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Maha Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj. Ganga Sagar Mela 2013. Sab tirath bar bar… Ganga Sagar ek bar…

News From Prayag Maha Kumbh: Maha Kumbh begins, 1.1 crore pilgrims take dip today on Makar Sankranti (14-01-2013). View the First Sahi Snan. Har Har Gange.

gangasagar mela 2013

Ganga Sagar Mela – 2013 (Toll free help line 18003453220).

ॐ Welcome to Ganga Sagar Mela    Makar Sankranti     Kapil Muni Temple at Sagardwip

2013 gangasagarHere thousands of people take Holy Dip during Makar Sankranti, usually falls on 14 or 15th January every year. Gangasagar pilgrimage and fair is the second largest congregation of mankind after the holy Kumbha Mela. The latter is observed once in four years at alternate locations in north, central and central-west parts of the country, Gangasagar fair and pilgrimage is held annually on the Sagar Island’s southern tip in the Ganges delta atop the Bay of Bengal.

The Kapil Muni Temple at Sagardwip is the fourth constructed temple in the island. The first was razed by a tornado and the next two were destroyed by the sea. It was in 1961, the chief minister of Bengal, BC Roy donated Rs.11,000 to construct the present temple which was completed in 1973.

Sagardwip (Sagar Island), 128kms away from Kolkata presents an ideal repose for a quiet weekend. A small island in the Sunderban delta, Sagardwip is bequeathed with a quiet charm amidst the completely unspoiled and silvery beach on the estuary of the mighty Ganga. It has a lighthouse that offers you a panoramic view of the surroundings. Quite a hot spot for Hindu pilgrimage.

One lakh take the holy dip at Gangasagar… Another four lakh pilgrims are likely to reach…..

Gangasagar | 12 th January 2013 | Hindu Existence Media :: In the run-up to the festival of Makar Sankranti, around one lakh devotees have taken the holy dip at Gangasagar, the confluence of the Ganga and the Bay of Bengal.

West Bengal Panchayat minister Subrata Mukherjee today said the government is trying to make the annual fair by increasing the safety and comfort level for the devotees.

He said they are also constructing permanent guest houses for visitors and also a permanent jetty at a cost of Rs 5 crore.

Though the shameful pilgrimage tax of Rs. 5/= has been waved out this year, the escalated conveyance fare is still hammering the capacity of the common rural pilgrims coming from far away from the farthest corner of Bharat out of their spiritual passion to dip into holy Ganges confluence with Bay of Bengal,  even once for a life.

This escalation of Bus and ferry services in the Mela time could be managed by the Govt. of West Bengal this time, if a 3 Crore budget for the make shift wooden rest house for the ‘torn Sari-Hawai Chappal’ clad Chief Minister of West Bengal, Miss(?) Mamata Banerjee was possible to be averted from misutilizing the public exchequer.

The South 24 Parganas District authority is discharging their duties on war footing to welcome the expected 5 lakh pilgrims to the Ganga Sagar Makar Sankranti Mela this year. Over 200 NGOs are also rendering their stream of cooperation to make this Dharmik events a grand success.

View this beautiful Video: Gangotri to Gangasagar. 

Courtesy: S 24 Pgs district portal | T Series | Times Now.

4 comments on “Maha Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj. Ganga Sagar Mela 2013. Sab tirath bar bar… Ganga Sagar ek bar…

  1. Ram Ohri
    January 13, 2013

    May Ishwar shower His Benign Blessings on you, dear Upananda.

    Ram Ohri


  2. malayappaswamy
    January 13, 2013

    HAR HAR GANGE !!!!! O Lord Vishnu ! O Lord Shiva ! O Mother Ganga ! Please shower your blessings on the billions of Hindus and this Bharatbhumi.


  3. T.R. Nagesh
    January 14, 2013

    Sri Upanandaji, sometime back there was a news about stoppage of water flow from Gomukh, what is the current situation, please reply, thanx.


    • hinduexistence
      January 14, 2013

      Om. Namaste, TR Nageshji. Holy Makar Sankranti blessings!

      We know the reality of our Bharat Root Dharma enticed with the spontaneous and ultimate revelations originated from Mother Nature. We realize the Supreme in self and Nature both as a inseparable part of God realization. Hence, we care rather worship Nature as the basis of our Sanatan Sadhna.

      But, frequently we oppose these basic tenets of Dhrama and do harm to the Nature. As a reaction of Nature, we also face the curse of it to restrain ourself from indulging further cruelty against our own civilization.

      Your information is right. Right also is the awareness generation by various ‘Save Ganga’ Orgs and Activist. More over, Bharat is being guided by a new flow of spirituality again.

      There are other news which may quench the knowledge thirst in you.

      1. Ganga shifts at Gangotri, lake formed posing danger to downstream areas. []

      2. Will Ganga too disappear? [—b-.aspx?NB=&lang=4&m1=&m2=&p1=&p2=&p3=&p4=&PageType=N]

      More over the sea level is getting higher dimension in one side, but the source points of rivers are facing various hazards including the effect of global-warming.

      We should adorn Gangaji very piously and delicately, not to pollute this celestial entity anymore.

      I believe Gangaji as divine manifestation of devotion of the core of hearts in billions. It will never be destroyed.

      Scientists are researching the remedies and we are believing our faith on Gangaji.

      That flow of faith will remove all pebbles from the way from Gomukh to Gangasagar. We are getting lakhs quesec of water from Ganga, the life stream of our Sabhyata (Civilization) and Sanskriti (Culture).

      But, we have to save Ganga, then Gangaji will also save us definitely.

      Har Har Gange! Jai Gangaji, Jai Gange.


      Upananda Brahmachari,
      Editor, HINDU EXISTENCE.


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