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‘Marry willing Muslim girls to combat Love Jihad’: Suresh Chavhanke urged the Hindus.

Suresh Chavanke

Sudarshan News Editor, Suresh Chavhanke calls for converting 4 million Muslim women to Hinduism to combat the Love Jihad ploy by Muslims.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | March 18, 2023:: Pro- Hindutva Sudarshan News Channel Editor and anchor, Suresh Chavhanke, gave a hard reply to fundamental Muslim cleric Tauqeer Raja Khan in a  call for converting 40 lakh Muslim women to Hinduism to balance male-female ratio among Hindus.

To combat the Love Jihad ploy by Muslims, Chavhanke urged the Hindu boys to marry those Muslim girls who wish to come to the fold of the Hindu faith to get lifetime security, honour, and mental peace for the present life and for the future.

Fundamental Muslim cleric Tauqeer Raja Khan claimed earlier that  10 million Muslim girls had been converted to Hinduism in India in the last couple of years.

Though there is a huge exaggeration in this estimate, Suresh Chavhanke set his points in this row to neutralize Love Jihad in a process of marrying the willing Muslim girls and women by their Hindu counterparts.

In an interview with Onews, he pitched for converting 4 million Muslim women to Hinduism.

“We need forty lakh women from the Muslim community to increase the ratio that women are less than men among Hindus. Then, we will match the ratio of men and women among Hindus. Tell this Maulana Tauqeer Raja that we don’t need to be worried about 30 lakh Muslims so far. We will see it later for another 10 lakh,” Chavhanke said in the video. He expressed his opinion, “to marry willing Muslim girls by Hindus to combat Love Jihad”.

In the published video, Suresh Chavhanke also divulged his plan to Save Nasik (a prominent city in Maharashtra) from being a Malegaon. As Muslim infiltrators (Bangladeshi, Rohingya, and Afghan Muslims) are trying to change the demography of  Nasik demeaning the Hindus there,  Chavhanke urged the people of Nasik to save their place with a Marathi valour and pride.

Chavhanke also pleaded for declaring a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat to save the majority of people from the onslaught of Ghazwa-e-Hind.

He warned such public to send Pakistan if they want any Muslim Country again in India.

While speaking to HENB, Chavhanke categorically told, ‘declaring Hindu Rashtra is the only solution for the culpable designs of Tauqeer, Owaisi, Madani and other frenzy Islamist elements.”


2 comments on “‘Marry willing Muslim girls to combat Love Jihad’: Suresh Chavhanke urged the Hindus.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    March 18, 2023

    Phirse Sanatan Bharat benawo. Bharati, jago, utho ank kholo aur
    dhanowko beghawo. Bharat Devis/Devtaski desh hai. Jo nahi mannenge
    Bharat uski desk nahi hai. Ant karo Congressy-Nehru kanunko. Hara khunni
    pardesi jati beraber nahi hosakta Hindu jatiki saat. Ant karo je tamassa.
    Je semachar Sri Hanuman Seva Senaki hai.


  2. Sajal kumar majumdar
    March 18, 2023

    Badhai ho Suresh ji apko sujha ke liye. Bahut bahut dhanyabad apko


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