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The Ego of PM Modi and BJP should be removed to declare Ram Setu as National Heritage Monument. 

Swamy in SC for Ram Setu

‘Why Are You Dragging Your Feet?’: Supreme Court Pulls Up Centre For Not Filing Reply To Dr Swamy’s Plea Seeking National Heritage Status For Ram Setu.

Here is the Answer: It’s Modi’s Ego and BJP’s intensive intention to belittle Dr Swamy.

tCiLNGajUpendra Bharti  | HENB | New Delhi | Nov 12, 2022:: The Supreme Court, on Thursday, directed the Union Government to file a counter affidavit in the petition preferred by Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Subramanian Swamy seeking National Heritage Status for Ram Setu, within a period of four weeks.

At the outset Dr. Swamy appearing in person apprised the Bench comprising CJI, Justice D. Y. Chandrachud, Justice Hima Kohli and Justice J.B. Pardiwala that an adjournment letter has been circulated by the Union Government. He submitted that on several occasions the Apex Court had directed the Union Government to file the counter affidavit, but the same has not been complied with till date.

The Counsel appearing on behalf of the Union Government assured the Bench that the counter affidavit was ready to be filed, but they were awaiting instructions from the concerned Ministry.

Dr. Swamy emphasised that the matter was going on for about 8 years, but the Government has not been able to take its stand. He reckoned – “It is either yes, or no.”

Upon considering the submissions, the Bench initially granted two weeks’ time to Centre to file the counter affidavit and two weeks thereafter to Dr. Swamy to file his rejoinder.

“Counter affidavit be filed within two weeks, with a copy to be served to the petitioner. Rejoinder, if any, to be filed within 2 weeks thereafter.”

However, the Counsel appearing for the Union Government requested the Bench not to specify two weeks as it might take some time to get instructions from the Ministry.

“Your lordship may not mention two weeks.”

CJI, Justice Chandrachud then remarked, “Why are you dragging your feet?”

The Counsel responded, “It is ready, but we need to seek instructions…”

Accordingly, the Bench granted four weeks’ time to file Counter Affidavit and two weeks thereafter for filing rejoinder.

The issue seeking declaration of the Ram Setu as National Heritage was raised by Swamy in his 2007 plea against the Sethu Samundram Ship Channel project.

Under the Setu samundram project an 83 km long channel was to be created linking Mannar and Palk Strait by extensive dredging. The project was alleged to have an impact on the Ram Setu.

Ram Setu, is a bridge which is a chain of limestone shoals, off the southeastern coast of Tamil Nadu. It runs from Pamban Island near Rameshwaram in South India to Mannar Island, off the northern coast of Sri Lanka. The bridge is mentioned in the epic Ramayana to have been constructed by Lord Ram to reach Sri Lanka to rescue Sita.

In his case Dr Swamy made it clear to the apex court how the Ram Setu is connected with historicity of Lord Rama and Indian culture and tradition linked with Sanatan Hindu faith. Dr Swamy extensively went for his case elaborating the danger of the flora and fauna in the aquatic environs if the Ram Setu is destroyed for the Sethu Samundram Ship Channel project. In his writ Dr Swamy also mentioned the huge loss of thorium reservoir for India in case of destruction of Ram Setu.

Such a great public interest of declaring Ram Setu as National Heritage have been being ignored for years by the ‘most patriotic’ and ‘most Hindutvawadi’ BJP govt in the center lead by PM Modi, but, WHY?

The reality of the answer is sour and will never be accepted by the BJP or Moody morons any way!

PM is a matchless personality to like his surroundings with yes-man and women from the beginning as he derived it from RSS culture and policy. As Dr Subramanian Swamy does not fall in such yes-man category, a natural distance has been developed and it has turned into deep for the inferiority complex of PM Modi.

Not only Modi, many in BJP top ranks are zealous to Swamy for his popularity in Hindutva circle and drowned in the inferiority complex due to high educational stature and acumen of Swamy.

For this gulf of distance in BJP between Modi and Swamy has put a hurdle in the ease of Swamy’s effort for declaring Ram Setu as national heritage.

Earlier, PM Modi had tried to suck all the success of building Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya, while he only played as an instrumental of  Gujarat coordinator for the Ram Ratha Yatra led by Lal Krishna Advani in Sept-Oct 1990. No, other role of Modi is hither to known for the Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Movement which led BJP to the Central Power in fact.

But, the legal struggle of Swamy in the Supreme Court immensely pressurized the Indian judiciary to give a verdict in favour of the construction of Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi Temple ultimately.

Now, Swamy’s endeavour for Ram Setu case is not digestible for the BJP as it will give least credit to them even declaring it as National Heritage, so far they did nothing for the cause.

So, anti-Swamy gang in BJP under the leadership of PM Modi took the way to delay the matter in Supreme court and engaged themselves to assasinate the credential of Dr Swamy in many ways.

Consequently, the deputed cyber soldiers of BJP jumped in the field of social media and started disseminating false ideas that ‘Declaring Ram Setu as National Heritage will  hamper the Thorium procurement for India’ or ‘have to compromise with India’s Thorium reseves’ etc.

Dr Swamy replied, “Nonsense. You neither know where Thorium is nor what Ram Setu does. Thorium is in waters of Palk Strait. When Palk Strait waves collide with Ram Setu, Thorium in sea water slides to the Indian coast.If Ram Setu is cut, thorium will go to Indian Ocean & Seychelles and Diego Garcia.

In recent Swamy tweeted again, “The biggest bunkum spread on Twitter is that if Ram Setu is declared a National Heritage Monument then Indian government will not be able to extract thorium. Will any of these liars produce a single scientific journal to support it?”


In this elevated rift with PM Modi led Govt in the Center, Swamy took his twitter handle to give warning to ruling BJP and wrote: “If Modi govt does not declare Ram Setu as Heritage Monument, then BJP will either lose 2024 General Election or Hindutva forces manage to unseat Modi and enable BJP to win landslide in Lok Sabha elections. Hindutvavadis choose now!! Give Modi an ultimatum”. 

Unfortunately, BJP – the much venerated Hindutva party for the majority Hindu people of India is now opposing the demand of declaring Ram Setu as National Heritage.

We have to wait four weeks further to get the standpoint of BJP Govt in the Supreme court on Ram Setu. But, the Ego of PM Modi and many BJP leaders must go off against Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s initiatve to declare Ram Setu as a National Heritage monument.


__Inputs from Live Law.

One comment on “The Ego of PM Modi and BJP should be removed to declare Ram Setu as National Heritage Monument. 

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    November 12, 2022

    Bharat is Sanatan Bharat, that means Bharat is the Land of Devis/Devtas
    and all is on Bharat soil, except what the barbaric invaders had brought. This
    heritage of the great history of Bharat can not be denied by politicians
    chosen for a couple of years. Ram Setu is the bridge of Ram Ji – the autar
    of Sri Vishnu Ji – who had build this bridge connecting Sri Lanka. They who
    are against or are refusing to recognize this HISTORICAL creation, has no right
    to be in Hindustan. It is not only a tecknical wonder, but it is the proof of
    Sanatan Dharma, the soul of Bharat. Nowhere in this world such a wonder
    exists and the proof Ram Ji was here on this holy Land. A blessing for Bharat.
    This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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