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Bhojshala: Hindu Activist brutally beaten up by BJP Govt in Madhya Pradesh. BJP and VHP allowed Namaj in ‘Bhojshala Complex’ on Basant Panchami.

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Large Police Force Deployment to Suppress Hindus from their Puja Rights.


50000 Hindus performed Puja at Bhojshala; 016 Muslims offered Namaj. But Puja was stopped at the time of Namaj.

real face of bjp

Where are the BJP_RSS_VJP_BAJRANGDAL supporters right now ??? Come here
MP Police capture Shankaracharya Narendrananda Saraswati, taken away from Bhojshala :

As per the latest updates from Mr. Vinay Panavalkar of HJS Co-Ordinator, Madhya Pradesh Police as instigated by the Ruling BJP Govt, stopped vehicle of Shankaracharya Narendrananda Saraswati and his companions going towards Mata Saraswati Mandir, Bhojshala. Police forced Shankaracharya and others to come down from vehicle and seized their mobile phones, some 20 kms far from Bhojshala complex. Immediately Shankaracharya sat on Road for Dharna. But Police forced him to get into  that vehicle and that was taken over by Police and they have taken away Shankaracharya and others from Dhar. Revered Shankaracharya and his disciples are taken to unknown places. In the meanwhile thousand of Hindutva supporters came down to roads in Dhar and in some places in Madhya Pradesh.

Why BJP is following footsteps of Congress by trying to suppress voice and constitutional rights of Hindus ? Does it not look like ‘Moghalai’ (Mughal-like regime) of BJP ? If today BJP is preventing Hindu Saints and devotees from entering Hindu temples, tomorrow it may destroy Hindu temples like Mughal invaders ! RSS-VHP_Bajrangis are vacate onlookers!

Inspector General of Police, Indore, Smt Anuradha Shankar said police arranged safe Namaj for 116 Muslim Namajis and stopped Hindu Puja for the time being when Namaj was conducting. In such a way Hindus will be compelled to stop their Dharmik performance time and again to satiate the Muslims in Bharat only to promote Arabic Expansion in our Social, Cultural  & National Life. Awake Hindus Awake!



News Flash: 
Another Babri? Massive security around ‘controversial’ Bhojshala….. BJP gets Namaz read under police protection, canes Hindus……

Bhojshala Latest PicUpdates On Record: 


Bhojshala : Police arrest and brutally beat up Shri. Navalkishore Sharma of Bhojshala Mukti Yagna Samiti

February 11, 2013 | Hindu Existence Forum | Bhopal | Madhya Pradesh:: It is a bare Face Off of BJP and VHP in the case of recovery of Bhojshala Bagdevi Mandir on ensuing Basanta Panchami. The brutality on devout Hindu Activist by the Police under the control of Madhaya Pradesh Govt, has been exposed now. 

Intimidation by BJP Govt. and Police in MP   

Indian ArmyMadhya Pradesh police arrested Mr. Navalkishore Sharma, the National Convener of ‘Bhojshala Mukti-yadnya Samiti’ and his activists who have been fighting for Hindus’ right of performing ‘puja’ in ‘Bhojshala’ on the day of ‘Vasant-Panchami’, falling on Friday, 15th February this year. They have also been demanding that Muslims should not be allowed to read ‘namaz’ on that day in ‘Bhojshala’. His elder brother has already been arrested. Police not only arrested Navalkishore Sharma but they even beat him up brutally. (Editor of Dainik Sanatan Pravat commented “In Hindu Rashtra, stringent action will be taken against such cruel Police who are oppressing innocent Hindus!” ). Police have claimed that Mr. Navalkishore Sharma had a gun and a bullet. (Hindu activists have been holding agitations for the past so many days, in lawful manner. Will they carry guns ? Can it not be a ploy hatched by police on the instructions of BJP Govt. to arrest pro-Hindu activists under false charges? Hindus must realize that it is the conspiracy of BJP Govt. to crush their agitation ! – Editor SP).   

Navalkishore Sharma injured in police beating has been admitted to hospital !

Navalkishore Sharma has been injured in police beating and has been admitted to a hospital. Hundreds of activists had gathered outside the hospital to meet Mr. Sharma; but police kept tight security and stopped them from meeting.

Instructions for District Coordinators of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Hindus’ should get a right to perform ‘puja’ in ‘Bhojshala’ on the day of Vasant-Panchami; for this, protest against BJP Govt. in every district !

For the last few days, Hindus have been trying to gain right, in lawful manner, for performing ‘puja’ on ‘Vasant-Panchami’ in ‘Bhojshala’ instead of Muslims reading ‘namaz’; but BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh has paid no heed. As a result, Saints and pro-Hindu activists have now taken an aggressive stand of staging agitations. BJP Government has imposed curfew in Dhar District to crush this agitation. This stance of BJP Government should be condemned in every district of this country. Non-Hindus immediately unite when their religious sentiments are hurt and raise their voice. Now, even Hindus need to come together and register their protest immediately against injustice meted out to them.

Activists of Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) should, therefore, stage agitation in every district, along with pro-Hindu organizations that hold similar views like HJS, to register protest. As far as possible, such protests/agitations should be staged in front of BJP’s offices and the office-bearers of BJP should be taken to task on this issue. The banner, in Hindi, required for this agitation and handbill are made available on the usual web-address and on HJS Website here.

Liberate Bhojshala Complex from the Clutch of Muslims Mosque and Namaj.

Liberate Bhojshala Complex from the Clutch of Muslims, Mosque and Namaj.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Courtesy: HJS

4 comments on “Bhojshala: Hindu Activist brutally beaten up by BJP Govt in Madhya Pradesh. BJP and VHP allowed Namaj in ‘Bhojshala Complex’ on Basant Panchami.

  1. malayappaswamy
    February 12, 2013

    Somebody please clear my doubts – IS BJP A HINDUTVA PARTY ? By listening to the advice of its enemies, this Badly Jeopardised Party is trying to become more ” acceptable ” by shunning Hindutva. Today you wont find a single top BJP leader uttering the word ” Hindu “. If the BJP was created only to become another pseudo-secular party adding to the burden on the Hindus, then why was it created ? Congress, Laloo, Mulayam are bad enough. We dont want another version of the SECULARIST BRIGADE. Balasaheb was the last truly Hindutvawadi leader we had. He never believed in political correctness, and always spoke the hard truth.


    • Love to Humanity
      February 13, 2013

      Some motivated critiques say that BJP = Bhrashtachari Janamse Party. All they want is just grab the power by fooling Hindus in the name of Hindutva and then try to loot as more as possible in their term, competing congress, which is also a fountainhead. Its a proven strategy. So hindus pls dont fall in the trap. They are just taking the advantage of Modi’s name for 2014 as earlier it was Ram Mandir and later he will be just a mere puppet in the hands of senior party leaders. If Modi even becomes PM of India, he will also be another rubber stamp of RSS and corrupt BJP leaders. Eventually Muslim and Christian agents are very active in BJP/RSS also. We Indians are destined to be slaves by Arab invaders and Christian American or European Corporators. History is proof.
      So the present generation of Bharat need to have a broader mindset, unbiased approach and a patriotic nation building approach rather than pseudo religious approach. Keep aside religious dogma, hatred and communalism. Real Bharat Dharma is the only solution. Every Indian should respect the co-citizen and bring a political reform and not on the basis of caste, creed, fake religion, race, color. We Bharatiya are loosing the real democratic values. What we see around is hate against hate. It will neither help any religion or the nation. Every individual in Power only thinks of his own people, own caste, relatives, friends etc and forgets the common man who have voted for them.
      Politics is going worse day by day. Instead of fighting each other we need to sit across and invite all the serious people from all the castes and religions with out any bias, who are seriously interested in taking India ahead.
      If we fight in the name of religion then politicians will only take advantage of the situation for their personal gain. We need to forget the past and live in the present and give a peaceful future to our generations. That is only possible with love. Love for every human being of this nation irrelevant of his caste, creed and religion. Lets unite to fight the corruption and not the religion. Lets bring a good governance and not hatred.
      We live and die not by our choice, but by the choice of Paramatma. Its HE who has written our Life and Death. We have only one choice love the Supreme Creator. We are the children of One God.
      God has sent numerous preachers on earth to guide humanity since the start of human race, but the wisest people mislead by Ashura (Satan) and for personal gains have contaminated the religion and whenever it was contaminated he sent a revised version to the humanity.
      And at last, Almighty will send the last messenger Kalki (Not Muhammad or Jesus), the 10th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and final version of the religion to humanity and said in his sacred book Gita. The Sacred Gita is the essence of Vedas and considered as Vedanga and the Upanishad. While Vedas are the Karmakanda (Work Rituals), Upanishad is considered as Gyan Kanda (Subtle Knowledge). And this is the last and final religion of HINDU DHARMA that caome to us accordingly. So he asked the all the God incarnations to hint and instruct all the mislead people of the earth to the final religion of Hindu Dhrama which is nothing but the highest teaching of spirituality, humanity and God Realization . So its upto you to seek the truth. Just pray to your God to show you the righteous path and the correct path and you will succeed. Seek the correct path before you leave this world, because this world is not permanent. There is an infinite life after this life. And decide yourself you want to live in misery and pain or live happily in that life. May God show you the true and correct path.


      • malayappaswamy
        February 14, 2013

        I agree with you that the Vedic Sanatan Dharma is the Ultimate Religion for the betterment of humanity. But for this great all-embracing religion to flourish we need a country and a people who will be able to practice this religion to the fullest and show the path to the rest of the world, as Swami Vivekananda had said that India is ” Vishwa-guru ” and is destined to show the spiritual path to the whole world. While the West has progressed in material science, India has always been the spiritual head of the world. Swamiji had said that the world cannot run on materialistic science alone, it needs spirituality. In this age of conflicts and oppression, it is only the Vedanta of India that can save the world, said Swamiji. He said that if India and her Sanatan Dharma perishes, then the whole world will lose all spirituality and religious thinking and ultimately perish. So for the sake of the world, India and her Sanatan Dharma needs to survive. And for the sake of the Sanatan Dharma, the Hindus need to have a Hindu Rashtra. In the present secular set-up, Sanatan Dharma is gradually moving towards complete annilihation. The temples, which have been the seats of spiritual knowledge and heritage for ages, are controlled by the government, while mosques and churches are independant from any such control. Temple money which should have been utilised for the development and propagation of Dharma is being diverted to mosques, madrassahs, Haj subsidy and churches. The Muslims are gradually increasing in population and demographic experts warn that by the year 2061 India shall become a Muslim-majority country. So we need to establish a Hindu Rashtra.


  2. Jagan Agarwal
    February 9, 2016

    yes you are right & i totally agree with you. Love to humanity shows us a path which leads to nowhere. if not BJP then which political party should we vote? Or should we don’t vote at all & allow a Hindu majority country to be a puppet of the hands of brutal muslim minorities? We have no other choice but to vote BJP. Mr Narendra Modi is an honest man & his cabinet ministers are working hard .If you see he is doing it for the country . BJP leadership in the hands of Lalkrishan Advani suffered badly, but right now he is out of active politics.we can’t leave every things upto GOD’s will, although He is supreme commander, but again he says to do karm a in Bhagwat Gita he has insisted us to do karma & in the last verses of the last chapter He also says to ‘do as your will’ ,so here is what we are doing.


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