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See this case of love jihad where a Hindu woman is grossly victimized by a Muslim polygamist by unnatural sex and other Islamic bestiality.  

Love Jihad

Maharashtra: Islam allows me to have four wives, said Mohd Sahil Sayyed who married two Muslim and a Hindu woman

Sayyed gave death threats to Shrutika a number of times she shared all the call recordings with this correspondent. They are filled with abuses and casteist slurs, he is saying that the charge of rape is small he wants section 302 (murder) or 307 (attempt to murder) written in front of his name…..

  • This is an classic example of why polygamy should be banned in India even if Islam allows it.

  • This is another warning to Hindu girls and women why they should not marry with any Muslim guy. 

  • This is reflection of the sanction of unnatural sex in Islam and row of extramarital sex in Muslim mind.

  • Sexual enslavement, conversion, insecurity and cessation of all women rights are the attributes of love jihad.

by Subhi Vishwakarma

Last week a Hindu woman filed a police complaint against her husband Mohammad Sahil Sayyed after being tortured for more than two years. This complaint is a classic example of why polygamy should be banned in India even if Islam allows it. One man ruined the lives of four women. He has been in relationships with multiple women out of which he married one Hindu and two Muslims. He is currently in a live-in relationship with another Hindu woman.

Notably, Sahil got this woman converted to Islam and made her follow all the Islamic rituals. She would wear a full-body veil and offer namaz five times a day.

The incident is from the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra and the police have booked the accused under charges of rape only. Maharashtra has no law to curb forced religious conversion, hence accused like Sahil Sayyed will go unpunished for their crimes.

An FIR (number–146/2023) was registered at the Ahmednagar Camp police station of the Ahmednagar District on March 7.

Lives in Vijay Line Square Ahmednagar with her sister. She married Sahil Mohammad Sayyed on October 9, 2020, at Parag building court complex. And on January 10, 2022, they married again as per Islamic rituals.

After this nikah, she started living with her husband in his house with other family members including her mother-in-law and brother-in-law. Things did not go well and hence they shifted to rented accommodation in the Mukund nagar area on 3 April 2022. Sayyed lived with the victim till December 21, 2022.

On the night of December 21, her friend called her and told her that Sayyed abused her over the call. She was upset with this and called her husband to confront him, instead of apologising he gave her death threats.

Shrutika called the police and told them everything, within an hour police took her with them and a case was registered against Sayyed. Then he reached the police station and manipulated her, after this, she took the case back. As soon as they reached the house Sayyed took out an axe to attack her, a feared Shrukita drank poison. Sayyed rushed to the hospital near Shakkar Sqaure Ahmednagar where she was admitted till 10 January 2023.

Victim Shrutika with the accused

From the hospital, he asked the victim to go to her aunt’s place in Pune and he will come to take her home on February 1.

The victim later found that the accused had brought another woman to her house and was living-in with her. When questioned he asked the victim to come home and said that he will live with both of them.

Almost a week ago he came to Pune to take her back home. While returning home he took out a weapon and told the victim that neither he will leave the other woman nor the victim.

That day he did unnatural sex with her and said, he wants to make a physical relationship with both of them at a time as it will give him immense pleasure.

She further added in her complaint that before marrying her he was married to two Muslim women from his own community. One of them is no more. Ever since she married him he passed casteist slurs against her and would say that she does not deserve to be with him as he is an upper-class Muslim.

He said the victim, who is a Dalit deserves to sweep roads and carry filth that suits her caste. He also issued death threats against her family members.

“Now that I left his home he is not returning my money (1,5 Lakh rupees), my clothes and  ornaments which I brought on my own. And is forcing me to follow Islamic customs even when I do not want to. On March 3 and March 5 he came to my sister’s house and raped me, and had unnatural sex against my wishes” added the victim.

She concluded the FIR demanding strict action to be taken against the culprit.


Cop of the FIR

As per the FIR the accused has been booked under IPC sections 376 (rape), 377 (having carnal intercourse), 504 (intentionally insulting), 506 (criminal intimidation) and sections 3(1)(r), 3(1)(w)(i)(ii), 3(1)s and 3(2)(v-a) of the Prevention of Atrocities Act commonly referred to as the SC-ST Act.

The Victim told Organiser Weekly that the accused is a porn addict and forces her to recreate the same at home. He says, as per Islam no married woman can say ‘no’ to her husband if he desires her physically!

This correspondent called Shrutika on March 9, in a recorded telephonic interview she told Organiser Weekly that, she was working for an IT firm (Tata Consultancy Services) when she met Sayyed who is a Medical Representative (MR) by profession.

They both met on Facebook.

Sayyed never hid his real identity from the victim, he told her that he was married and his first wife died while giving birth to his child. Sayyed and Shrutika fell in love ( think about the subtle design of the Love Jihad: Ed. Hindu Existence) with each other and decided to marry. It was a simple court wedding, and none of his family members joined them at the wedding.

However, Shrutika’s family were there.

After the marriage, he asked Shrutika to stay in a rented room and he will visit her twice or thrice a week till he informs his family about their relationship and the marriage. This was quite an arrangement, the victim who was working and living alone had no time to find anything fishy in this.

Shrutika’s parents died years ago and she has a younger sister who got married three months back.

Almost after a year, she found that Sayyed was married and his wife lives at his house. She was a minor Muslim girl.

Upon learning this, she reached his house and confronted him in front of his family members. The minor bride began crying as she was pregnant and expecting a child.

Shrutika returned home and then arrived Sayyed, he said he married the girl because his family wanted him to. He loves Shrutika only and would leave the minor for her. Shrutika accepted this arrangement but moved to Pune for her work.

One day Sayyed called her and informed her that he was taking divorce from his Muslim wife and that now he will take her home. Sayyed’s mother asked Shrutika to have an Islamic wedding then only she can live with them. A cleric solemnized the nikah and before that, she was converted to Islam.

Shrutika with her mother in law

Her new name was Ameera Sahil Khatun. Although Shrutika had no one in her family except her sister she brought all the furniture, utensils, jewellery and clothes to Sayyed’s house postwedding so that his family can never question her intentions.

After the nikah, she lived at Sayyed’s house. The family asked her to follow Islamic rituals and forget all the Hindu customs. She would offer namaz five times a day, wear Hijab and full-body veil, and no western clothes were allowed.

Shrutika comes from the Scheduled Caste and practised Hinduism all her life. After marriage, she was given a copy of the Quran translated into Marathi. They showed her videos of Clerics and asked her to follow Deen.

She recalled an instance for the correspondent when she left home to get a packet of milk from a nearby store and she was wearing a gown (floor length). She put the ‘Burqa’ over it and left the home. When she returned her husband and mother-in-law started arguing as she did not wear leggings inside the dress. They said, “Zameen dekhti hai aur humpar lanat karti hai”. After this, she was asked to cover everything before leaving the house.

She had to put a headcover in the house as well.

About their relationship she said, he would treat her as an animal. His demands were unacceptable as he would show some videos and say want to recreate this. He had unnatural sex with her ignoring her screams.

She told, Sayyed said he only gets pleasure in unnatural ways and she being his wife must adhere to his demands.

He would do it against her wishes saying, “As per Islam no woman can refuse to have sex with her husband, even if she is into the ninth month of her pregnancy.”

She stayed with them for a few months only and then Sayyed took her to a rented place. He did this by saying his mother does not understand the responsibility of a working woman. He wanted to get space for them as they were fighting a lot at his house.

They would fight over food, her not following Islam, her clothes, her not being able to conceive and many other things.

After moving out of his house she found that Sayyed was in a relationship with two other women Simmi and Kalpana Kamble. When she confronted him he left Simmi but his relationship continued with Kalpana.

She found that Sayyed was living with Kalpana as he would return home late. When asked he would say he was with his friends.

This was not it, he associated Shrutika’s name with his own younger brother as he supported Shrutika in every argument. His brother asked Sayyed to stay with Shrutika only.

Shrutika left Sayyed’s house in February 2023 and started living at her aunt’s house, he came there and raped her against her wishes. He says he will not leave Shrukita nor will he leave Kalpana. He wants to sleep with both of them.

Sayyed also questioned Shrutika’s relationship with one of her female friend saying they were bisexual.

Fed up with this torture and abuse she decided to register a complaint against him. After the complaint, Sayyed gave death threats to Shrutika a number of times she shared all the call recordings with this correspondent. They are filled with abuses and casteist slurs, he is saying that the charge of rape is small he wants section 302 (murder) or 307 (attempt to murder) written in front of his name.

He can be heard saying that he will kill her for sure and no one will ever find out about it. No charge for conversion against the accused

Organiser Weekly called the Ahmednagar Camp police on March 10 and the Assistant Police Inspector, Dinkar Munde told the accused has been arrested by them on March 9. They presented him before the court today (March 10).

The victim will record her statement under section 164 of the CrPC tomorrow (March 11), told the officer.

She underwent a detailed medical test on the same day when the FIR was lodged, said Munde.

Notably, as Maharashtra has no Anti-Conversion Law, the accused will only be booked for the charges of rape. He and his family will face no punishment for the forced conversion.


This reporting first published in eOrganiser on March 10, 2023.

One comment on “See this case of love jihad where a Hindu woman is grossly victimized by a Muslim polygamist by unnatural sex and other Islamic bestiality.  

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    March 12, 2023

    All the religions of the BOOK – fake Book – a copy of the Jewish Thora –
    taken bloody birth in about 2000 year ago and enter India after 1492, has
    to be banned. Barbarism can not be allowed in India. This is a message of
    Sri Hanuman Seva Sena. Bharat Sarkar you are responsible for the safety of
    the citizens.


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