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North Dinajpur (WB): Ramadan rapist Javed Akhtar surrendered after murdering a Hindu girl.

Doli Barman

Rape and murder of a Hindu Tribal girl in Kaliaganj, the entire area on fire in anger, Ramadan rapist Javed surrendered to the police station.

Police brutally dragged the victim’s body onto the road in an inhumane way, NCPCR to conduct an inquiry into the entire matter.

Javed AkhtarRatna Mondal | HENB | Raigang | April 21, 2023:: Allegation of brutal rape and murder of a 12th-class girl student created Hindu reaction as reported. The sensational incident took place today Friday in Paloipara of Sahebghata under Kaliaganj police station in North Dinajpur. The house of the deceased is in Gangua area of Malgaon village panchayat. The victim was identified as Doli Barman, daughter of Bilasu Barman. The unfortunate incident happened on the eve of the Ramadan celebration as the Muslim culprit did not consider it as a ‘prohibited month’. Ramadan fasting and raping a Hindu girl in the ‘holy month’ can be occurred side by side anyway!

As per the source,  the accused Muslim youth  Javed Akhtar abducted the Hindu tribal girl on Thursday night and took her to a pond side. It is alleged that the girl was raped and drowned in pond water to destroy the evidence. The dead body of the girl was found in the water body on Friday morning. The villagers and the family members of the deceased were outraged by this incident. From the family source, it is also told that Javed used to disturb the girl as a stalker for a long time. Though Doli wanted to avoid the stalker, Javed used to stick to her with an Islamic instinct for enjoying a Kaffir girl.


The area became quite heated after the recovery of the dead body of Doli by her neighbours. Local residents protested to demand that the accused youth be handed over to them. During the protest,  they burned tires on the state highway in the Sahebghata area. On receiving the news, the police went to the spot to stop the protest of the enraged crowd. But the angry villagers continued their protest around the police. Local businessmen also joined the protest by closing their shops. Villagers gathered with sticks with a demand to hand over the culprit to them. At a point of time, they started throwing bricks at the police. Seeing that the situation was going out of control, the combat force was brought to the spot. Batons were charged to disperse the agitated crowd by bursting tear gas cells. Police arrested several men and women who were protesting. BJP state president Sukanta Majumder strongly protested the incident. As per the report, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights is to run a thorough inquiry into the whole matter of rape and murder of a tribal teenage girl in a very mysterious way.

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Meanwhile, according to police sources, the accused named Javed Akhtar has surrendered at Kaliaganj police station. Apprehending the public wrath, Javed had no way except surrender to the police to get cover.

Police are investigating the case from many angles whether the victim was raped by only Javed or jointly with his friends. The dead body was sent for post-mortem.

But, a serious allegation against the WB Police under the control of CM Mamata Banerjee has cropped up. West Bengal Police also allegedly dragged the  body of the raped and murdered victim in an inhumane way, potentially for destroying all forensic evidences. This brutality did not stop there, as they reportedly denied the girl’s family and BJP MLAs the opportunity to see her for the last time.

In the row of Islamic attacks on Ram Navami Processions in West Bengal this year, the state CM Mamata Banerjee claimed that Muslims could not do any criminal activities during Ramadan! The Rape and murder of a Hindu girl in Kaliaganj is another glaring example in support of CM’s claim!!

__Inputs from Agencies.

2 comments on “North Dinajpur (WB): Ramadan rapist Javed Akhtar surrendered after murdering a Hindu girl.

    April 24, 2023

    In West Bengal, there is a hush-hush dictat at all Police Stations, that if any allegation , report , complaint is brought against any Muslim , not to entertain it.
    Delay it, write wrong report, etc. This , when Mamata Banerjee is a woman and the only woman CM in India. Bhagwaan Bengal Ka Bhalaa Karey,


    April 24, 2023



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