque roof, 21 injured including 9 police personnel. 

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Patna | Sept 9, 2022::  Siwan police in Bihar lodged FIR against 35 people and arrested 20 people after a clash broke out between the Hindus and Muslims in the locality on Thursday evening.

Siwan district magistrate Amit Kumar Pandey said the situation was immediately brought under control and no major incident occurred in the clash, which occurred during the Mahaviri Akhada procession passing through a Muslim area beside a Mosque thereby.

The incident occurred near Purani Bazar locality under Barhariya police station in Siwan.

SP Shailesh Kumar Sinha said the arrests were made from both the sides.

Reportedly, when the procession reached the Masjid area, there were some arguments between Hindus in the procession and Muslims in the area. This argument turned violent and Muslim people climbed to the roof of the mosque and started pelting stones and bricks at the Hindus. Soon, people from houses in the area also started to attack the Hindus in the procession with stones and bricks from their terraces. Muslim women were also seen in the brick pelting as well on the Hindu procession.

They also pelted stones at the Police who were deployed for the protection of the Mahaviri Akhada procession. Around 12 people from both the communities and a Police sub-inspector, 2 ASIs and 6 other officers have been reported injured. Some shops in the area were also torched during the violence.

Police are attacked by the Islamist people repeatedly

In another incident, Police contingents were brutally attacked on Thursday evening. As, Patna Police got a tip that a few people armed with weapons had gathered in the Patna main market around the Shia Masjid, they took immediate action. Police officers Amir Kumar and Rajesh Kumar Pandey of Pirbahor Police station conducted a raid on the spot, but they didn’t find anything. While returning to the police station, they saw that four men started to run after seeing the police. The police team caught them and tried to bring them to the Police Station for questioning. But when the news spread that police have caught the four persons and are taking them to the police station, a Jihadi mob attacked the Police officers and brutally assaulted the cops with bamboo sticks and stones. After that the Islamist people also thronged to the Pirbahor Police station.

As per report, four officers of the Pirbahor Police station in Patna were admitted to the PMCH hospital after they were brutally beaten by people of the Muslim community.  The condition of one of the officers identified as Subhash is critical and undergoing treatment in the ICU.

Heavy police force deployment was made in all sensitive areas in Patna after the Pirbahor Police Station attack.

Jungle Raj returns in Bihar

The criminal incidents are growing rapidly in Bihar including the attacks upon Police. The peace loving majority people are frightened under the rowdiness of the criminal kingpins and the Islamist people as well. The Nitish Kumar (Janta Dal) led Bihar government with the help of Tejashwi Yadav of Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) have failed to control the law and order situation in Bihar and returned the era of Jungle Raj.

India today reports, Lalu Yadav’s close aide Anwar Ahmed’s son was involved to the clash with police in Pirbahor Police Station in Patna.

__Inputs from Daily Bhaskar | Times Now Navbharat | Times Now News | India Today.

2 comments on “Inspired Islamic people attack Hindu procession and police repeatedly in Bihar.

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  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    September 10, 2022

    Bharat Sarkar, obey the FREEDOM of Hindus in their own land.
    They, the descendants of foreign invaders, can not be given the
    Freedom Hindus have. Bharat is the land of DEVIS/DEVTAS and if
    ciminal races can not accept this Freedom, destroy them completely.
    Security is your duty, if not, then the Hindus have the right to protect
    and enjoy their NATIVE RIGHTS. Bharat Sarkar change the rotten
    Congressy-Nehru Constitution and their Flag. Bharat is Akhand and Sanatan.
    This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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