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Tribal BJP leader slams Congress leader’s ‘Tribes are not Hindus’ remark.

Divide the Hindus to rule them….. 

Chhattisgarh Congress Minister Lakhma says, ‘Tribals are not Hindus’;  BJP tribal leader Markam blames, ‘Congress is dividing Hindus’. 

Claiming that Congress has set an agenda in Chhattisgarh to divide Hindus, Vikas Markam said Kawasi Lakhma frequently utters such things to promote the agenda.

Vikash Markam and Kawasi LakhmaRitu Rathore | HENB | Raipur | March 27, 2023:: Perturbed by the way some of the Congress leaders claimed that ‘tribes are not Hindu’, the Opposition BJP has castigated the ‘oldest bankrupt’ party of India for its ‘ideological decline’ which rejects broader concepts of Hinduism.

Accusing Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel of trying to ‘divide Hindus to rule them’, Vikas Markam, chief of BJP tribal wing, said this is why his minister, Kawasi Lakhma, openly claims that ‘tribals are not Hindus’ and demands a separate religious code for tribes.

Terming the demand extremely unfortunate, the tribal leader said it reflects a shameful political compulsion to reject the broader concept of Hinduism. “Minister Lakhma has shown his ideological decline by denying the legacy and tradition of his forefathers by worshiping and flattering the feet of former Congress president Sonia Gandhi,” he said. Incidentally, Sonia Gandhi is a Christian lady from Italy with her Christian name  Antonio Maino, allegedly connected with various corruptions like the ‘National Herald Coruption case’.

Congress allows Conversion in Chhattisgarh

The Congress Tribal leader and Chhattisgarh Cabinet (Excise) Minister Kawasi Lakhma has given the statement last Saturday as he had given the same statement in the Tribal Scheduled Tribes Conference held in 2006 that “Tribals are not Hindus”.

Lakhma demanded a ‘separate religion code’  for the Tribal people and announced their programme to meet President Draupadi Murmu on coming April 20 for placing the demand of a ‘separate religion code for the tribals’. Consequently, Markam took his position to protest the Chhattisgarh government as preparing a strategy to divide Hindus,  while a cabinet minister is giving such a statement.

The Congress Cabinet Minister hails from the Bastar region where Christian conversion is found high. In the entire Chhattisgarh, the Christian proselytizers are very active as reported. But, the ruling Congress party in the state is not active to stop such a Conversion racket from growing intensely.

The tribals of Bastar have been worshipers of Hindu deities

The divisional president of Chhattisgarh Sarv Adivasi Samaj in Bastar and former BJP MLA Rajaram Todenm says that tribals are Hindus and will always be Hindus. The way Minister Kawasi Lakhma is making such statements is totally wrong. Minister Kawasi Lakhma himself is a tribal Hindu and is not calling himself a Hindu, very unfortunately with some ‘unknown enticement with Christianity.

Since time immemorial, the tribals of Bastar have been worshipers of Lord Shiva, Maa Durga, and local deities, in such a situation, not calling them Hindu is a sheer insult to the tribal society. He said that tribal Hindus do not need any religious code. Bhupesh government is working to prepare a strategy to divide Hindus in this way, which will never succeed in Bastar as well as in the entire Chhattisgarh.

__Inputs from Agencies.

One comment on “Tribal BJP leader slams Congress leader’s ‘Tribes are not Hindus’ remark.

  1. Arindam
    March 28, 2023

    Congress is anti-Hindu…. and also anti-Indian.

    No one in his right mind should vote for it.


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