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Hindutva men in Moradabad objected mass Muslim prayer for Taraweeh at home during Ramzan.


Rashtriya Bajrang Dal men objected to Muslims assembled en mass for praying Taraweeh in an iron godown at a new location in Moradabad; complaints filed.

While speaking to reporters, Rashtriya Bajrang Dal state president said they will not allow no extension of new paramparas (traditions) to brew in the city.

Jagjit Panwar | HENB | Morabadad | March 26, 2023:: Dr Pravin Togadia led Hindutva organization Rashtriya Bajrang Dal objected to the offering of Taraweeh prayers month of Ramzan at a new location as an extension of Radical Islam by a group of Muslim men in  Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh.

The incident happened on Saturday night when a group of Rashtriya Bajrang Dal led by its state president Rohan Saxena started a protest in front of the godown of a Muslim man named Zakir Hussain in the Lajpat Nagar in Katghar police station area.

The members of Rashtriya Bajrang Dal have stopped the offering of Taraweeh prayers at the new location where no namaz was offered before and complained to the Police.  After this, SSP requested to stop offering Taraweeh namaz in that location and tried to pacify the situation anyway.

While speaking to reporters, Saxena said that they will not allow new paramparas (traditions) to brew in the city.

“We got information that the building material businessman Zakir is creating a new trend by conducting prayers with his Muslim brothers. We vehemently oppose this and further will not allow any such new tradition to spring up in our city or the state, Hindus of the locality feel disturbed at such assembly of large numbers of Muslims from outside in a private house .” Saxena told reporters.

“We have repeatedly asked the police to lodge FIRs against violent people (referring to the Muslim community),” Saxena said.

When asked how did his organisation come to know about the incident, he said, “We received information from the people of the locality. We also have images as proofs. We will not stand this.”

“We have asked the police officials to lodge a complaint against them. And if they fail to do so, the Rashtriya Bajrang Dal will come to the streets to protest against it,” Saxena said.

The Police official said that Taraweeh (An everyday special prayer in the evening during the month Ramzan)  was been offered by a group of Muslim men. “We have asked them to offer Taraweeh in mosques. The situation is under control,” he said.

When asked if any FIR was lodged, the official replied negatively and further declined to comment.

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__Inputs from Dainik Bhaskar.

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