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The anti-Indian ‘caste campaign’ is motivated to target Hindus globally.


There is an intense effort of the left and liberal lobby to defame Hindus by attacking its caste system while they fail to find anything of caste bias in Abrahamic religions.

The caste campaign is now targeting Hindus in the UK, US,  Canada, and Australia.

Nitin Mehta | The Sunday Guardian | Lomdon | April 1, 2023::  A few years ago a UK lobby using the issue of caste undertook an intense campaign to bring about a law that it claimed was aimed at banning “caste discrimination” in the UK. Backed by evangelical groups and politicians, they raised a crescendo about “caste discrimination” in the UK. It took some time for the Hindu community to realise the implications of their demand for a caste Law.

In his article, “What lies behind the inclusion of Caste in UK equality act” (October 2016), Dr Prakash Shah of Queen Mary University London pointed out the following: “If implemented, the Caste provision would impact severely on the associational and economic freedoms of the Indian communities. Their ability to hold weddings, organise events or hire out premises could easily be challenged, and the charity status of many organisations would be compromised. Businesses would be obliged to record employees and customers by caste even if it is to avoid inadvertent offence. The availability of legal challenge is no answer to such concerns. As demonstrably shown in the put-up case of Tirkey v Chandhok, prevalent stereotypes regarding who discriminates on caste grounds mean that litigation would be asymmetrically stacked against defendants. Defendants would be compelled to settle cases unless they have the financial muscle and ability to survive adverse publicity to vindicate themselves. Researchers and legislators have not considered any of these problems, raising further suspicions about the true reasons behind the clamour for a Caste Law.”


The debate concluded with the chairperson saying that much more research needs to be done before a “caste law” can be considered. A united fightback by the Hindu community managed to defeat the caste lobby in its pursuit for a caste law. That a powerful country to India’s north would be delighted to see laws that damage relations between India and the UK is obvious, as is the reality of its substantial influence in the country.

The caste campaign is now targeting the US, Canada and Australia. In California a bill has been introduced to ban caste discrimination. The city of Seattle in the US has become the first one to ban caste discrimination. Some colleges and universities have also adopted similar policies. The California State University, one of the largest four-year public university added caste in its anti-discrimination policy. In Canada the Toronto District School Board recently took a step towards banning “caste based discrimination”. The Board is going to ask the Ontario Human Rights Commission to look into the issue. One example the caste and evangelical lobby of Canada gives is that the so called upper castes joke about the others and cast slurs. Another one is that a girl in a school refused to play with a Dalit girl. Apart from these being witch-hunts how can any country legislate on such egregious flimsy grounds? In Australia an organisation called, “The Humanism Project” is actively campaigning for a caste law. _ _ _ _ _  Read the full article here.

Caste Is Now Weaponized Against Hindu Americans

No Caste Discrimination in HindusVikram Zutshi & Suhag Shukla | Fair Observer | California | April 4, 2023:: The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has initiated legal action against California’s Civil Rights Department, asserting it infringes upon Hindu Americans’ constitutional rights to religious liberty, equal protection and due process. HAF argues that the state does not have the right to define Hindu doctrine and inaccurately claim that caste and caste discrimination are intrinsic to Hindu belief and practice. It also argues against equating caste with race or color in the US. The interview also discusses religion, politics, the experience of Hindu Indian Americans and more.


India’s caste system has long been a contention between scholars, activists, and politicians. Public opinion is divided between those who argue caste is endemic to Hinduism, and those who state birth-based social hierarchies are a social evil ossified over the millennia and are not prescribed in classical Hindu texts.

Proponents of the latter view argue it’s unfair to frame caste as an integral part of Hinduism while bypassing the religion’s spiritual and artistic contributions. They argue that if one applied the same logic to studying other faiths, slavery, genocide, and jihadi terrorism would be seen as covalent to Christianity and Islam.

There are rigorous anti-caste laws in effect in India. Article 15 prohibits the state from discriminating against any citizen based on religion, race, caste, sex, or place of birth. Article 17 states the practice of “untouchability” is abolished, and its practice is forbidden. The marginalized and vulnerable are afforded similar protections in democratic societies, yet these vital protections are flouted with impunity worldwide due to various socio-political and cultural factors.

Targeting people of faith as the sole driving force behind bigotry of any kind is condemned as bigoted and ignorant. Yet this is how Hinduism is framed by the far-left in India—particularly opponents of India’s ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)—and by activists in the West that superimpose Western racial hierarchies over the caste system. _ _ _ _ _ Read the full article here.

Read also:: West’s hatred for Hinduism and India: Views of an unbiased Western sociologist.

Courtesy: The Sunday Guardian,  Fair Observer and P Gurus.

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