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In a first, exclusive Social Media Platform has been launched only for Hindus.


Hindutva Social Media Platform ” ” has been launched only for Hindus. Join free now. 

Free registration open at


Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | April 2, 2023:: An unique Social Media Platform at has been launched last Monday on the auspicious Basanti Sasthi during Navratri. This social media platform has many unique features like Facebook and others to make a Hindutva vibe in the direction of Hindu autonomy expelling the restrictions and bullying on Hindutva activists as seen in tyrant Facebook or Twitter.

In a communiqué, Joy Raj a young Hindutva thinker and multi-talent entrepreneur who took the charge to make the social media platform conveyed:

” Friends, Ultimately a historic moment toward creating a United Hindu Community has arrived.
The Hindu social media platform made only for Hindus is launched (testing phase) today.
This platform is only for Sanatani Hindus (Jains, Buddhists, and Sikhs can also join but they have to join by confirming their Hindu identity).
An identity card (an Aadhaar card in the case of India and any other national identity card in the case of other countries is required to join this platform) along with a passport-size photo, one’s real information will be needed to register in this media. People with fake names or identity cards will not be accepted.
So far it is free of cost for the users for a testing phase. Yearly subscriptions and lifetime patronage will be introduced later. With the help of Hindus, this platform will be bigger in the future and more facilities will be created.
Joining this platform does not mean that one has to leave any other platform. But Hindus can openly discuss and communicate with each other on this platform without facing any block or report.
As per the constitution of this platform forever this platform will remain only for Hindus.

You are cordially welcome to join in this epoch-making journey to build a united global community of billion-plus Hindus.
Follow the link
Let us proudly proclaim ‘We are Hindu’ !!!
Joy Hindu!!!”

While the link is being used as the social media platform, the link at is being used as the verification and registration purpose of the organisation, “Hindu International Network for Development and Unity”, i.e.

While taking the blessings of Hindu Existence Editor and veteran Hindutva ideologue, Upananda Brahmachari; Joy Raj (the creator of the Hindu social media platform) expressed his views on this tool of Hindu empowerment that the will strive for a ‘Practical Hindutva’ unity based upon the  i) unity of all small and medium Hindu organisations, Ashrams and Mathas, ii) individual link up of all participant Hindus based on Dharma and culture, iii) economic empowerment of Hindus based on community agriculture, small industries and outsourcing of human resources as Hindu ambassador, iv) building up an indoctrinated and progressive Hindu society to take the responsibility of the rest of the society, and v) making a Hindutva powerhouse to build a cultural, constitutional and sovereign Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

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3 comments on “In a first, exclusive Social Media Platform has been launched only for Hindus.

  1. Uttama roy
    April 3, 2023

    How do I join this Hindu Social Media Platform?

    Uttama Roy.

    Bally Durgapur Somobay Pally.


    • hinduexistence
      April 3, 2023

      Sir / Madam.
      Namaskar/ नमस्ते / নমস্কার

      You are cordially welcome to join in this epoch-making journey to build a united global community of billion-plus Hindus. Follow the link
      अरबों से अधिक हिंदुओं के एकजुट वैश्विक समुदाय के निर्माण की इस युगांतरकारी यात्रा में शामिल होने के लिए आपका हार्दिक स्वागत है । लिंक का अनुसरण करें
      কোটি কোটি হিন্দুর ঐক্যবদ্ধ বিশ্ব সম্প্রদায় গড়ে তোলার এই যুগান্তকারী যাত্রায় যোগ দিতে আপনাকে আন্তরিকভাবে স্বাগত জানাই । লিঙ্কটি অনুসরণ করুন

      Team Hindu Existence.


  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    April 3, 2023

    Glad to see HINDUS are awaken-up now. This is great news. Have understand
    this is the beginning. Still are left behind the HINDUS in foreign countries.
    It must be made inclusive with DIRECT LINK with BHARAT. No need to be
    backward or poor. JAI SANATAN BHARAT! This is the voice of Sri Hanuman
    Seva Sena.


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