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Ghaziabad Violence: Up-surging Jihad in Indian heartland.

Up-surging dreadful Jihad in Indian heartland.

Ghaziabad (Masuri) Violence: Intelligence Failure: Suspension of Three Police Officers: What Next?

 Upananda Brahmachari. 

What can be better than ever in such a state where Mullah Mulayam Singh Yadav, the friend of venomous Syed Abdulla Bukhari, the preceding Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Delhi is the father of the present Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh which is also mentioned as the heartland of Indian politics. And Akhilesh Singh Yadav, the Present CM, is a fan of present Shahi Imam, Syed Ahmed Bhukhari, son of Abdulla Bukhari. Jama Masjid, which is considered as the Fatwa and Jihad epicentre of India. Moreover, that notorious Azam Khan is the Urban Development & Minority Affairs Minister and Key Position holder of present UP cabinet, who likes to call Mother India as a witch.

So there is no astonishing in the Friday, the most auspicious Jihad day, on 15th Sept 2012 that the city of Gaziabad horrified all the Kaffir (Hindus and Non-Muslims) inhabitants instantly over a rumour of desecration of Quran.  Rumours are generated without cost most of the time.

Even as the situation remained tense in Masuri Police Station area and adjacent places, policemen stationed there shudder to think about the violence and hope that nothing of that sort ever happens again. Meanwhile, three police officers were suspended on Sunday for their “failure” to provide intelligence inputs and control the situation during Friday nightmare.

Cops said that the dharna (protest agitation) outside the police station continued for around an hour. “The crowds soon spread in all directions and took control of the entire area. On finding the situation out of control, the SP (rural), ADM, SDM (Sadar) Keshwar Kumar and me hid till additional forces came to control the frenzied mob around  us,” said Sajid Hussain, chairman of Dasna Nagar Palika, who had come to enquire about the situation going to be uncontrolled. The Muslim rioters did not stop and started pelting stones in which the SP (rural) was injured. The rioters appeared with iron rods, swords and fire arms.

“We tried to calm the mob and hold discussions, but when they did not stop we were forced to lob tear gas shells at 8pm. Even after that the agitators did not stop and we ordered lathi charge to disperse the crowd. We also fired rubber bullets. We made all attempts to calm the agitators for one hour and 10 minutes. When we found our lives in danger, then I finally ordered firing at 8.40pm to disperse the mob,” said Additional District Magistrate RK Sharma.

” Masuri station officer, P K Singh, Local Intelligence Unit (LIU) SSI Jal Singh Saini and SI DP Singh have been suspended for their failure to control the situation and provide intelligence inputs,” said SSP Ghaziabad, Prashant Kumar. District authorities have also recommended the transfer of circle officer (Sadar) Ajay Kumar and suspension of CO LIU Mohini Pathak and sub-divisional magistrate Keshav Kumar, Kumar added.

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Not only in Masuri in Gaziabad, at least 20 cities and towns of Uttar Pradesh have seen the same Islamic violence and riots in the tenure of the newly elected Akhilesh ministry in the heart land state of India which has largest Muslim population in India.  In all such cases the fanatic Muslims exercised their regained political power in the last UP assembly in February, 2012 as the numbers of Muslim MLAs touched a highest mark of 69 after a split of vote in the general election in 2009, when the numbers of Muslim MP in Uttar Pradesh dropped at 6 in comparison to 11 MPs in 2004. Though there is no Muslim League like earlier, the presence and winning of camouflaged Islamic parties like Peace Party (4 MLAs) and Qaumi Ekta Dal (2 MLAs) in UP assembly election  have dangerous significance undoubtedly. All these are matured Islamic wine served in secular bottles. With the additives of Islamic narcotics from both sides of Syed Ahamed Bukhari and the Azam Khan lobby revamped the Jidahi extremism in the heart of common Muslim people in Uttar Pradesh. The situation inflamed suddenly with the issues like Assam riots, Myanmar Muslim persecution or the very recent youtubing  of an anti-Islamic film, ‘Innocence of Muslims’.

Those who are getting no clues of recent violence in Uttar Pradesh are either pretending idiots or Islamic agents fed with uncountable petro dollars. All these recent violence in Uttar Pradesh or in other states of India are well planned and generated by ISI (Inter Services Intelligence – Pakistan), DGFI (Directorate General of Forces Intelligence – Bangladesh) and GIP (General Intelligence Presidency – Saudi Arab) and obviously activated by the Indian Mujahedeen (IM), banned Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and other Indian Jihadi counterparts of HUJI (Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami) and LeT  (Lashkar-e-Toiba). From a source it is ascertained that the SIMI has organised 2700 Jihadi seminars, group meetings and hands on training under the banner of like-minded wings all over India during 2011-12. This has immense effect on Uttar Pradesh also. Now, the Uttar Pradesh Jihadists are supplying Allah’s soldiers to other states. Think about the recent East Delhi Riots where their presence has been detected by the concerned investigating agencies.

On the other hand two devout Islamic institutions like Aligarh Muslim University and Dar-ul-Deoband in Uttar Pradesh are always disseminating the teaching of Islam and the non-believers are realising what Islam means. SIMI has strong hold in these two Islamic Institutions including Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi and throughout 250000 Islamic seminaries, universities, colleges, madrasahs, hostels and youth units in India. On the basis of localised strength, the jihadists of India have taken the plan to show their strength rampant at present to frighten and harm the non-believer kaffirs and also the administration and police departments.

Now, the question of failure of Intelligence Department to give advance input for the coming riots is put in the surface.  It is nothing but a bogus proposition in the face of reality.

State and its departments are run by its policy decision. While Government of India (GOI) and most of the provincial states in India have resolved a ‘kneel down’ decision to appease the Muslims in the name of minority development, why the agencies of it will act repulsive to the pro-active Islamic trends? Yes, central and provincial Governments in India have clearly established its pro-active Islamic trends through the funding and promoting Muslim Personal Law Boards, Wakf Boards, Muslim Marriage Registrars, Islamic Academic, Religious and Research Institutions, Haj subsidy, Reservation in jobs and finance for Muslims, Honorarium for Imams of Mosques and so on.

So, it is most difficult to spy against these sacred and dignified people for their Jihad activities centralised in Mosques, Madrasahs and Muslim populated areas. The incitements of riots always come from the Muslim strongholds or their influential areas and obviously keeping a mosque in its centre stage. I have doubt that any responsible intelligence officer will dare to take a day to day stock of the subversive activities or anti-Kaffir conspiracies held in a Mosque or what is happening in an overnight Islamic conference organised in an Islamic den.  As such nobody is permitted to poke their unholy nose in the holy Jihadi warfare of Muslim brothers. It is not a story of Uttar Pradesh; rather it is universalised in length and breadth of India.

Consequently the cops are severely injured by Islamic bullets in Masuri Police Station in Gaziabad; public life are attacked here and there by Jihadi hooligans; women constables are victim of Muslim molesters near Azad Maidan, Mumbai or Indian military are compelled to retreat with agony from a mere stone pelting  group with “Allah-ho-Akbar” shouting in Kashmir.

I am seeing a strong revolt from the agitated Military and Police personnel who are drastically searching the way to save their most beloved Motherland and her people from a cruel Islamic menace and gruesome indignity of self. Possible retaliation from the part of administration and politics is also apprehended. Even an ant bites if challenged.

To save the situation we must analyse all Muslim mind even for a death of a crow in Kaba and its consequences in the Jihadi Muslim world around us.

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6 comments on “Ghaziabad Violence: Up-surging Jihad in Indian heartland.

  1. sahil
    September 18, 2012

    all who were killed are muslims,see any newspaper of 15-sep-12
    see this link and others. I am unable to understand who writes this type of articles:


    • Zubeda Robson - Ex Muslim.
      September 18, 2012

      Scoundrel Sahil – The pseudo Jihadist….

      Don’t you understand that if those five Momin Jhaidists were not shoot at right time, 15 Hindu Kaffirs were slain or gunned down by your friends in the Masuri Police Station.

      Would it be better to read in TOI that some 50 Hindus were killed by the Muslim hooligans there?

      I am surprised by the generosity of this blogger that you filthy mental texture is still seen in the comment box.

      Zubeda – Ex Muslim.


  2. ashwini
    September 18, 2012

    Islamists can say to anything/anyact to be anti-islam, why?what are norms ? Actualy nothing is anti- islam!If any islamist live in shariya or in “taquiya(hidden&preparing for war),they can do everything,say everything,but no one object them!actualy quran&islam are totally against hindus,because quran say , hindus are qufirs&they must be slayed ! Hindus must oppose that quran must be ousted from india & owner of any quran&their worshiper must be punished for having literature to provoke for murder of hindus!quran is root of voilence in india against hindus&dangerous to peace &hormony! Quran must be challenged in courts for ban in india!


  3. dipak
    September 19, 2012

    Do Indian Muslims know, who are their fore-fathers and they were converted to Islam? Do they know, Arabland before prophet mohammad was a Hindu land ( see Vedic Arabia by Qureshi Khan) “Indian Muslims who are they” by K.S. Lal is an interesting book to read..


  4. Vimal Sancheti
    September 28, 2012

    What is Jihad but this is simple Goondaism.

    Vimal Sancheti

    Deal firmly with Muslim goondas. The state should deal firmly Muslim mobsters anywhere including Bengal.The police should not listen to corrupt vote seeking politicians.They are paid by us and not by politicians.They have immunity as government servant for right work. But the corrupt hafta eating crooks in police oblige as they have soft underbellies. Let us not feign ignorance. Just shoot 10 mobsters and all jihadi agitations will vanish instantly. When idols are broken by Muslims, where these Muslims go? Have they ever criticised this? Are we afraid of their goonda behaviour or are we blind?

    No one should be made more than equal in society. Muslims should learn to live harmoniously in society. They should understand that religion or a holy book cant be degraded by some fools bruning a book or calling names to Muhammad. Religion and prophets are much above ordinary human mortals. Such type of hooliganism in Muslim mentality shows their inferiority complex and tendencies of attacking others in a corollary method.


  5. S Asim
    October 8, 2012

    Until & unless we take a lesson from the Muslims to unite, to demonstrate violently repeat violently, nothing is going to happen to us. I will squarely blame the so-called Defenders of Hindus-RSS/VHP(BJP has become a secular party) try to unite the Hindus, days are not far off when if not India as a whole, a part of the country will become Islamic Republic.
    Days in days out, in Tamilnadu, they are bitterness between the Dalits and Caste Hindus over entry into temples, common roads etc. These Hindu outfits have no role to intervene and offer a solution acceptable to all Hindus. The Religious leaders are even worse. The Shankaracharyas fight amongst themselves. Some Hindu Organisations are ashamed to call themsemselvs as Hindu like Ram krishna Mission. Dooms day ahead of us. No hope.



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