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‘Ban on Bajrang Dal’ is next to impossible by the Congress Govt in Karnataka.


After getting a thumping majority in Karnataka, will Congress ban Bajrang dal in the state? 

Bajrang Dal not afraid of ban threat in Karnataka, says VHP leader, Milind Parande.

milind-parande-Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | May 13, 2023::  After getting a thumping majority in Karnataka, the Congress Party has to face a peculiar situation to ban Bajrang Dal as it was declared in the election manifesto. 

A major row had erupted during the campaign for Karnataka Assembly polls after the Congress, in its election manifesto, said it was committed to taking firm and decisive action against individuals and organisations spreading hatred amongst communities on grounds of caste or religion and cited the example of Bajrang Dal.

Actually, there is hardly any instance to impose a ban on any organisation by any State Government in its territory. But, any state can recommend a ban on any organisation on certain grounds of subversive commutation, terrorist activities, communal hatred, and so on.

But, the Central Govt can impose a ban on such organisations under certain provisions including The Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) as laid down the definitions and rules for designating an organisation as an “unlawful association” if it is engaged in certain types of activities. This can be made by the Central Govt based on the reports of its own intelligence agencies or based on the recommendations of State Government(s) as the situation arises.

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In that context, the ban on Bajrang Dal by the newly elected Government in Karnataka all of a sudden is just of some fanciful idea.

However, The Bajrang Dal is not afraid of the ban threat in view of Congress’s victory in the Karnataka elections, a Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) functionary said on Saturday.

“If they ban Bajrang Dal out of the hatred for Hindus, necessary steps will be taken,” ” VHP general secretary Milind Parande told reporters in Indore.

He said during the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, the Bajrang Dal was banned but the court quashed it saying it was wrong.

__Inputs from PTI./Courtesy: The links used above.

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