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‘Why do Hindus need permission for Ganga Aarti if Muslims don’t need permission to offer Namaj on the streets’

Bhatpara Ganga Aarti 1

Through Ganga Aarti, we want to revive the culture of Bengal giving due reverence to River Ganga: Mahamandaleshwar Swami Paramatmananda Ji.

Why do Hindus need permission for Ganga Aarti if Muslims don’t need permission to offer Namaj on the streets… questions WB BJP President Sukanta Majumdar.  

325726065_561918148881747_2859251365779056570_nUpendra Bharti | HENB | Kolkata | Jan 15, 2023:: There was a ruckus with Ganga Aarti performed at Babughat while BJP WB State President Sukant Majumjudar performed the Ganga Aarti by keeping the police in a frenzy. Today Ganga Aarti was organized in Bhatpara of Barrackpore in a big stage at Balaram Sarkar Ghat there as organized by Hindu Jagaran Manch. Going there, Sukant Majumjudar accused the state government of obstructing Hindus from practicing their religion. He raised the question, if a Muslim does not need permission to offer Namaj on the street, why does a Hindu need permission for Ganga Aarti?

While speaking about the incident of Ganga Aarti at Babughat in Kolkata, he said that the Ganga Aarti was organized on the initiative of the Bengal BJP on January 11 before the Gangasagar Mela, but the police did not give permission. The police started dismanteling the stage that day.

Sukant Majumdar raised the question, “I ask that people of other religions in India whether they need any permissionif they have to practice religion?” If a Muslim does not need permission to pray on the street or on a (railway) platform, then a Sukanta Majumjudar or a Hindu does not need permission to offer Ganga Aarti.”

A huge gathering was seen at the Bhatpara Ganga Aarti where Mahamandaleshwar Swami Paramatmanandaji of Maha Nirvani Akhada blessed the devotees and said, “Through Ganga Aarti, we want to revive the culture of Bengal giving due reverence to River Ganga. Such spiritual and religious gathering of the followers of Sanatan Dharma will maintain the Hindu Culture of Bengal in any circumstances.”

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Paramatmanandaji is the President of Akhil Bharat Sant Samaj (Bengal Chapter) and also the spiritual mentor of Tribeni Kumbha Porichalana Samiti which has been organizing the Tribeni Kumbhasnan Mela with the patronage of Banshberia Municipal authority since last year. This year Tribeni Kumbhasnan Mela is scheduled as 12-14 January, 2023 at Banshberia Municiaplity areas in Hoogly, West Bengal.

Speaking today, Sukanta Majumdar said, “Hindus are fighting to protect their culture continuously.  A result of that struggle is the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya today”.

In his words, “No one remembers a nation that does not remember its history.” He urged Hindus to continue their struggle to protect their culture. He said, “If someone calls me communal to protect my religion and culture, he can say so. I will be communal a hundred times to protect my religion and my community.”

He claims that the part of India from which the Ganga Mata -Go Mata and Gita Mata are removed,  has been separated from India. Those parts are no longer considered to be India.

Speaking today Dr Majumdar compared the police administration and the Trinamool leader and workers to the demons of Ramayana. He said, it was seen in the Ramayana that when sages and sages used to perform Yajna, a group of demons would attack to vandalize it. And now, that demons now come in a khaki or white dress. They are sent to stop the Ganga Aarti of the Hindus.

He also claims that it is not possible to save this Bengal unless Hindu culture and traditions are awakened in Bengal once again.

Mahamandaleshwar Swami Paramatmanandaji aspired that the Bengal will rise again in harmony and prosperity with the unity of all people avoiding political and sectarian differences which are too much harmful for the society in the long run.


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