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‘The inevitable success of the Free Sindh Movement in near future’

History of Sindh for which every Hindu should feel proud. A Dream of the United States of Bharat or Federation will be witnessed soon: Zafar Sahito of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement.

Jeay Sindh Freedom MovementWith the mission to liberate Sindh from the illegal and forceful occupation of Pakistan, the ‘Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement’ was started in 1972 by Sain G M Syed, a visionary Sindhi political leader, and social reformer who believed in the history of Sindh and its cultural heritage.  

In the methodical guiding force of the organization, it wants to maintain the purity of its aims with matched utmost humility in people’s hearts in the framework of arguments, persuasion, agitation, and non-violence.  

Even that, the tyrant Islamic rulers of Pakistan have been oppressing the movement of Sidhu Desh with utter vilification of Human Rights in that land as referred to in the Vedas and Mahabharata.

The torch-bearers of the Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement adhere to i) Uncompromising Secularism, ii) Scientific and Rational Thinking, iii) Nationhood founded on History, Heritage, and Composite Culture, iv) No role of religion in the affairs of state, and v) Everybody who lives in Sindh is a Sindhi (regardless of ethnic, religious or linguistic background); but the Islamist Pakistan rulers have been running the steam-rollers on the movement to impose Talibani supremacy in the land of Sindhudesh. 

Sindh wants freedom

Zafar Sahito, the Central Chief organizer of Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement and veteran in the present generation Liberation of Sindhudesh movement interacted with Upananda Brahmachari of the ‘Struggle for Hindu Existence’ website recently.

Here is the opinion of Zafar Sahito on the related points given to him.

Point 1. Why I am a proud Sanatani Hindu.

Sanatana dharma the simple way of living life with consciousness and self-awareness a gift of Mother Nature given to us thousands of years ago, when civilizations around the world were even not able to live properly with social norms, orders & societies were in no form we had proper social institutions, a great culture, and prosperity because of our teachings of Dharma that’s the reason I am proud of my identity as Sindhi of Sindhu( Indus Valley Civilization) which later was known as Hindu of Bharat.

Point 2. History of Sindh for which every Hindu should feel proud.

Sindh, Sindhu cradle of civilization from where Ragvidas, Puranas & our Historical epics were written which teaches us how to live a good life and how to serve society in a better way. Yoga was started in Sindh as a way of meditation to understand oneself better & others.

Harppa & Mohan-Jo-Daro are great examples of our rich history and high standard social norms of a perfect society.

Great Sindhu Saraswati civilization traces shows us how people of the region traded with the world by exploring the sea roots.

Our invention of making cloth & the wheel is a gift to humanity. A network of industries & town planning shows how intelligent the people of Sindhu Hindu were thousands of years ago. These accomplishments must make us proud.

Point 3.  The JeaySindhFreedomMovement

Great rich history & culture, the oldest civilization, people who helped the world to live in proper social systems, be creative and literate unfortunately today fighting for their survival because of cruel invaders, who have destroyed our everything by bringing their man-created ideologies & religions.

Sindh became part of theocratic unnatural Pakistan, a country created by the British to serve their interests in name of religion on basis of two nations theory a totally unbalanced & unacceptable process during that process historical Ancient Sindh was lost in some place so the Freedom of Sindhu became necessary to keep alive the oldest civilization. Jeay Sindh freedom movement is a struggle of reclaiming back our country, our land & great history.

Point 4. Pakistani barbarism to crush Free Sindh Movement.

Pakistan was created unnaturally to serve the interests of British & western powers, to keep this theocratic state alive they were & are given the power to suppress historical nations of the region like Sindhi nation, military dictatorship & Punjab dominated Pakistan’s establishment from day first of the creation of this unnatural state started genocide of Sindhi people by destroying our identity, our Sanatani roots & rich culture.

Whenever we have demanded our right to self-determination we are given gifts of the dead bodies of our national leaders, till now Pakistani intelligence agencies have murmured our 57 top Sindhi nationalist leaders in demand of freedom.

 Point 5. Sindh’s expectation from India for its freedom.

Sindh, Hind, India, and Bharat are the same names of one land of the Sanatani people, it is our duty to save our roots, our culture, our rich history & dharma.

More than expectations I believe that Sindh is the motherland of each of us living in India or any other part of the world who claims him/her self Sanatani it is necessary for all of us that we must liberate our Sanatani motherland which is under the occupation of followers of invaders religion.

As of now India is the world’s largest democracy & the strongest growing economy also the current government is influential on all worldwide affairs it can easily liberate occupied Sindh under Punjab-dominated Pakistan.

I have already written such open letters to PM of India Narendra Modi Ji for support & recognition of SindhuDesh.

Point 6. The inevitable success of the Free Sindh Movement in near future.

Islamist Pakistan is down morally & economically because of supporting, promoting & sponsoring Islamist terrorism around the world & because of the unnatural creation it has worked as a proxy & has harmed the peace of neighboring countries a result Pakistan has lost its credibility, which indicates that there is soon end of this radical organizational state which is owned by military establishment & Islamist groups.

Balkanization of Pakistan is sure because all historical nations enchained in the slavery of Punjab-dominated Pakistan like Sindhi, Baloch, Pashtun, Saraiki & Kashmiri POK are demanding freedom which indicates that Sindh will be soon a free & independent country as SindhuDesh.

A Dream of the United States of Bharat or Federation will be witnessed soon.



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