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Pakistani Muslim troopers kill two Hindu Jawans of Indian Army, behead, mutilate one of them….

Pak Military Barbarism

Retaliation of Kasab Hanging?

Jihadi Pakistani troopers cross into Indian territory, brutally slit throats of two Hindu Jawans of Rajputana Rifles and mutilate after ambush in Poonch.

Pak troops kill two jawans, behead, mutilate one of them

By Rajat Pandit & Josy Joseph, TNN | Wednesday, Jan 9, 2013.

Naman. aman ki tamasha nahi chalegiNEW DELHI: An Indian soldier was beheaded and another killed (mutilated) by Pakistani troops after they crossed over into Indian territory in the Mendhar sector of Jammu & Kashmir on Tuesday, in a grim reminder of the brutality perpetrated during the 1999 Kargil conflict which can make peace making even more difficult.
The “border action team” of the Pakistani Army took advantage of the thick fog in the thickly-forested mountainous region to sneak 500 to 600 metres across the Line of Control (loC) before they were driven back after a fierce gun-battle and even close-quarter combat with Indian troops that went on for over 30 minutes shortly before noon on Tuesday.
The incursion and ceasefire violation seemed to be a diversionary manoeuvre to push infiltrators into J&K, as has been the earlier practice of Pakistani Army. However, it met with adequate fire-power from the Indian troops who, tipped off by the Intelligence Bureau, were fully alert to thwart any nefarious design.
After the gun battle, the bodies of Lance-Naiks Hemraj and Sudhakar Singh, part of an “area domination patrol” of the 13 Rajputana Rifles, were found. One of them was badly “mutilated”. Although the Army did not give more details of the barbarism, sources said the retreating Pakistani soldiers had chopped off the “head” of one of the Indian soldiers and taken it back with them.
An outraged Indian Army dubbed the crime “yet another grave provocation” by the Pakistan Army, and said that it would be “taken up sternly through official channels”. Given the gravity of the situation, PM Manmohan Singh, who was in Kochi in the afternoon, was briefed over the phone.
“We condemn the provocative action. The government will take up the incident with the Pakistan government. We expect Islamabad to honour the ceasefire agreement (which came into force in November 2003) strictly,” said the defence ministry.
Predictably, the Pakistan military denied its troops had crossed over into India or indulged in a ceasefire violation on Tuesday. “It looks like Indian propaganda to divert world attention from the raid conducted by Indian troops on one of our posts on Sunday, in which one of our soldiers was killed,” it said.
But the decapitation of the Indian soldier on Tuesday evoked memories of the barbaric way in which during the 1999 Kargil conflict Captain Saurabh Kalia was tortured by his Pakistani captors who later handed over his badly mutilated body to India. Kalia’s father is still fighting to get Pakistan to punish the soldiers who were responsible for his son’s brutal torture.

J&K: 2 Hindu soldiers beheaded, body of one mutilated by Jihadi Pak troops…

(there are more than 70 ceasefire violation along the Actual Line on Control alone and 30 ceasefire violation at International Border between Indian and Pakistan last year…… )

The defeat in Kargil did not chasten the Pakistani security establishment into mending its ways and stop violating the Geneva Convention which lays down how captured soldiers should be treated. In February, 2000, infamous Pakistani terrorist and al-Qaida member Ilyas Kashmirihad led a raid on the Indian Army’s “Ashok Listening Post” in the Nowshera sector to kill seven Indian soldiers.

Even then, Kashmiri had taken back to Pakistan the head of a 24-year-old Indian jawan, Bhausaheb Maruti Talekar of the 17 Maratha Light Infantry, as a trophy to brandish. He is believed to have been honoured by General Pervez Musharraf himself at a ceremony later.

On Tuesday, the defence ministry said the director-general of military operations (DGMO), Lt-General Vinod Bhatia, had already taken up the issue “directly” with his Pakistani counterpart. With the PM landing back in New Delhi later on Tuesday, the ministry of external affairs is likely to summon a top Pakistani official on Wednesday to lodge a strong protest over the matter.

Sources said Army chief General Bikram Singh also briefed national security advisor Shivshankar Menon on the “significant escalation” in ceasefire violations by the Pakistan Army in recent days. “Pakistan Army is regularly giving covering fire to help terrorists infiltrate into J&K, especially in the Rajouri, Uri and Keran sectors. If there were 61 such violations in 2011, as many as 120 have been recorded in the last one year,” said an official.

India has already denied Pakistan’s earlier allegation on Sunday, holding that it was actually Pakistani soldiers who opened “unprovoked heavy machinegun and mortar fire on Indian post in the Uri sector”. Indian troops had just responded to it “in a calibrated manner”. The external affairs ministry also asked Pakistan to ensure that the “sanctity of the LoC is maintained”.

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Courtesy: TOI | CNN-IBN | Asansol News.

8 comments on “Pakistani Muslim troopers kill two Hindu Jawans of Indian Army, behead, mutilate one of them….

  1. HinduIDF
    January 9, 2013

    Reblogged this on Hindu Internet Defence Force and commented:
    Pakistani Muslim troopers kill two Hindu Jawans of Indian Army


  2. Hrishikesh
    January 9, 2013

    What are you going to take through official channels?? Don’t you have guns ?? Why do you not shoot them while you know our Muslim appeasing govt will not order you to shoot?? This brutal killing is cowardice from Paki Side and also shame for inaction from our side!


  3. budhpal singhchandel
    January 9, 2013

    pakistan used to do all such nexty things ,as our union govt is so liveral to pakistan,by over showing superflous love to them ,it will be very dangerous for the country .The spokes man mr.Rashid Albi was unnecy very crudely ,bt with high respect to paak.with out saying about any strong action to be against pakistan.The govt.did’nt taken any lesson from 26/11 ,aggresson ,and tried unnecy /one side friendship by organising paaki visits and criket matches..It is very sad to say that we have not seen any strong action after 26/11,taken by union govt.and they becoming so much liveral.This is act of cowardice of our govt.,and very very samefull.


  4. anand
    January 10, 2013

    Shame on the part of INDIAN GOVERNMENT, They are playing with the lives of the shoulders and also the citizens of the country.


  5. malayappaswamy
    January 10, 2013

    Is there a more spineless State than the Indian State ? Look at Israel, a tiny country surrounded by hostile Islamist regimes. Had Israel been a soft state like India, it would have been wiped out of the world map by now. Gandhian principles will not work now. Shahrukh Khan may say that ” Pakistan is a great neighbour to have “, Salman Khan may act in films where RAW and ISI are equated, Sania Mirza may marry a Pakistani cricketer, and Arundhati Roy may go around saying that ” Kashmir has never been an integral part of India “. But the sentiments of the 100 crore patriotic Indians are completely ignored, since Mounmohan Singh believes in ” Aman ki Asha “. That ” aman ” will never come, since Pakistan’s ultimate aim is Ghazwa-e-Hind. Even if Indira Gandhi had captured and spared the lives of 95000 Paki jehadis ( so that Mukti Bahini could not bury them alive ), the Islamist country reciprocated our gesture by returning to us the mutilated bodies of Captain Saurabh Kalia and his five companions. And then our great Swayamsevak Prime Minister went to have tea with Mian Musharaf. AND NOW WE HAVE TWO MORE MARTYRS. WHEN WILL INDIA LEARN ?


    • ramkrishnagoeld
      January 10, 2013

      India will only learn when we will again become slaves of Jihadi Muslim due to our weak Congress politicians and Hon. PM Mr. Man Mohan Singhji who is banana govt run by Italian queen Mrs. Sonia Gandhi with her Political Advisor Mr. Ahmed Patel MP from Bharuch ( Gujarat) of mr. Narendra Modi. Wea re waiting only when our strong Aawam sawak will be PM od India. Let 2014 come soon.


  6. vivek kumar
    January 11, 2013

    india should take a very hard action to pakistan government …….. people should elect the bjp ..and the bjp should rule the india as dream of mahatama ganghi…


  7. Dan
    January 12, 2013

    When money talks, Morals walk!


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