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Again, a Hindu minor girl kidnapped, converted and married to an abductor in Pakistan’s Sindh.

Karishma - Sohil

This is Pakistan, the hell for minority Hindus….

Minor Hindu girl Karishma Bheel abducted & forcefully converted to Islam in Dargah Sufi peer Sirhandi  and married to her abductor Sohail Rind. 

Rana Ranjeet | HENB | Sindh, Pakistan | Feb 24, 2023:: Minor Hindu girl Karishma Bheel (16+) was abducted at gunpoint on 15 Feb from Khan Baksh Colony, Naukot, Mirpur Khas district, Sindh province of Pakistan. She was then taken to Gulzar-e-Khalil Sufi Peer Jan Agha Jan Sirhandi dargah in Samaro, Sindh for forced conversion to Islam and  later she was solemnized a Nikah (Islamic marriage) to her abductor Sohail Rind. Sohail belongs to an Islamic  Tribe of criminal nature.

Though it is reported in ‘The Print‘ via news agency ANI, ” According to her family, the girl was kidnapped on February 15 from Naukot market where she had gone with her younger brother to purchase vegetables,” video clips have been surfaced in social media where father of Karishma  conveyed that “Sohail, Riyaz and Javed Rind entered our house with weapons abducted my minor daughter Karishma at gun point”.

With the help of local political parties, administration and police, the Maulana  (Islamic cleric) perpetrators have managed to prepare false age as major, Islamic conversion certificate of  Karishma to Kanwal, though a fishy  law against child marriage exists in Sindh which prohibits marriage of girls below 18,

illegal conversion

But, according to the  valid documents ( School Board Registration and Admit card of Secondary Exam.) produced by the family of Karishma’s family tell that Karishma is yet to reach 17 yrs on date.


But, under the pressure of the Maulana lobby attached to Sufi conversion rackets, Karishma  was compelled to confess her will to become a Muslim in a published video. And it is also reported that the abductor Sohail has already consummated an Islamic marriage (Nikah) with the victim Karishma for enjoying a Kaffir girl so legalized as a very soulful journey to expand the Ummat.

It has also been reported that a  Muslim gang of abductors for Hindu girls and criminals physically tortured a Hindu headman named Dr. Daulat Ram of Baghan town as he raised his voice to free Karishma from such Islamic perpetration and injustice.

A Hindu activists of Pakistan, Narain Das Bheel conveyed through a tweet that ” Naukot Mirpurkhas Sindh: #Hindu community & parents have been protesting in front of the Nokot police station for the last 20 hours to file a case of abduction of their minor daughter #Karishma_Bheel but it is a matter of great sadness and regret that the case is still not filed”.

Narain Das Bheel Tweets for Karishma

Abduction, forcible conversion to Islam and marriage of Hindu girls, mostly minors to Muslims, continue unabated in various areas of Pakistan, particularly in Sindh without invoking any concern and attention of the administration, human rights organisations, mainstream media and social media platforms in Pakistan.

__Inputs from Narain Das Bheel, The Print  and ANI.

One comment on “Again, a Hindu minor girl kidnapped, converted and married to an abductor in Pakistan’s Sindh.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    February 26, 2023

    This marriage is invalid. She is HINDU and will stay Hindu. They have stolen
    their body, not her soul. Further more Pakistan is not able to be a civilized
    country. They who have chosen to be Pakistani/Islamist, must accept they
    are traitors. Why? They are not Arabs, even the Arabs don’t accept them as such. They all are – maybe a very few numbers Arabic – converted HINDUS
    and became enemy of India. This is not the first time young HINDUS girls
    became victim of barbaric Islam and its regime. The time is running out.
    If Bharat Sarkar can not stop this criminality, then no option will be left, but
    to destroy Pakistan completely and bring an end to the injustice brought
    on the Hindus by the past Congressy-Nehru rulings.


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