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Muslim Sharia Body to meet Hindu Nationalist Modi, but here are 5 questions.

Posted by hinduexistence on March 6, 2015

Vasundhara Raje led BJP Govt in Rajasthan must stop Muslim Personal Law Board Convention in Jaipur from March 20 to 22, if it is  anti Hindu – anti Modi – anti BJP.


MZZUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | March 6, 2015:: In the name of minority rights the most fanatic elements in the Sharia preacher body in India is trying again to notch the Indian politics in their divisive communal line. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has decided to  take up issues like beef ban and scrapping of the Ordinance in Maharashtra providing quota to Muslims in educational institutions, in its meeting at Jaipur from March 20 to 22.

Zafaryab Jilani, prominent face and executive committee member of AIMPLB,  said though these issues were not in the agenda, it is affecting the Muslim people in Maharashtra and in some other states in India and thus, will be discussed. The AIMPLB is going to hold its executive panel meet on March 20, following its general body meeting in Jaipur.

“It is a wrong decision to ban beef [-^-]. Even a large number of Hindus, Christians and the poor have been affected. We will also take up the issue of scrapping of quota for Muslims. This has been done despite the court’s sanction,” said Abdussattar Yusuf Sheikh, AIMPLB founder senior secretary.

It is heard that the AIMPLB has decided to seek a  meeting with PM Narendra Modi before finalizing its future course of action. Interestingly, AIMPLB had no intention to meet the ‘Hindu Nationalist’ Nrendra Modi after taking his oath as PM  in Delhi, but the same Sharia body is now in some exigency to meet Modi any how. It is heard that on  June 1, 2014, AIMPLB decided to have no contact with PM Modi for six months.

Vasundhara Raje led BJP Govt in Rajasthan must stop Muslim Personal Law Board Convention in Jaipur from March 20 to 22, if it is  in fact anti Hindu – anti Modi and  anti BJP.

Getting no result from that audacious ‘BAN MODI for SIX MONTHS’, the AIMPLB is now seeking time from PM Modi to break the ice  in order to get support of BJP toward Muslim minorities.

Md Zafar Sareshwala, vice-chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University  has proposed the meeting between the prime minister and AIMPLB members.

Zafar Sareshwala is known to be close to the prime minister. He proposed the meeting with the prime minister and told about it to Mohammad Rabey Hasani Nadwi, who is the AIMPLB president. Nadwi had said that he would discuss the matter with other members of the Board and communicate him, sources said.

But, some hard line stands from Chattishgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra put them a compulsion in the part of the Muslim Sharia lobby and body of Muslim clerics to meet PM Modi to convince him to force a check in those BJP run states under a process to expel any concept of Muslim appeasement so far.

But, how can PM Modi give any directives to the BJP run states to reconsider the ban on Cow slaughter, Muslim Reservation, expulsion of Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh or the positive arrangements for the Hindu Refugees from Pakistan.

The anti-common-civil-code and pro-sharia body of  AIMPLB is likely settle over five things if they get the chance to meet Modi anyway. AIMPLB body headed by Zafaryab Jilani may seek Narendra Modi’s intervention to settle i) 10% Central and State reservation of Muslims in Educational entry, Employment in central, state and undertaking sectors including seat reservation in all civic bodies and assembly seats. ii) Re-framing all prohibitory acts-laws-ordinances enforcing state to state banning cow slaughter so that Muslims can get unhindered supply of beef for their staple food. iii) Giving Citizenship to the all Muslim migrants in India including ‘Rohingya’ from Myanmar, ‘Bangladeshi Muslim’ infiltrators and the ‘Kabuliwala’ from Afghanistan. (logic: In recent, GOI have given permanent citizenship for some Hindu migrants from Pakistan and they have been settled by BJP Govt in Rajasthan). iv) No temple of Shri Ram in claimed Ramjanamsthan in Ayodhya instead of reconstruction of Babri Mosque there and v) Giving approval  to all Sharia Courts running in India and not to enforce any law upon Muslim under any regulation of ‘Common Civil Code’.

I think PM Modi has sufficient understanding to revel any Islamic conspiracy to make any chance to Islamize this ancient Hindu country in framing any Pakistan further. Hon’ble PM must give them chance to meet him and ask these five question here under.

In most of the Indian states there is prohibition of Cow Slaughter. But, it is not implemented yet for the only cause of 'Muslim appeasement'.

In most of the Indian states there is prohibition of Cow Slaughter. But, it is not implemented hermetically for the fraudulent  cause of ‘Muslim appeasement’.

1. Whether the body of AIMPLB thinks Indian constitution including its Judiciary is highest than any Muslim, Hindu, Christian law whatever it may be.

2. Whether the body of AIMPLB will reject its path of contest and confront its mindset against Indian Constitution an its Judiciary through a formula of “To strive for the annulment of all such laws, passed by or on the anvil in any State Legislature or Parliament, and such judgments by courts of Law which may directly or indirectly amount to interference in or run parallel to the Muslim Personal Law or, in the alternative, to see that the Muslims are exempted from the ambit of such legislations.”

3. Whether the body of AIMPLB gives consent to consider this holy land of Aryavartta, Bharat, Hindusthan and India as a sacred place as motherland of all Indian Muslims and they must gladly pronounce “Vande Mataram”.

4. Whether the body of AILMB consider that all Non-Muslims in India are not ‘Kaffir’ and they are not the subject to be slained, stoned, burned or terrorized as per Quranic dictum and Muslims of India want to stay here under Indian Ummah and Universal brotherhood instead of any Islamic Ummah or Islamic brotherhood.

5. Whether the body of AIMPLB is ready to help the reconstruction of  Shri Ramajanmabhoomi Temple at Ramjanamsthan’ site at Ayodhya, Shri Kashi Vishwanath Jirnoddhar at Varanasi and Shri Krishna Janmasthan at Mathura, which will pave a permanent settlement towards an unique Hindu-Muslim unity mark in India.

With an unfair mind it is impossible to do any fair thing in real.  In that context with all broadness of mind, PM Modi must welcome our brothers in AIMPLB and exchange the visions towards a homogeneous Indian society without any majority-minority divide.

But, if any body thinks that the seeds of Radicalism are powerful, in a short, I have the privilege to convey, those are not suitable to grow plenty in the contra Indian soil as sterilized with the manure of  liberty and democracy. Islamic Radicalism is not fit for the Indian context of plurality and conventional democracy.

The Indian society wish a successful  PM MODI – AIMPLB meeting in coming days without a dint of sacrifice of national interest and the  prerogatives of  democracy rest in the majority vision of welfare against warfare.

Courtesy: Links and Pics used above.

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Supreme Court of India says Polygamy not integral part of Islam, now Govt may bring Muslim Code Bill.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 10, 2015

Supreme Court of India on Monday ruled that a Muslim’s fundamental right to profess Islam did not include practicing polygamy. So, Modi Govt. may bring law to enact ‘Muslim Code Bill’ as enacted ‘Hindu code Bill’ earlier by Congress for Hindus……

Polygamy not integral part of Islam: SC

polygamy_indiaAmit Choudhary | TNN | New Delhi | Feb 10, 2015::  Although their personal law permits men to have four wives, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that a Muslim’s fundamental right to profess Islam did not include practicing polygamy.

“What was protected under Article 25 (right to practice and propagate any religion) was the religious faith and not a practice which may run counter to public order, health or morality. Polygamy was not integral part of religion and monogamy was a reform within the power of the State under Article 25,” said a bench of Justices T S Thakur and A K Goel.

The bench said that polygamy was not integral to religion and the practice of polygamy did not acquire sanction of religion simply because it was permitted.

It upheld the UP government’s decision to sack one of its employees on the ground of misconduct for opting for a second marriage during existence of the first marriage without its prior permission.

Referring to its earlier verdict, the bench said that Article 25 protects religious faith, not a practice. It noted that the court had upheld the views of the Bombay, Gujarat and Allahabad high courts in this regard.

The bench upheld conduct rules framed by UP Government Servant Conduct Rules, saying that it did not violate Article 25 of the Constitution.

In this case Khursheed Ahmad Khan, employed as irrigation supervisor, had married Anjum Begum during existence of first marriage with Sabina Begum. Sister of his first wife had filed a complaint before National Human Rights Commission which ordered a police probe in the case.

The police submitted its report before the commission saying that Khan had married a second time during the existence of the first marriage. On this basis, the state government had initiated proceedings and later removed him from service for failure to take prior permission for second marriage as was required under rule 29 of the conduct rules.

Khan had then approached the Allahabad high court and challenged his removal from service. The HC had dismissed his plea.

Courtesy: TOI.

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Al-Qaeda’s Chief Zawahri declares its India wing to wage war on India, calls Jihad in the Indian subcontinent. All Bhartiyas must take arms to fight against Jihad. Kill Zawahri at first chance.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 4, 2014

Al-Qaeda declares new front to wage war on India, calls for jihad in the Indian subcontinent. Govt of India must ban all the activities of Muslim Organisations believing in Bloody Jihad and Pan Islamism. Make India 100% Jihad Free. 

Al-Qaida announces India wing, renews loyalty to Taliban chief

Welcome Zawahri

In a 55-minute video posted online, Zawahri also renewed a longstanding vow of loyalty to Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar, in an apparent snub to the Islamic State armed group challenging al-Qaida for leadership of transnational Islamist militancy.

Zawahri described the formation of “al-Qaida in the Indian subcontinent” as a glad tidings for Muslims “in Burma, Bangladesh, Assam, Gujurat, Ahmedabad, and Kashmir” and said the new wing would rescue Muslims there from injustice and oppression.

Counter-terrorism experts say al-Qaida’s ageing leaders are struggling to compete for recruits with Islamic State, which has galvanised young followers around the world by carving out tracts of territory across the Iraq-Syria border.

Islamic State leader Abu Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi calls himself a “caliph” or head of state and has demanded the loyalty of all Muslims.

The group fell out with Zawahri in 2013 over its expansion into Syria, where Baghdadi’s followers have carried out beheadings, crucifixions, and mass executions.

As well being an indirect repudiation of Islamic State, the announcement could pose a challenge to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, while al-Qaida is very much at home in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border area, due to influential contacts and a long presence there, it is a minnow compared to local militant groups in terms of manpower and regional knowledge.

Safe haven

Zawahri's Jihad against PigsOver the years Zawahri and his predecessor Osama bin Laden, killed by US forces in 2011, repeatedly pledged allegiance to Mullah Omar, in return for the safe haven he granted their followers in Afghanistan.

The statement did not mention Islamic State or Baghdadi, but it appear to take a subtle dig at the group’s efforts at administering areas it has seized in Iraq and Syria.

Islamic State’s effort at state-building is something never attempted by al-Qaida’s central leaders, who traditionally have preferred to plot complex attacks on targets in the West.

Zawahri called for unity among militants and criticised “discord” — echoing a common al-Qaida complaint against Islamic State’s record of clashing with rival Islamist groups in Syria.

The statement also warned al-Qaida’s new wing against oppressing local populations — another complaint levelled against Islamic State by critics in Iraq and Syria.

“If you said that you are doing jihad to defend the sanctities of the Muslims, then you must not transgress against them or their money or honour, and not even transgress your mujahideen brothers by word and action,” he said.

“Discord is a curse and torment, and disgrace for the believers and glory for the disbelievers,” he said. “If you say that by your jihad you do not want but the pleasure of Allah, then you must not race for governance and leadership at the first opportunity.”

Muslims account for 15 percent of Indians but, numbering an estimated 175 million, theirs is the third-largest Muslim population in the world.

An Indian Dog Pissing on Zawahri Jihad.

Al-Qaeda threat: India on high alert, Home Ministry sends probe teams to sensitive areas.


Related: Al-Qaeda declares new front to wage war on India, calls for jihad in the subcontinent:: India Express.



Courtesy Reuters | Indian Express | IBN Live.

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Red Alert: Indian Mujaheddin and Pan Islamic Jihadis want to kill a Hindu Modi.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 23, 2014

Hindus must take arms against Jihadis. 

Hindus accept this challenge and will proceed 1:3 basis, if any touch comes to the Hindu icon Narendra Modi further.  

From India’s jihadis, a message for Modi.

The inside story of the tailor’s son who tried to assassinate the tea-stall boy-turned-Prime Minister

Cadre of Indian Mujahideen breakaway faction Ansar-ul-Tauheed—the Army of the One God— at al-Qaeda training camps in Pakistan’s North Waziristan.

Cadre of Indian Mujaheddin breakaway faction Ansar-ul-Tauheed—the Army of the One God— at al-Qaeda training camps in Pakistan’s North Waziristan.

Praveen Swami | The Hindu | 22 May 2014::  He’d stood before the prayer congregation at the mosque in the village of Bairia one Friday afternoon in the summer of 2006, and called on the worshippers to prepare for war. The man responsible for the communal carnage in Gujarat, the slightly-built teenager warned, was growing in power. India’s Muslims, he went on, must prepare for an onslaught that would lead to their annihilation. Local elders, alarmed by the polemic, brought the speech to a quick end. For a few hours, local police records show, communal tension flared — and ebbed.

Haider Ali —‘Black Beauty’ to his friends, who teased him for his dark complexion — never returned to his village. Through Wednesday, though, Bairia residents will have Ali’s image on television, in the hours following his arrest for bombing Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi’s October 27 rally in Patna, the culmination of at least three assassination attempts.

Ali’s arrest is a breakthrough for India’s intelligence services — but no reason to exult. In videotapes obtained by The Hindu, cadre of the Indian Mujahideen breakaway faction Ansar-ul-Tauheed — the Army of the One God — can be seen training at al-Qaeda training camps in Pakistan’s North Waziristan. In internet chat room discussions, and Islamist discussion groups, Mr. Modi’s rise is being used to make renewed calls to prepare for jihad.

The making of an assassin:

Ali’s journey, as investigation records tell is, is curiously similar to the railway platform-to-Race Course Road rise of the man he gave his life to trying to kill. Born to Muhammad Alam Ansari on August 21, 1988, Ali grew up in poverty. His father, a polio victim who worked as a roadside tailor, made Rs. 50 or so on a good day — and on the others, the family didn’t eat. Then, when Ali was in the tenth grade, his father left his family, and moved to Doranda, across the border in Jharkhand. The reasons for the separation are unclear.

In spite of his harsh circumstances, Ali demonstrated grit. He matriculated from Bairia’s high school, and, funded by his maternal grandmother, gained admission to the Doranda Degree College. His grades weren’t stellar, but good enough to gain admission to the Masters programme in psychology at Ranchi University.

Like hundreds of thousands of other upwardly-mobile young people in Bihar, Ali could have headed into the private sector, or competed for a government job. He turned, instead, to Islamist politics — joining the far-right jihadist faction of the Students Islamic Movement of India led by Safdar Nagori.

From Mr. Ansari’s account, there’s some reason to think economic hardship might have had something to do with his son’s rage against society. The last time Mr. Ansari saw his son was in 2010-11, when his landlord asked him to vacate the premises after he failed to pay the rent. Furious, Ali left home. “He returned once a few days later,” Mr. Ansari later told The Hindu, “and asked me to shift the shop to this place in Hathitola. I resisted but he threatened saying that he will throw away all things in my shop if I did not move to this new location. He did not return home after that.”

It’s also likely clear a man from Mumbai had something to do his rage. In March 2001, a young network engineer called Abdul Subhan Qureshi left his job at computer major Datamatics in Mumbai, saying in his resignation letter that he wanted “devote one complete year to pursue religious and spiritual matters”. Qureshi — a graduate of the upmarket Antonio DeSouza High School and the Bharatiya Vidyapeeth, and a star performer in his last job with Wipro — was joining SIMI full-time.

Qureshi played a key role in building SIMI’s underground networks in Bihar after it was proscribed following 9/11 — acting as mentor to Manzar Imam and Faisal Khan, who in turn are alleged to have recruited Mr. Ali. He drifted away from SIMI in coming years, frustrated by its unwillingness to act on its own jihadist polemic, and co-founded the Indian Mujahideen.

In 2008, Qureshi hid out with the group in Ranchi, after a nationwide police crackdown led to the dozens of Indian Mujahideen operatives. The group would shelter a number of key Indian Mujahideen fugitives in coming years — the most important of them Muhammad Ahmad Zarar Siddibapa, also known as Yasin Bhatkal.

Provocation against Hindus in India. Ansar ut Tawheed marches ” Kandahar Se Dehli Ki Taraf “:

For the attack on Mr. Modi, Ali is alleged to have relied on close friends — key among them, Mujibullah Ansari, also arrested on Wednesday. The son of a retired laboratory technician at Ranchi’s Apollo Hospital, Ansari also had a good academic record: armed with a Bachelors degree in commerce from the SS Memorial College in Ranchi, his family hoped he would go on to secure a well-paid private-sector job. Ansari’s main passion, though, was politics. In 2009-2010 served as sadr in the local Students Islamic Organisation — the youth wing of the Jama’at-e-Islami — but drifted slowly towards the jihadists of SIMI.

Siddibapa, the NIA alleges, used his time in Ranchi to try to recruit the SIMI cell to the Indian Mujahideen’s cause — but failed. The group said they disagreed on a matter of principle: Nagori had long argued for the building-up of a disciplined Islamist insurgency, not acts of terror against civilians.

The group didn’t mention, though, that they had plans of their own. In April, 2013, the NIA alleges, Ansari hired a room at the Iram Lodge, in Ranchi’s Hindipiri area, which would serve as a hub for the group. Inside, the group built the bombs used to target the Bodh Gaya mosque, and then Mr. Modi’s rally.

India’s intelligence services believe the arrests mark the destruction of the last jihadist cell known to be active—but are also painfully evident others have cropped up. Islamist groups in southern India are being investigated for the bombing of a Chennai-Bangalore train last month, and Tamil Nadu college students are known to be training with jihadists in Syria. Former Indian Mujahideen operatives Mirza Shadab Beg, Shahnawaz Alam, Muhammad “Bada” Sajid, Alamzeb Afridi,, Shafi Armar and Sultan Armar are known to be training in Pakistan, with their new organisation — and will, more likely than not, return home one day to wage war in their homelands.

“The Muslims of India are not powerless,” the Ansar-ul-Tauheed videotape featuring the group warns. “Their warriors are advancing towards you from Afghanistan, the blessed land of the one true faith. The same way we delivered carnage to you in times past, we will do so again”.

It is a threat India should take seriously.

Courtesy: The Hindu.


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Tame these Islamic Propagators at any cost. No Muslim Reservation will be allowed in India.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 31, 2013

While bloody swines are talking,  prick their tongues with red hot iron rods. – Jebril.

Bring Muslim quota Bill, will back it: Akhilesh to UPA

UP Cabinet minister Azam Khan (Deptt. of Minority Welfare), UP CM Akhilesh Yadav and Union Minority Affairs Minister K Rehman Khan, in Lucknow on Tuesday. Photo: Vishal Srivastav.

L to R. UP Cabinet minister Azam Khan (Deptt. of Minority Welfare), UP CM Akhilesh Yadav and Union Minority Affairs Minister K Rehman Khan, in Lucknow on Tuesday. Photo: Vishal Srivastav.

Express news service | Lucknow | Wed 29 May 2013:: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday asked Union Minister for Minority Affairs K Rehman Khan to bring in a constitutional amendment Bill for providing reservation to Muslims.

“Providing reservation to Muslims without amendment to the Constitution is not possible. We are ready to support it whenever you bring such a Bill,” Akhilesh stated at a joint press conference with the Union minister at his official residence.

In its manifesto of Assembly elections, the SP had promised reservation to Muslims in proportion to their population. The issue cropped up when Khan was highlighting the achievements of his ministry. He mentioned that the Sachar Committee made 72 recommendations for the uplift of Muslims. “From these, the Union government did not accept three and could not implement three others. But we have implemented the remaining 66 recommendations,” he said.

At this, state Minister of Minority Welfare Azam Khan slammed the Congress for doing lip service towards Muslims for the past six decades. “Reservation to Muslims is the soul of the Sachar Committee recommendations. We understand that you do not have a majority, but at least bring the Bill,” he said.

Khan responded: “You tell me any recommendations of Sachar Committee which has been left out and it will be implemented within 24 hours.”

Khan added he was happy that the issue of Muslim reservation has been raised. “It is our right. But unfortunately Muslims are being referred to as a religious group instead of a social one. We need to rectify that,” he stated.

He claimed it was due to his efforts that Karanataka had a provision of 4 per cent reservation for Muslims for the past 20 years. “It was in the manifesto of the Congress in the 2009 elections, but it has been delayed due to legal issues. You favour it and we also favour it. We are waiting for the court’s judgment,” he added. [Courtesy: Indian Express.]

Muslims are increasing in India

Hindu Existence Post Script by Upananda Brahmachari: 1. In such a secular country like India, why these initiative for Muslim reservation?

2. India was divided upon ‘Two Nation Theory’.  Muslims got Pakistan exclusively. Then why India is not a land of Hindus? Why Hindusthan is not a exclusive land for the Hindus?

3.  Hindus in Pakistan are almost finished. (Hindus reduced from 16% to less than 2%). The eastern part of Pakistan, i.e. Bangladesh is now under a fanatic Islamization and Hindus have been reduced to 8% from a high of 23%. On the other hand, Muslim population  in India has been boomed from a leas than 4 crores in 1947  to a high of 20 crores in 2013 (including illegal infiltrator Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Afghanistan etc.). Compilation of reports from Govt. census and other reports show that there are 19,48,41,141 Muslims in India in 2011. Muslims in India are well protected and they are flourishing in every fields. All the prime posts are/were adorned by Muslims. As per Govt. statistics, no Muslim has been died in starvation so far, but all the people died under starvation are Hindus, tribes or non-Muslims. Muslims are well protected under laws of the land, then why a hue and cry for such a Muslim reservation?

mamtakhilesh4. The role of Muslims in Indian Freedom Movements is always questionable. As the morphine of ‘Divide and Rule Policy’ was injected in the minds of Muslims, they have always betrayed with the Hindus and Struggle of Freedom Movement. The  Muslim settlers in India after 1947, have not changed their mind-set. They are always trying to change the Hindu Majority and Multi-Cultural Identity of India in various modes including establishment of Shariah and Shariah Courts in India, challenging Indian Constitution, slaughtering cows, grabbing Hindu lands, properties and women, opposing Govt.’s Family Planning and Pulse Polio Programmes and even denouncing National Song of India.  When Muslims in India have been contradicting the Nationality of India and its Holy Constitution and National Song, then why this dangerous move to give reservation to the Muslims time and again? 

5. There are so many ethnic and religious groups in India. Then why these crazy creatures like Mamata Banerjee (CM West Bengal), Akhilesh Yadav (CM Uttar Pradesh) only bark for the Muslims in the name of Minority Welfare?  These venomous Islamic supporters  in the helm of Talibanic Political Affairs are trying to bite the Indian Constitution and population for their fatal finish. It is no sin to send some sinners for a silent sleep to save the sanctity and sovereignty of Hindus in Bharat. Muslim Reservation in Bharat (India) means the violation of Hindu Rights in India. And Hindus have the rights to stop Muslim Reservation in India at any cost. 

Religious Polpulation in India 2001-2011

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Muslim Lawmaker dishounored National Song in Indian Parliament declaring it Un-Islamic. Strong protest spreading fast.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 10, 2013


Secularism the Indian way: BSP MP insults Nation song in Parliament. 

Humiliation of Vande Mataram by Muslim MP in Indian ParliamentNew Delhi  | Sources: DNA – First Post – CNN IBN – Agencies | 9 May 2013::  Shafiqur Rahman Barq, a Member of Parliament from Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh, was seen walking out of the lower house as Vande Mataram was being played before the house was adjourned sine die on Wednesday, 8 May 2013. The act has created an uproar amongst the opposition demanding for action to be taken against him. This communal Islamist, Shafiqur Rahman Barq is belonging to Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), a party established under the ideologies of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, known as the maker of Indian Constitution.

Shafiqur defended his act in a TV interview (CNN-IBN)  and said that he isn’t even sorry for his act and he feels he hasn’t done anything wrong. The Muslim MP said, “I won’t apologise to anyone. I respect the National Anthem, not the national song Vande Mataram. Vande Mataram is an ode to motherland. Muslims like me bend only before Allah, not before any other god or motherland.”

The speaker of the house Meira Kumar demanded for an explanation and asserted that such blatant disrespect for the National song should not be repeated.

“Members have no right to insult the National Song especially when they have taken oath. The Speaker has taken the right move by naming the MP. He has insulted Parliament,” BJP  leader Shahnawaz Hussain told reporters outside Parliament . BJP demands firm action against the communal MP belonging to Bajujan Samaj Party. But the reaction from BSP is still unavailable.

On the other hand, “India is a democracy, there is secularism here. Under secularism when there are 30 crore Muslims living in the country you have to be considerate towards their emotions as well,” a communal Barq said.

“I request that Muslims not be compelled to sing this song since it is against the Sharia.. the song tells people to bow before Bharat Mata and as it not to bow down to Allah, we will not sing it”,  he said.

Strangely enough, despite the opposition by some Muslim leaders to some of the words of the song, no other Muslim MP chose to express their opposition to the song in a similar manner.

However, Burq is no stranger to strange behaviour in Parliament when the occasion has demanded it. In the past, specifically December 2012, Burq waved a black flag in Parliament to protest against the Babri Masjid demolition.

Will Bloody Mullahs rule Indian Parliament like this? 

Expell the Bitch Shafikur Rahaman Barq from Indian Parliament

Most degenerating pictures evade the social medias  only due to this fundamental Shafiqur Rahaman Barq. Islamic fanatics go to hell.

A day after he walked out of Lok Sabha during the rendition of Vande Mataram, BSP MP Shafiqur Rahman Barq struck a defiant note saying he could not sing the song in view of his religious belief.

“I absent myself when Vande Mataram is played to avoid any awkward situation but here I was present when it was being played” – Barq said, indicating that he was caught in a situation that he normally ducks.

An angry Speaker Meira Kumar ticked off Barq for walking out during the national song when Parliament was being adjourned sine die on Wednesday. “One honourable member walked out when Vande Mataram was being played. I take very serious view of this. I would want to know why this was done. This should never be done again,” Kumar said.

Asked in a TV interview on Thursday how other Muslim MPs were present during the song, Barq parried the query saying that was a different matter but he couldn’t do the same.

With the issue having the potential of flaring into a political controversy, it remains to be seen how the BSP leadership reacts.

The BJP was quick to launch an offensive, calling Barq’s walkout “Taliban-like conduct”, adding that such leaders did not have the right to be parliamentarians or even citizens of the country.

“Every session of Parliament, which is the temple of democracy, starts with the national anthem and ends with the rendition of the national song Vande Mataram. This has been the practice since Independence. Unfortunately, the national song has been dishonoured,” BJP vice-president Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said.

“By boycotting the national song, he has insulted the Constitution and its norms. Those who hate Vande Mataram not only have no right to be a part of Parliament but also have no right to live in this country,” Naqvi added.

Muslim MP of BSP not sorry for walking out of LS while Vande Mataram was being played: CNN-IBN.

काठ मुल्ला शाफिकुर रहमान बर्क होशियार....

काठ मुल्ला शाफिकुर रहमान बर्क होशियार ….




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Shariah Court, a challenge to Indian Judicial system. Sharia lovers Muslims in India set a goal to make Indian as a Land of Sharia.

Posted by hinduexistence on April 29, 2013

Mumbai gets its first Shariah court to settle civil, marital disputes.

Shariah court Talibani effortMohammed Wajihuddin, TNN | MUMBAI | Apr 29, 2013:: The city is set to get its first Darul Qaza or Shariah court to settle civil and marital disputes in the Muslim community. The court, set up by the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, will be inaugurated on Monday at Anjuman-i-Islam, near CST, and will serve to fill a long-felt need of the community.

Shariah courts already function at many places in the country, such as Hyderabad, Patna and Malegaon. Here qazis appointed by the AIMPLB hear the community’s various disputes, barring criminal cases, and deliver judgements. “This court will function to settle mainly family disputes pertaining to marriage, divorce and inheritance. Marriage disputes will be settled quickly and the couples will be told to either reconcile or separate if reconciliation is not possible. It will save the community much time and money as fighting cases in civil courts is expensive and time-consuming,” said AIMPLB secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani.

For a dispute to be heard by a Shariah court, both the parties in the dispute will have to approach the court. If one of the parties has approached a civil court, then it will have to withdraw the case for the Shariah court to accept the matter.

Rahmani said Shariah courts do not compete with the civil courts. “On the contrary, Shariah courts will lower the burden of the civil courts where thousands of cases are pending and the judges are overworked,” he said.

Senior advocate and head of AIMPLB’s legal cell Yusuf Muchalla called the city’s Shariah court a “significant alternative dispute settlement mechanism”. “This court will decide within the framework of Muslim personal laws and mainly deal with matrimonial disputes. This is a kind of domestic tribunal set up by the Muslim community.” He added that district and high courts in Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal and Orissa have upheld several decisions given by the Shariah courts established by the Imarat-e-Shariah (House of Shariah) headquartered in Patna. Muchalla maintained that the Shariah courts were well within the law of the land.

‘Shariah courts don’t compete with civil courts’

For a dispute to be heard by a Shariah court, both the parties in the dispute will have to approach the court. If one of the parties has approached a civil court, then it will have to withdraw the case for the Shariah court to accept the matter.

AIMPLB secretary Maulana Wali Rahmani said Shariah courts do not compete with the civil courts. “On the contrary, Shariah courts will lower the burden of the civil courts where thousands of cases are pending and the judges are overworked,” he said.

Senior advocate and head of AIMPLB’s legal cell Yusuf Muchalla called the city’s Shariah court a “significant alternative dispute settlement mechanism”. “This court will decide within the framework of Muslim personal laws and mainly deal with matrimonial disputes. This is a kind of domestic tribunal set up by the Muslim community.” He added that district and high courts in Bihar, Jharkhand, Bengal and Orissa have upheld several decisions given by courts established by the Imarat-e-Shariah (House of Shariah) headquartered in Patna. Muchalla said that Shariah courts were within the law of the land. [Courtesy: TOI.]

BAN SHARIA COURT IN BHARAT. Its nothing but a project of  dangerous “Shariah for Hind“.



By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

The Constitution of India that the constituent assembly had framed with great diligence and dedication was promulgated on 26 January 1950. Among its Directive Principles there is a recommendation for the Common Civil Code. Indeed it is a pity that the proposed code remains just a piece of paper in the teeth of opposition from many ethnic and religious parties mainly the Muslims.

Violating the spirit of the Constitution, many political parties with high ambitions but low vote gathering mechanism took recourse to appeasement of the Muslim community. The Indian National Congress, the Samajwadi Party, the Indian Union Muslim League and so on spearheaded a movement to let the Muslim community not only have full freedom in observing their personal law but went a step ahead and asked for establishment of Shariah Courts to entertain and decide law suits relating to marital disputes and other personal law problems provided both parties are Muslims and no party has already approached the civil courts established under law of the land.

Mumbai, Maharashtra has had the first Shariah Court inaugurated today, 30 April 2013.

In my opinion it is a sad day for the administration of civil law in Bharat as courts have been bifurcated on the basis of religion leading to further bifurcation of thought and ideas of different communities inhabiting this great land.Thank God the criminal law and its administration remains common to citizens of all faiths. We should be thankful to the British legal luminaries, judges and Indian lawyers who were far sighted and did not allow Shariah anywhere near administration of criminal justice.

With a view to honoring the founding fathers of our Constitution who favoured the Common Civil Code for men and women of all faiths who were citizens of India, we should strive to have at least common civil courts to administer justice in civil law of one and all.Shariah courts are negation of the lofty principles of Uniform Civil Code that our Constitution stands for.

Let us strive to honour the provisions of our Constitution both in letter and spirit so that Bharat moves forward as a united nation commanding the respect of civilized human beings.

Shariah Courts are a part of the Separatist and Divisive tactics of some Muslim organisations. The aim is to separate the Muslim majority areas and administer it differently. Looking at history, we find that Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto pressured the then govt to bifurcate Sindh from Bombay province. Later they had Sylhet in the East separated from the Hindu majority Assam and made it a part of East-Pakistan. Now the courts are being separated for Muslim civil disputes to be adjudicated by the Shariah courts. Thus the foundation is being laid by the anti-national elements to have as many divisions of the Indian social set up as possible so that Islamic Jihad can prevail. The Nationalist elements must oppose it tooth and nail and prevent vivisection of our Bharat.

Writer can be reached at

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Uttar Pradesh : Talibanisation in Heartland India. Islamic Taliban Insiders are the main threat in India.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 14, 2012

When the whole of India will come under a ‘Talibani Fatwa’? Who are helping the Talibans of India?

‘Talibani’ panchayat: UP panchayat bans love marriage, forbids girls from using cell phones


The majority Muslim panchayat also said girls have to cover their heads while stepping out of house. Photo – Daily Mail.

The self-styled guardians of morality and social values in India are getting more brazen day-by-day.

In a Talibani diktat slapping several restrictions on women, a village panchayat in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh – around 40 km from the national Capital – banned girls from using mobile phones when out on roads and women less than 40 years old from going out shopping.

The panchayat of Asara village also banned love marriages and ordered girls to cover their heads while stepping out of their houses.

The decisions were taken by the panchayat in February this year. It met on Wednesday to ensure strict enforcement of its decisions.

‘We noticed that some girls and their parents were not taking our order seriously. So, we held a meeting on Wednesday in which we resolved that those who defy the order would be first ostracised and then expelled from the village. There are other ways also to make them follow the instructions. But that would be decided when such a situation arises,’ Mohammed Mohkam (50), a member of the panchayat, said.

While 70 per cent villagers are Muslims, 30 per cent are Hindus, most of them Jats.

The meeting on Wednesday was attended by 200 people, representing the two communities in proportion to their population. To be sure, there were some welcome decisions also as the panchayat ruled that taking or giving dowry would be a punishable offence.

Besides, it barred boys from using headphones/earphones on roads and in bylanes.

‘We also want even our boys to stop using earphone because they fail to listen horn on the roads and meet with accidents. Our women are also expected to cover their heads in the village. They can remove it once out of the boundary of the village,’ Mohkam said.

“homes are the more suitable place for the women”- prohibited for Ramadan marketing in Bhupal, Madhya Pradesh last year.

But most of the fatwas were aimed at curbing the freedom of girls. The panchayat slammed love birds planning to enter into wedlock.

‘Love marriages are a shame for society. It is very painful for the parents, specially the girl’s family, because such marriages dent their respectability. Anyone who goes for love marriage will not be allowed to live in the village,’ Sattar Ahmed, another member of the panchayat, said.

Justifying the bizarre decision to ban women below 40 from going to the market, Ahmed said: ‘It gives rise to crime.’

Defending the fatwa on girls covering their heads: ‘This is for their safety.’

Most villagers welcomed the orders. Vijendra Kashyap, a local, said: ‘Women must follow them.’

‘I would have been more happy had the panchayat imposed a complete ban on girls using mobiles,’ Tarun Chaudhary, another villager, said.

Mohammed Islamuddin (62), another panchayat member, said: ‘We are of the view that our immature daughters and sisters shouldn’t carry a mobile phone because it leads to various complications. You know well how mobile phone has been misused to make MMS clips. We want to prevent them from any wrongdoing and protect them from bad elements.’

Even women appeared to support the panchayat’s diktats. Geeta Devi, 40, said: ‘Whatever they have decided would be followed. There shouldn’t be arguments.’

However, Neetu Singh, a 23- year-old MA student in Baghpat who belongs to the same village, said: “I agree with the order that women should cover their heads in the village.

But using a mobile is necessary to be in touch with our parents. The panchayat must know that women are no less than men in any walk of life.’

Baghpat’s superintendent of police V.K. Shekhar said: ‘A deputy superintendent of police is probing the matter and suitable action will be taken once I receive the report.’

State Congress president Rita Bahuguna Joshis said: ‘We will take up this Talibani order with the National Women’s Rights Commission. Such bizarre orders can’t be accepted at any cost.’

This (“__”) was the report of Daily Mail about the bare Talibanization of an Indian village of Uttar Pradesh and  various places in India those were not covered in that report.

The reality of Islamization in many fronts throughout India, mainly in Uttar Pradesh which is now under the control of Samajwadi Party and Muslim Operators of Talibanization, is dreadful.

Hindu Existence sites have been trying to surface the truth about the Talibanisation of India, despite various obstacles put on us. Now, the news from horse’s mouth cannot be described as communal enough though it is always branded most communal when it appears in Hindu Existence.


“”[[This Country ‘India’ was never a nation of Hindus. It was ruled and governed by Muslims for hundreds of years. And we the students of tahreek-e-taliban-hindusthan, demand that the Muslim majority areas should be and must be ruled according to the Sharia Law.

Threatening letter to Hindus by Talibans.

Therefore we pass This verdict from today onwards that all the non-muslim living in muslim majority areas should start paying ‘JIZYA’- A tax that every non-muslim has to pay to Live and Work under Muslims.

You have only three choices:

1)      Convert to our great faith ‘Islam” and u will be safe.

2)      Or pay the Jizyah on our terms and conditions and live.

3)      Or accept our challenge and fight us on the battle field.

Ten % of your monthly income must be deposited to the local Mosques on the 1stdate of every month. Failing to do so Or taking this verdict lightly will result in very harsh and serious punishment and it will be considered as act of treason and provocation to War.

INSHALLAH!!! We will make you sure in a way you can never imagine.

Darul Uloom Deoband, India.

You can contact us on the following e-mail address, Phone or Fax:

Phone: 91-1335-222429 Fax: 91-1336-222768]]””

To help your understanding about the situation, we just put our old news/reports about stealthy Talibanisation of India. Please read to react.

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Posted by hinduexistence on February 19, 2012


Stop ‘Shariah for Hind’ Project at any cost. Arrest them who are against Indian Democracy. 

by Upananda Brahmachari.

India is a peace loving country and believes in its democratic stature and obviously the abode of the largest democratic system not for its administrative and political mechanism, but for its inbuilt democratic psychological structure of the majority people as upheld here. In one word, the majority Hindu people here hermitically protects the democratic texture of India with caring all the interest and growth of the minority Muslim and Christian people in India. And the Majority Hindu people here obviously promoted the growth and development of the Indian minorities  than both of Muslim and minority people in the neighboring countries in all respect, since its political independence in 1947.

Though this holy land of Aryavarta, Bharat, Hind, Hindustan or India was divided as India and Pakistan on the basis of two nation theory as Hindustan for Hindus and the Pakistan for Muslims at the time of partition of our Mother Land, Hindus choose a democratic and secular state in reality, while Pakistan opted a basically Islamic country there. But, for its genetic generosity India is  now under the looming threat of Islamization in the name of full implementation of Sahriah under a project “SHARIAH FOR HIND”.

Actually, Shariah is the greatest threat to the Muslims in India equally than the Hindus as all the 72 sects  or 73 sects in Islam are protected in this soil in India, which is never seen in any Islamic country under shariah denomination. But, some fanatic propagators are trying hard to talibanize India and the Indian sub-continent through a crude propagation of Sahriah, curbing all civil rights of others.

The threat of Shariah upon Holy Indian Constitution is not a new one. The threats have been coming from outside for a long time since an alive Hakimullah Mehsud declares an Islamic invasion in India to make it a land of Allah or a Molla Omar declares a war (Jihad) against India to establish here a Dar-ul-Islam to liberate this land from the clutch of kaffirs. In recent, one faction of Islamists in Bangladesh, named Hizbut Tharir declared that they will bring back India again under Islamic rule. For its materialization the said Islamist Group tried a coup (19th January 2012) in Bangladesh as to utilize the military force of Bangladesh to capture India in their fantasy.  The another  fanatic Muhammad Sayeed of Jamaat-ud-Dawa declared a war against India to capture India for a Shriah State declaring Kashmir as a free Islamic bastion in  a Islamic congregation of 40 political and religious parties at Lahore on 18th December, 2011 in the ground of Minar-e-Pakistan under an umbrella organization Difa-e-Pakistan, i.e. Defence of Pakistan. But, the Indian statesmen, politicians, civic rights bodies, intellectuals, interlocutors, public and religious figures all just ignore it. Anybody tries to raise the voice against this Islamic menace, is immediately branded as communal and a threat of secularism.

But, now the real threat of Indian secularism and democracy alias Shariah is right to rock the wall of democracy as believed as Indian Parliament put under an attack again on 3rd March, 2012 after its first attack on Indian parliament on 13th Dec 2001 by Lashkar-e-Toiba & Jaish-e-Mojhammad joint move to finish all the peoples representatives (Members of Indian Parliament) to capture India through an Islamic insurgency in India. But, still the politicians, administration, judiciary, intellectuals, media all feel too much sleepy and all the members of Indian Parliament (Bharatiya Samsad) are yawning in the ongoing sessions there.

But, a part of Indian patriotic and law abiding people are very much concerned to see a dramatic permissiveness of the Indian Political, Executive and Judiciary system, when this “Shariah for Hind”   Project openly declares:

(1)  After weeks of preparation Shariah4Hind would like to announce the official programme for the planned rally for Shariah, in the heart of New Delhi, India on 3rd March 2012.

(2)  We encourage all Muslims who have not already pledged their commitment to the event to ensure they abide by regulations set on the day. For those intending to garner further support for what is likely to be a momentous event we encourage you to download our flyer (to be provided shortly) and distribute them in key Muslim areas in India.

(3)  Muslims to occupy roads surrounding Indian parliament (Sansad Bhavan): Lokh Sabha Marg, Red Cross Road, Raisina Road, and Rajya Sabha Marg.

(4)  Muslims will be demanding the immediate return of the Shariah in the Indian subcontinent and their complete rejection of the Indian constitution.

(5)  All protestors will continue to occupy the area until demands are met. Rally of Muslims to rise and unite the Indian subcontinent under Islamic governance.

(6)  Address by Sheikh Anjem Choudary, Judge of the Shariah Court of the UK on the motivations behind the Shariah4Hind project including the declaration of a fatwa regarding Indian political parties.

(7)  Address by special guest speakers from India exposing crimes of the Indian government and why it is prohibited for Muslims to participate in the Indian elections.

(8)  Open invitation to accept Islam by former Hindu, Abu Rumaysah, who is now a key person of Islamic conversion and a senior representative of Shariah4Hind.2012

(9)  The End of Bollywood in 2012 and Bollywood will get the Axe under Islam and Shariah.

(10)  The eventual Islamic destruction of Indian Idols and Statues.

All these horrific destructions of the Indian structure of Secularism and democracy do not bother our system of Politics, Executives, Judiciary and intellectuals so far. The International propagators of Radical Islam are permitted visa by Indian Government to use our soil to destroy our faith in secularism and democracy, but the same administration expelled Salman Rushdie from his expected participation in Jaipur Literature festival (20-24 Jan 2012) before the stanch protest of the Muslim protesters. This contradiction has a subtle meaning of Indian bow down to Islam, though unpalatable to speak or hear.

The process of expansionism of Islam in India through various means including the population explosion, demand for reservation in political, administrative and economic spheres, running the parallel education system in Madarshas and deemed Islamic universities, financial capture of Islam in the sectors of media, cheat funds and banking operations, spread of Jamaats (Islamic preaching parties)more than ten times than 1950 (the year of promulgation of Republic in India, since the Islamist are planning to make an Islamic Republic here), terrorizing the common people through blasts and attacks in the name of Jihad, all these are very prudently set under the present project of Sahriah for Hind as a part of Pan Islamic march to invade the world beneath one crescent flag of Islam.

But this open declaration for denouncing the Indian Constitution by the Indian Muslims (fomented by their Pan Islamic counterparts)  through an official permission from GOI to uphold Shariah for Muslims and the others afterwards under pressure is an unprecedented one. We should stop ‘Shariah for Hind’ at any cost’.

Stop 3rd Mar Delhi Rally of “Shariah 4 Hind” at once.          

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