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Sikhs in Fear under Muslim Threats in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan: Sikh girl abused and tried for molestation by a Muslim gang in Krishna Colony under Brahampuri Police Station in Jaipur.

Culprits are roaming free as no major step taken by the Police so far. Sikhs are still in fear under recurring threats from Muslims in Jaipur’s Krishna Colony.   

Krishna Colony under Brahampuri Police Station in Jaipur, RajasthanMeenakshi Purohit | HENB | Jaipur | Dec 30, 2022:: A Sikh girl abused and tried for molestation by a Muslim gang in Krishna Colony under Brahampuri Police Station in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

After the local Sikhs protested, the Islamist mob had even attacked and stone pelted on many houses and properties of Sikhs entering their areas.

The incident took place around 11 pm on Tuesday in Krishna Colony under Brahampuri Police Station causing damages to buildings and vehicles. North Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Parish Deshmukh said that the police took action and peace was restored.

“The girl is a sister of Harjeet Singh. She was passing by from the area when some of the boys from the Muslim community made distasteful remarks about her. She protested. However, they continued to pass lewd remarks. Soon, a large crowd gathered. The girl informed her relatives, after which several boys from the Sikh community also gathered in the area. Thereafter, there was stone pelting by them. I do not understand from where did they get that many stones? Did they have the stones ready with them?”, Moni Kaur, a resident of the area, mentioned to India Today. The Sikh girl was returning home from a Gurudwara after participating a programme related to Gurputra Shaheedi Diwas.

DCP Deshmukh said that in the preliminary investigation it has come to the fore that the entire dispute took place over the alleged incident of molestation of a woman.

Several houses were damaged in the stone pelting incident and the glasses of the vehicles were broken.

“As soon as we got the information through the control room, we reached the spot. At present, the situation is under control. Peace is maintained. Teams have been formed to nab those who are accused in this entire matter. Six people detained so far, and the situation is being monitored,” said the DCP.

Earlier the Islamist mob had repeatedly threatened the Sikhs in the locality, forcing them to quit the area.

As many of the Muslim goons are moving the area scot-free, a fear among the Sikh residents of the disturbed areas still persist.

Simran Kaur (name changed), a scared resident of the area told HENB, “We are in fear as the Muslim goons from the nearby areas are coming to our locality and threatening us for dire consequences. No body is coming to save us from this recurring repression upon our girls and women. Police on duty became mere spectators in many time without preventing the Muslim perpetrators from doing unsocial activities”.

In Congress ruled Rajasthan, Muslim aggression upon other faiths is increasing under indulgence and appeasement.

__Inputs from Times Mirror and India Today.

2 comments on “Sikhs in Fear under Muslim Threats in Rajasthan.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    December 31, 2022

    Government of India, is this all not enough? Why Allah-kafirs can have
    the freedom to terrorise and kill Hindu women? You have the power
    and the weapons to deal in such situations, but if you are refusing to
    protect the Freedom and Decency of the women, Hindus has the right
    to take the power in its own hands. Be sure! This is the voice of Sri
    Hanuman Seva Sena.


  2. Anon6
    January 6, 2023

    Where is the Nihang Sikh??ohh…they are busy in threatening Hindus in Punjab,Sikh Guru laid their life fighting Muslim tyrant along with Hindus for the protection of Hinduism and Sikhism while their followers are showing dadagiri where Hindus are living peacefully.


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