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Stop this Hindu vilification by Modi Govt, if it is done in such a way!

Real or Fake? 

Extreme derogation of the Faith of the Majority of people and limitless vilification of Hindus in the Home Ministry’s (GOI) letter as communicated to all States and UTs. 

Narendra-Modi-Amit-Shah-850x560Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | April 27, 2023:: It is unbelievable in all respect that a letter from Home Ministry (not rightly legible) dated 04.10.2019 ( in PM Modi’s rule: 2nd term) was communicated to all Chief Secretaries of States and Union Territories on the subject: Need to avoid the use of term “HINDU” in respect of Indian in official communication and ……

The letter has surfaced in a Facebook group named মানুষের সাথে বিজেপি (Manusher Sathe BJP)  in which one  Ratan Sen deliberately posted this letter in question on April 17th, 2023 with a Bengali comment, “Hindu kono Dharma noy, Parsi bhasay Hindu shabdo galagali’…(Hindu is not a religion, the word Hindu is an abuse in the Persian language) etc. (It is just noticed by the writer today).

Surprisingly enough, the letter refers to a Supreme Court order dated 11.12.1995 and randomly degenerated Hindu faith left and right.

In the 2nd point of the letter it is written: The word “HINDU” is not a religion. It is a word of “Gali Galouch”. The Shiva ling (PENIS) is an obscene word in expression and exhibition in public places.

In the 3rd point of the letter it is written: The Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs directed to all the State Government/ Union Territory Administrations were also requested to avoid the term “HINDU”. Administrations were also requested that in the name of the department, which is in overall charge of religion,  the term “HINDU” should not be used.

In point 4 of the letter, it is written: That Shiva linga is an obscene word. Hence, there is a Ban on worship, Installation, Or speech in public places.

What is this

In the other points, there found many abuses and derogations of the Hindu faith and worship of Lord Shiva etc with non-similar connotations,  grammatical mistakes, and spelling errors. The letter surfaced in social media and has been signed by Sanjay Mehta, Under Secretary, Govt of India.

In a first-hand examination of the letter, it seems to be a fake one considering its approach, style, and errors.

But, to authenticate this disputed letter, we have also published the letter on the Twitter platform tagging the Home Ministry, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and the expert on such matters, and Hindutva icon Dr. Subramanian Swamy.

Tweet on GOI matter

If it is found, the Home Ministry must take stringent action against the perpetrators for faking such a serious matter in the name of GOI.

Otherwise, the Govt of India must apologize to the Hindu majority of Indians for taking such an unwise act to defame Hindus and Hindu Dharma very unfortunately.


__Inputs from Agencies.

One comment on “Stop this Hindu vilification by Modi Govt, if it is done in such a way!

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    April 27, 2023

    Who is a HINDU? Hindus are citizens of Hindustan. Their religion is
    Sanatan Dharma. Also the Dharma of Hindus can be called Hindu Dharma.
    Hindu or Sanatan means also sach and sach is part of Bhagwan. The Atma
    of Hindus are a particle of God himself. This makes the duty Hindus have
    to do PUJA PATH each day to please Bhagwan. This is Sanatan Dharm. Accept
    and respect. This makes Hindus different from non Hindus. A message of
    Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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