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Legal notice of Vivek Agnihotri to Mamata Banerjee exposes her as anti-Hindu and pro-terrorist.


Vivek Agnihotri Sends Legal Notice To Mamata Banerjee Over ‘The Kashmir Files’ Remark 

 West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee had called ‘The Kashmir Files’ a propaganda film made to ‘humiliate’ a particular section of the society. She also alleged that ‘The Kerala Story’ was a distorted movie…. 

Outlook Web Desk | New Delhi | May 9, 2023:: Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri on Tuesday issued a legal notice to West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee over her remark on his 2022 film ‘The Kashmir Files’ that it was made to ‘humiliate’ a particular section of the society. Banerjee’s remark came in the context of the release of Sudip Sen’s ‘The Kerala Story’, which has been banned by the Bengal government.

The Trinamool Congress supremo had also alleged that ‘The Kerala Story’ was a distorted movie, aimed at defaming the southern state.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Agnihotri criticised Banerjee for calling ‘The Kashmir Files’ and his upcoming film on Bengal genocide “propaganda”. “She said that BJP funds me for the films I make. We have sent a legal notice to CM Mamata Banerjee against the statements she made,” he told the agency.

“Some communal fact checkers took my daughter’s pictures from social media and made her popular. We want to raise such issues so that no filmmaker is forced to remain silent in this country,” Agnihotri added.

On Monday, the Trinamool Congress-led government in West Bengal ordered an immediate ban on the screening of ‘The Kerala Story’ in a bid to avoid “any incident of hatred and violence”.

“There are scenes in this movie which could be dangerous to the peace and law and order of the state. Action will be taken against any cinema hall that violates the ban,” the bureaucrat told PTI.

Mamata baneed The Kerala Story

At a press briefing at the state secretariat, Banerjee said, “What is ‘The Kashmir Files’? it is to humiliate one section. What is ‘The Kerala Story’?… It is a distorted story.”

“I do not support CPM people. They are working with the BJP. They needed to be criticised first. I am telling the Kerala government, it is unfortunate. Your party is working with the BJP,” she had said.

Union minister Anurag Thakur later hit out at the TMC supremo over the decision, saying it was beyond his understanding why Banerjee’s sympathies were with terror outfits and “not with innocent girls from Kerala”.

Courtesy: Outlook India.

One comment on “Legal notice of Vivek Agnihotri to Mamata Banerjee exposes her as anti-Hindu and pro-terrorist.

    May 11, 2023

    I am a resident of Kolkata since birth. We have seen 34 years of Communist Mis-Rule and Muslim appeasement. And now its Mamata Banerjee. Under Mamata, there is a dictat amongst all Police Departments throughout West Bengal , to go SOFT on Muslims. If a Hindu goes to a Police Station with a complain against a Muslim, he/she will not be entertained. The Police personnel will try all the tricks to delay, mis-lead , so that the complaint is not easily registered. There has been instances like the Park Street Rape Case where we have seen the same thing. In fact the CM has come out and said in Public that it was a “sajano ghatana”, meaning it was a distorted instance. Before any investigation or enquiry is conducted, she gives her own Verdict and as a result of which even a rape victim never gets proper judgement. She has been doing mental corruption to the minds of the people of West Bengal. She is trying to convert West Bengal into another Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.


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