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Boston to Bangalore, Islamic Jihad wants to destroy Global Peace. Is it not the time to ‘Say No to Jihad and Radical Islam’?

Bangalore blast: Indian Mujahideen may be involved..

Blast near BJP office in Bangalore injures 16, police hint at terror angle 

Improvised explosive device kept on bike stolen from Hyderabad? ….

Blast in Bangalore

Blast in Bangalore

Upananda Brahmachari | New Delhi | 17th April 2013:: If you go through the above Bangalore blast news hyperlink, then you will be able to learn that in the same process, home grown Islamist again attacked Bangalore (Very near to BJP office at Malleswaram) today, after another attack on Hyderabad on 21st Feb 2013 near Sai Temple in a prime time of offering Puja in evening darshan. Same Improvised Explosive Device, Use of Cylinders, Motor Cycles, Tiffin Carrier, Pressure Cookers, Choosing Mandir Places, Hindu Org Offices, Market Places full of Hindu commuters or the Congregations on Non Muslim Kaffirs are the main target to these Jihadists to carry on the Quranic version: To Instill the Terror in the Minds of Infidels (Q. 8:12- says I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks  and smite all their finger-tips off.” ). It is an easy prey of the Jihadists to accomplish Jihad to make this world into to Dar-ul-Islam (Land of Islam) from an very nasty Dar-ul-Harb (Land of Enemies). It is the single and only agenda causing all these gory happenings conducted by the Allah and Mohammad follower Muslims may be mild, moderate or radical, but they are all ready to finish all the infidels from this world only to make a world of Allah, you believe or not.

But, we are totally disbelieve this truth and invite a Muslim (Actually Jihadi in Disguise) for having a cup of tea or invite him for a dinner or allow our children with the Muslim children, but never mind that in our permissiveness, we definitely indulge and help a dangerous thing like Islam and its followers for the advancement for another unholy Jihad in the next.

If you think all Muslims are not alike, then you will commit a great blunder. Muslims may be defined in two ways. Category One is Muslims in Islamic optimization. And the second is Jihadists in waiting. There is no third category, many ways you can define. The weeding-hook in the hand of a Muslim labour in your Garden, may be turned as a lethal weapon to kill you at once out of nothing.

 Mind it, a Muslim cannot discard the doctrine of Quran and Quran cannot be separated from Jihad. And Jihad obviously is targeted on you also, if you are not a Muslim. May be  you a pious Christian, a simple devotee on Hindu Spiritualism, a Jewish Rabbi dedicated on social work, a Buddhist monk finding a series of  meditations or a commoner only as a peace lover to settle with all others, what else to these satanic Jihadists and these barbaric demons of Islam, they only want to kill us. Kill us. And kill us. My words may be harsh. But, my friends, these are the highest truth in any circumstances.

Leave it this case of Bangalore blast where the Islamists are failure to take any single life but injured over 100.

But what is the frightening  Boston Marathon Blast rocked the whole world just on 15th April 2013?

An Important Update in TOI: Boston bombing suspect’s ‘world view’ was Islam, ‘priority’ money.

One Boston marathon blast suspect shot dead, another at large: NDTV.

Where from Jihad originates: 164 Jihad Verses in the Koran.

Tragedy in Boston Marathon - Terror looms

Blast in Boston

The name Marathon comes from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek messenger. The legend states that he was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon (in which he had just fought),which took place in August or September, 490 BC. It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping and burst into the assembly, exclaiming “νενικηκαμεν’ (nenikekamen)”, (“We wοn”), before collapsing and dying.

To commemorate this historic legend, the peace lovers and propagators of world amity organize so many marathon races everywhere in the world (barring the Islamic Countries as they consider Marathon is an unholy Islamic act which does not glorify Islam anyway), including Olympics.

Boston Marathon was such event to take all 25000 participants together over 50 countries to make a joyful assembling of humanity in the field of sports and games to commemorate the Patriot’s Day on  the third Monday in April each year.

Horror of explosions near the finish line of the USA’s most famous marathon sank in, when government officials compelled for mobilizing to respond on Monday afternoon rather minimizing the casualties and post blast hazards.

Reports say:  Boy, 8, one of 3 killed in bombings at Boston Marathon; scores wounded. (CNN).   But another source says: A federal law enforcement source told The Post there are at least 12 dead and at least 132 people have been treated at seven area hospitals. (New York Post).

While pressure cooker bombs are more commonly utilized in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Nepal; they have been seen before in domestic terror attacks, including the 2010 attempted bombing in Times Square, the same pressure cooker device and IED components were utilized in Boston also to challenge the security and safety of peace loving US citizens.

Sources also hint upon that Authorities ID person of interest as Saudi national in marathon bombings, under guard at Boston hospital. And the same pressure cooker bombs generally used by  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indian Muslim outfits attached with Jihadi sabotage.

We also carry a fatal virus of harmony with the horrific hooligans of Islam. If we do not understand the danger of a poisons snake keeping silent under the green grass, who can save us from its venomous biting all on a sudden.

Those who are speaking about the terror and its classification like home-grown and foreign, they are simply bogus. Jihadi Terrorism is a powerful tool to grab all our land, culture, faith, wealth, future and everything under an oceanic Arab Expansionism. I would like to understand this pivotal thing to understand Radical Islam it all its shape, mild to moderate. Molestation to Murder. Mischief to Misdeeds. This is Islam as turned today very unfortunately.

Islam wants to capture America, Europe  Asia, Africa, Australasia and every corner of this globe with its sharped sword and fanatic doctrine of Quran alias Satanic Verses. There is no chance to revise Quran to scrap its portions directly inciting killing of infidels and the innocent non-believers. As such we have no other option to say No to Islam and its deadliest Jihad ongoing.

In this juncture, we have to strict enough. Enough is Enough. Considering them as minority, we gave so may indulgence to their menace and nuisance. Now, it is the time to teach them to accept the others’ culture, etiquette, social custom to adjust with the motion of the majority. Islam should grant the democracy and the wish and will of the majority, not to  toe down everything with a views of Islamic bullshit.

Unless, we restrict them in our restaurants, clubs, shopping malls, educational institutions, libraries, clinics, hospitals, markets, public vehicles, metros, parks and in our families, we will never be able to check them to invite nearer to make another blast or to slit a throat after raping one’s darling. Please don’t allow your children with the Muslim children. They are also baby Mujahideens to attack the secular mentality of your children. They are also same rattles with same poison with a less quantity.

Bad to hear or tell, but we can’t welcome them until they honor others culture and heritage and let others live as Infidels or anything. First of all declare that we have proscribed those portions from our book that are causing so many deadly occurence against humanity and we are really sorry.


Courtesy: This is not a time to give courtesy in formalities. Live against Jihad. Courtesy to All. N.B. Some updates inserted later.

DONT TRY TO SECULARIZE THESE MUSLIM TERRORISTS.Related Articles & Updates: Era of the Educated Terrorist: The Daily Pioneer.

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Boston Marathon Bombers are Muslim Extremists. Know that Extremity from here in The Daily Caller.

Boston Muslims on the marathon-attack suspects: BBC News. 

‘Muslims are evil. Let’s kill them all’ ~ US TV commentator Erik Rush: The Independent.

Boston blasts: Suspects had contrasting personalities: BBC.

Boston Marathon blast suspects planned ‘further attacks’: MSN News.

Weapons cache indicates bombing suspects planned more attacks – police: CTV News.

Boston bombers have ties with al Qaeda-linked groups?: Zee News.

Dead suspect broke angrily with Muslim speakers: The Boston Globe. 

Boston Marathon blasts suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s web page venerates Islam: Indian Express.

Al Taqiyya (To tell lie intentionally to defend Islam) to save a face of  Soft Islam by an Imam in The Boston Globe. 

Fox News Guest Erik Rush Calls For All Muslims To Be Killed For Boston Marathon Explosions: Opposing Views.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Marathon bombing suspect, charged in federal court with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction: The Boston Globe.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev charged with conspiring to use WMD, may face death penalty: RT dot Com.

Three arrested for allegedly helping suspect after Boston bombings: WP.

25 comments on “Boston to Bangalore, Islamic Jihad wants to destroy Global Peace. Is it not the time to ‘Say No to Jihad and Radical Islam’?

  1. indian citizen
    April 18, 2013

    Yes, Say no to SUCH ACTS in ANY NAME.


    • niyaz
      April 18, 2013

      1. if islam is tht much untouchable then y my dear frndz islam is the fastest growing relegion in world..also y the islamic demographic percentage increased from 9 to nearly 18 in less than 100 yrs in india..see..actually u people r fueling islamic growth worldwide..nd u people r soo worried abt this growth nd afraid that islam ll capture india one day..i m sure may b in next 300 yrs islam ll b the most practiced relegion in india ..may be around 55-60%..its not my assumption..history is like my dear frnds..try 2 learn islam..dont comment on somthing u are ignorant.

      2. also nd be attached with ..we all as humans have to condemn nd striclty obstruct these type of activiteies since ISLAM never preached to kill innocent people ..but please dont judge islam based on some minorities henious activities..i do have lot of hindu frnds nd som of them are more closed to me thn my muslim frndz..i never judged them as terrorist or fascists,based on what happened in gujarath or wat happening in myanmar against muslims..thnx

      Niyaz Sheikh.
      City: Dubai, State/Region: Dubai
      Organization: Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company PJS
      Country: United Arab Emirates.


      • hinduexistence
        April 18, 2013

        Niyaz, we are more disgusted with Islam than the ignorant and illiterate Muslims. Actually Islam is designed to destroy the humanity en-block and they propagate Islam only to destroy non-believers (i.e. Non Muslims).

        But, these numbers of such non-believers are growing day by day. You consider Ahamadiya or Bahai as non-believers. Sunni doesn’t tolerate Shiah. Iran is an perpetual enemy of Iraq. Talibans are fighting against both the Pak and Afghan authorities.

        Have you any time to count the countless heads of Muslims just killed brutally by the Islamists in an oath of Quran?

        No. The learning of Jihad has blurred your humane vision and opted a bullshit of Islam that rapidly diminishing the Arab and Middle East origin population. Now, you are compelled to import the human resources from outside and trying to Islamize them.

        In India and Bangladesh, you have opted the policy of population blast. You consider women a fucking machine to increase your numbers like insects. But, it will be abandoned due to crisis in Islamic economy and the other circumstances likely to come.

        Do you think that your Islamic increase in surface is linked with any philanthropic ideology or any thread of spirituality?

        No. No. Brother, be ashamed for the case of Malala Ysoufzai, or the hundreds of Mosque attacks upon praying Muslims by the Islamic outfits. No Hindu or Christians are connected there. Islam is itself is a big threat of World Peace. It is not a Religion of Peace. It is a Religion of Piece or a Religion of Piss.

        Europe and America will reject Islam completely within 10-15 years. And then the whole of Asia, Africa and Australia.

        No Petro-dollar or Arabic perfume (Itra) will suppress the foul smell of Islam.

        Actually, Islam is a drainge to outlet all the nasty things of Human house hold. If you see it,it will creating a vomiting.

        Some days ago, the Women of Europe and America used Mosques as pissing site and a littering spot for littering their menstruation napkins.
        Fuck Islam
        Anal Islam
        Piss Islam
        Spit Islam
        Hang Islam

        NIYAZ YOU ARE A GIP (General Intelligence Presidency of King Fahad) MAN THAT I KNOW. FUCK YOUR ISLAM.



        Pankaj Shrestha.
        Senior Moderator, Hindu Existence Forum.
        In charge- Middle East Desk.


  2. niyaz
    April 18, 2013

    1. mr.PANKAJ..really pity on a senior moderator ..of a such a big such a nastic reply..sir,with all my respect to you and your religion..plz take some time to learn islam..dont be in fools are talking about the bloody violence in some islamic know nearly 58 islamic countries in the world..nd people like you are highlighting the pblmz in pak,afghan,iran and Syria..what abt the rest 54 countries..all doing well..y u keep mum about those 54 countries..and u know that those troubles in the said islamic countries are political rather than religious reasons..also your reply clearly shows your cant do anything to stop islamic growth my dear brother..u can simply piss like this..which no one never care too..and i pray to almighty to give you at least some basic knowledge to know where to piss too..again i am repeating sir,you people are the real danger for good hindus,who are kind hearted,friendly and tolarant p.and i think ..people like you who are trying to inject religious venom are real terrorist..i appreciate you if u post my comment..thnx

    2. i saw the picz attached with your you think this culture to be followed..??is this the way of life you recommending for your sister and mother..really pity on you ..MAY GOD BLESS YOU..


    • hinduexistence
      April 18, 2013

      Reply 1. Taste the fire on your own tongue. Go to the Talibani and Islamic sites. Hear the PIDOG (Pig+Dog) Zakir Naik. Where your sense gone then after hearing and watching a lot of nasty propaganda about infidels by Muslims? YOUR NASTY ISLAMIC MIND CAN NOT BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND REALTY OF MY VERSION. YOUR ARE A JIHADI IN DISGUISE. GO TO HELL. ISLAM IS NOW GOING TO HELL WITH YOUR 54 ISLAMIC COUNTRIES.

      Reply 2. I don to support such bare breasts in daylight. But you must like it under Burqa. You pigs and Islam are the causes of such nasty demos.


      Pankaj Shrestha.
      Senior Moderator, Hindu Existence Forum.
      In charge- Middle East Desk.


      • niyaz
        April 18, 2013

        dear pankaj.

        .i told you some truth..but you called me as a jihadii..haha..nice..dear brother…as i told i do have lot of hindu frndz and we all living with friendly and affectionate..also u told i abused hindu my previous replyz can u highlight a single word where i abused hindu religion..and yes i abused you bcz i think you are not a real hindu ,a hindu who knows the basics of least sanadhana dharmas meaning..nd i told you are real terrorist bcz ur words itself proves who you are..

        your problem is purely mental..better consult a doctor.. try 2 mingle with some muslim or cristian ..or atleast try 2 make friendship with some good hindus..people like you are sooo panic about islamic growth..this is the major reason..but i pity on you brother bcz u and ur director cant do anything..simply u can piss ..thtz all..

        also about Zakir naik..i am not a deep fan or not even a fan of him..but with my little knowledge i gained through the videos in youtube,i can say he z doing a good job..if he is soo bad then y the so called educated hindu men and women are converting 2 islam after debating with think they all are jihadees..

        i told you i strongly object the acts of terrorists and jihadis …bcz i am a TRUE MUSLIM..

        also my friend just as a note -ME TOO DONT WANT TO OVERTUNE..bcz if i overtune u cant withstand…thnx


        • hinduexistence
          April 18, 2013

          1. Over-tuning in taqiyya (telling false for defending Islam) is an Islamic vice. You are a straight victim of that. As a psychologist I have analysed the Islamic mentality in different parameters. Islam is a default dis-balance in social life when mixing with non-Muslims. They treat non-Muslims/infidels as a subject to slain as a Kaffir. You people are definite sadist but claim as a best progeny of mankind, but absolutely not. You people are pretending as good neighbor to your Hindu or non-Muslim friends. But, History always witnessed your brutality of the blood thirsty Muslim demons done a havoc to the non-Muslims.

          2. Before advising us to go for mental check up, you felons must treat yourself under critical observations of the specialist in an alert of biting, smiting or abusing in any extent.

          3. You people are now concerned about Real and Un-Real Hindus. Trying to run a divide and rule policy. At least you have ascertained now something important about Hinduism. Inshallah, one day you people will take refuge in Sanatana Dharma ( not ‘sanadhana dharmas’ as you described) denouncing your false god ‘Allah’ and his stooge ‘Muhammad’, the culprit of Human Civilization.

          Pankaj Shrestha.
          Senior Moderator, Hindu Existence Forum.
          In charge- Middle East Desk.


  3. malayappaswamy
    April 18, 2013

    Dear Niyaz, if you insist that Islam is the religion of peace, then please care to answer some simple questions :

    1. Every religion has undergone some reformation at some point in history. Even a few hundred years ago, Christianity was a very dogmatic religion which did not give any freedom to the people. Great scientists like Copernicus and Galileo were tortured and killed by the Church for their ” anti-Bible ” discoveries. Anyone who had a viewpoint different from the official philosophy of the Church was treated as a heretic and would be burnt at the stake. Jews were persecuted in medieval Christian Europe. But today, the predominantly Christian West is a land of LIBERTY, EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY. There is freedom of speech and religion, and rationalism and secularism are widespread. In Hinduism, we have had great reformers like Raja Rammohan Roy, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar and Swami Vivekananda who fought against the evils prevalent in Hindu society. Hinduism has experienced some reform in every age – Buddha and Mahavira in ancient period, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Guru Nanak and Kabir in medieval period, and Rammohan Roy and Swami Vivekananda in modern times. They preached against caste system and Brahminical dominance, BUT THE BRAHMINS DID NOT KILL THEM. Buddha and Mahavira preached openly against the Vedic system, but they were not crucified by the Hindus. There was an atheist philosopher called Charvaka who was famous in ancient India, but he was not treated as a heretic or apostate, and he died a natural death in his old-age in his bed peacefully. TELL ME, HAS THERE BEEN A SINGLE REFORM IN THE REVEALED WORDS OF YOUR ALLAH, OR IS THERE LIKELY TO BE ANY REFORM ? IF ANYONE SPEAKS ABOUT REFORMS IN ISLAM, HE IS TREATED AS AN APOSTATE, AND APOSTASY IS PUNISHABLE BY DEATH IN ISLAM. LOOK WHAT HAPPENED IN THE SHAH BANO CASE IN INDIA DURING THE 1980s . WHEN ALL OTHER RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES IN INDIA ARE FOLLOWING A SECULAR CIVIL CODE, MUSLIMS STILL CONTINUE HAVING A SEPARATE CIVIL CODE BASED ON SHARIAH. Why can’t Saudi Arabia, Iran and other fanatic Islamic countries do away with the bogus barbaric Sharia in the 21st century ? WHY NO REFORM IN ISLAM ?

    2. Why are more than 90% of the terrorists in the world swearing in the name of Allah and Mohammed ?

    3. Why is it that regions with high concentrations of Muslims are the most violent spots in the world ? Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Palestine, southern Thailand, Rohingya-dominated regions of Myanmar, Xinjiang, Kashmir, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan ……… to name a few.

    4. In 1947, Hindus were 20% of Pakistan’s population, today they are less than 1% there. In 1947, Hindus were 32% of Bangladesh’s population, but today they are 8%. In sharp contrast, Muslims were 10% of India’s population in 1947, but have increased to 15% now. WHY ?

    5. In India, mosque after mosque is coming up. Muslims enjoy a separate Sharia civil code unlike others, Muslims offer namaz on the streets in large numbers openly blocking traffic, loudspeakers blare five times a day that there is no god except Allah. Mosques exist even beside the holiest of Hindu shrines at Varanasi, Mathura, Ayodhya, Kanchi and Ujjain.
    Muslims receive Haj subsidy from taxpayer’s money and every airport in India has a separate Haj terminal. IS THERE SIMILAR FREEDOM AND PRIVILEGES FOR HINDU-MINORITIES IN ISLAMIC COUNTRIES, INCLUDING THE ONE WHERE YOU ARE STAYING ? Why no temple is allowed in Saudi Arabia ?

    Answer these questions precisely, then I will accept Islam to be a religion of peace. Till then, Islam will remain to me a religion of piss !!


  4. Dr Babu Suseelan,
    April 18, 2013

    Hello, Niyaz,
    Have you some time to contemplate over the following matters?

    All over the world, criminals, miscreants,vagabonds, deviants and drug addicts are actively recruited for membership in Islam, the deviancy promoting religion of the world. If you are a sex addict, drug abuser, deviant sex predator, want to witness limb amputation, would like to train in homicide bombing, bus burning, plane hijacking, beheading and mass murder, you may join the Islamic Jihad groups. They will ensure that you are send to several Pakistani Jihad training factories or send u-you to Afghanistan terrorism training facilities for advanced training in explosives beheading kaffirs and I(infidels and raping girls and women. If you are a polygamist, you are welcome to join Islam. If you want to have a wife for few months, go to India and Pakistan and ready for Islamic marriage. Islamic girls are willing to make you happy for few months for a buck. They will hide your identity and your whereabouts through out the world. You can graduate from Islamic criminal schools. and You are also able to hide your secrecy and no legal problems will face you, since deviant amplifying Islamic communities will protect a Muslims jihadi or a terrorist with sex appetite and deviant criminal qualities. . Deviant amplifying Islamic communities will support you and hide your criminal activities.

    Dr Babu Suseelan,
    Professor in Clinical Psychology and the Director of Addiction Research Institute, Pennsylvania, USA.


  5. surinder attri
    April 20, 2013

    > 1. Dear Surinder Paul Atri,

    I am in India now. I have visited all cities from Kathmandu to Kanyakumari. What I saw is mind boggling. Hindus are still victims of Christian colonial slave masters and Islamic atrocities. Those who were converted into Christianity or Islam by force or deception are ruling and dictating the destiny of them. Fahiyan, Ibin Bathutha, and Marco polo traveled across India and wrote travelogues. They categorically said that they never saw any poverty, discrimination or disharmony. India was rich and was supplying the weld’s goods at all times. Then came the Islamic invasion and brutality, and Christian colonial masters. Hindus have never woken up from the sleep. India that was a wonder to the world has become a nasty center for foreign spies to operate. The majority Hindus are still sleepy unable to see the past atrocities and degradation meted out to them by Christian colonialists and Muslim criminals. India is still ruled by Christian colonialists and Muslim anti Nationalists. Our defense Minister is a Catholic from Kerala. The chief of Intelligence is a (CBI) is a Muslim. Foreign deputy Foreign Minister is Ahmed, a Muslim from Kerala. The food Minister is a Kerala converted Catholic. India, Under Nehru was ruled by one Mathai (Converted Kerala Christian) After Nehru, we have elected and retained his daughter Indira Gandhi. She was dictated by V.K.Alexander (her secretary) . Rajiv Gnadhi is directed by Victor George (another converted Christian from Kerala. Christian use cunning strategics to retain their influence. India is ruled and the majority Hindus are acting like Zombies unable to see the reality. Even RSS, the largest Hindu organizations in the world is constantly bickering. India is ruled, managed and directed by forging agents, Vatican spies and ant -Hindu Muslims and Christians.. Hindus are walking around or drifting aimlessly. Our education is still in the hands of our enemies. Brainwashed, memory erased Hindus who suffer from a virulent form of cognitive disorder and mental problems are f=licking the dirty boots of foreign agents. Indian media is completely owned and operated by our enemies and they are constantly engaged in psychological warfare against Hindus and India.

    Regards and Thanks Dr. Babu Suseelan

    2. Dr. Babu Suseelan Jee: Thanks for your message.

    My observations of Islam are very much like yours. Islam is a brute-swine of barbarism. It is worlds apart from our Hinduism ( which is a spinoff of our Vedic Dharma ). Islam represents reversal of all the values, that we Hindus hold as extremely-ethical & sacred. Islam is plunderous & piratical. This ought not to burst in as a surprise, to us Hindus. Its commander & founder was a caravan-robber. He was a pig of barbaric-excellence, was extremely impactful & transformative, in turning the minds of his followers, towards a predilection for inordinate brutality towards those, who are not of Mohammad’s faith ( that is, Islam ).

    3. With background as a Caravan-Robber, Mohammad gave instructions to his Moslems, to treat all Kafir-Lands ( Non-Moslem lands ) as banks, to be robbed. Mohammad taught his followers to, hold all Non-Moslems ( who he named as Kafirs ) in utter-contempt, and not to shrink from doing as much harm to them as they can. He encouraged his followers to murder, plunder, and conduct bloody-raids on Kafir populations. It is difficult to portray the enormity of brutality of a deadly-disease, called Islam. It is an illustration of outrageous-savagery. Savagery of this type, has never been seen before, in the world.

    4. Quote:

    Fahiyan, Ibin Bathutha, and Marco polo traveled across India and wrote travelogues. They categorically said that they never saw any poverty, discrimination or disharmony. India was rich and was supplying the weld’s goods at all times

    COMMENT: These guys were very perceptive.They transcribed what they observed. What they observed was the product of the labor of the Hindu, before the Johnnies of barbaric-Islam, set out on a voyage of plumder, to pillage the fertile-banks of our Bharat-Varsha..

    5. Quote: Then came the Islamic invasion and brutality, and Christian colonial masters. Hindus have never woken up from the sleep. India that was a wonder to the world has become a nasty center for foreign spies to operate. The majority Hindus are still sleepy unable to see the past atrocities and degradation meted out to them by Christian colonialists and Muslim criminals.

    COMMENT: Yes, invading Islamic-Jihadis & Christian-Crusaders did come. They gate-crashed into the land of the Hindu. Their mission was to torture, humiliate, murder, and convert the Kafir-Hindu.

    Question: Were Hindus asleep when they confronted the barbaric-invaders.

    Answer: Yes, they were.

    Question: What was the reason for their slumber ?

    Answer: The famous historian, Arnold Toynbe puts it this way :

    ” Barbarians do not start the destruction of a civilization, they finish its destruction. ”

    In other words, Weakness already exists in the civilization, and barbarians profit from it. Simply put, barbarians go where they can go easily.They are always testing & probing for weaker spots.

    6. Question: Was there a weakness in ourHindu system ?

    Answer: Sure there was.

    Centuries of rule of Buddhist kings in Indis, completely knocked out the Kashatriya-Shield of the Hindu, it made the Hindu gentle, pacific, and inoffensive. Deprived & Dispossessed of the strong arm of the Kashatriya-Hindu, Hindu was at a terrible-disadvantage, in confronting the barbarians of Islam ( and Christianity ).

    It needs to be emphasized that Buddhism is something evil, it is the most Anti-Vedic doctrine in the world. Buddhism has been presiding over the ceremony of Hindu-Murder, at the hands of barbarian Moslems.

    7. Quote: India is ruled and the majority Hindus are acting like Zombies unable to see the reality. Even RSS, the largest Hindu organizations in the world is constantly bickering. India is ruled, managed and directed by forging agents,

    COMMENT: Hindus are not Zobmies, but are acting like them, because of their preference for personal-interest, over their Hindu Community Interest. Hindus do want to defend Hinduism, but they do not want to pay the price of Hinduism-Defense. In other words, Hindus desire a Free-Lunch. But there is no such thing as, free lunch in life.

    To put it in Yanke-Language:

    ” Hindu does not want to put his money, where his mouth is. ”

    8. Hindu’s unwillingness to pay price, is additional to the influence of Hindu’s Buddhist past. Hindu is in a muddle, with plenty of confusion, as a consequence of it. Hindu’s cognition is in total disorder & disarray.

    9. It might be worth stating to the attention & thoughtfulness of all Hindus that::

    If things keep on operating, the way they are now, and Islam ( and Christianity ) are allowed to expand in India, catastrophic-destruction will come to India, and conditions of life, would go from bad to worse.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  6. niyaz
    April 20, 2013


    u still cant answer my question…ABOUT THOSE 54 COUNTRIES..u r simply hiding facts with the acts of some illiterate muslims in some pockets..which the majority of muslims not supporting..also me too agree with ur point that its the fate of gujarathy muslims for those what happened there..bcz we muslims beliv what ever good or bad is from GOD ..

    About your last question..MUSLIM/ NON-MUSLIMS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PARADISE ON THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT..except those who follows the commands of GOD ,the one and only one almighty ..not like the 300crore gods ..each having his own demand..nd the number is still increasing..



    • malayappaswamy
      April 20, 2013

      Who is the “one n only true god” ? Have you seen him ? Do you know where he lives ? And who told you Hinduism has 300crore gods ? Hinduism believes in “Ekam sat vipraha bahudha vadanti” or “Truth is one but the wise interpret it in different ways” . In other words, the same Absolute Truth manifests in different forms and incarnations so that the common people can worship Him easily in tangible form. No ordinary mortal can comprehend the Absolute Truth directly, not even Muslims. The human mind yearns for something tangible and closer to the heart. We Hindus consider God to be so merciful that he himself incarnates on earth to help mankind. We worship God as our Master, friend, father, mother, brother, sister, our own child and even our lover. For us, God is not a patriarch who sits far up in heaven and occasionally sends some messengers who spread His word by killing, looting and raping “non-believers”. In our religion, God himself comes in different forms so that we can love him and worship him directly. This Hindu belief of One Truth Different Forms helps us to accept gods and prophets of even other religions as our own. Hinduism is INCLUSIVE MONOTHEISM but Islam is EXCLUSIVE MONOTHEISM. Such exclusivist absolutist dogmas sow the seeds of Islamic fundamentalism. We Hindus consider all religions to ultimately lead to the same Absolute Truth, so we are naturally tolerant


      • niyaz
        April 21, 2013


        Nice to know that you too agreed that there is one and only one god..very soon we can see you admitting all the basics of islam..try to learn islam in the positive sence so ur false imaginations abt islam will be corrected ..especially related to looting,raping ,so nd u quoted above



  7. malayappaswamy
    April 21, 2013

    Dear Niyaz, we Hindus don’t need to learn anything from any other religion, and definitely not from Islam. The Vedas were revealed to mankind atleast 6000 years before the Koran, and the fact that there is only one Absolute Truth with different manifestations is clearly mentioned in the Vedas. Since Bharat has always been the blessed land, God has been kind enough to reveal Himself before us Hindus in His different avatars (incarnations) and so our ancestors have had the privilege of directly associating with Him. It is sad that the people of the deserts of the Middle East never had that privilege. Anyways, atleast they had the privilege of meeting His “only-begotten son” and also His prophet. But you Muslims accuse us of being idolatrous, so tell me : what do you visualise when you pray ? I have asked many Muslim friends of mine this question, some of them said that they visualise the Kaaba, some said that they visualise a mosque, and some said that they visualise a ray of light. So aren’t these idolatry ? When all of you pray before a huge black stone, how can you accuse us of praying to stone idols ? As a matter of fact, God’s true nature is UNFATHOMABLE, and one cannot say with surety that God is “THIS” or “THAT” unless He Himself reveals any form to us ( like He did to Hindus ). So you cannot negate any form of worship unless you yourself see God. Every religion has idolatry in some form or the other, for the human mind cannot fathom the Unfathomable. And idolatry does not just mean worshipping a statue. Any form of visualisation, even to imagine God as a ray of light is idolatry. Muslims may not worship their prophet or paint his picture, but when they imitate all his habits in their clothing ( by keeping beard or wearing skullcap ), eating, family affairs, etc., they are actually picturising him mentally and psychologically, and that too is a form of idolatry. Turning towards the Kaaba to pray is also idolatry. The great Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib (himself a Muslim Sufi saint) had admitted that Hinduism and Islam are two different forms of idolatry. And there is nothing wrong in idolatry.

    By accepting that there is one Absolute Truth, I am not taking inspiration from Islam. And if you are dreaming of mentally converting me to Islam, keep dreaming. Even a thousand goddamn Zakir Naiks cannot convert me. I have listened to several of his lectures, and I have come to the conclusion that he is a b****** who can only deceive people. I have my sword ready for anyone who tries to convert me. So by saying that I will “accept all the basics of Islam” gradually, don’t even dream of me accepting an intolerant desert creed whose followers think that only they will go to heaven and the rest of mankind is doomed to hell.

    Why are you denying the truth ? By admitting in your previous comment that only those who worship the “one and only” god ( meaning Muslims) will go to heaven, you have proved that Islam is an intolerant religion. Your prophet and the caliphs spread it with the sword. Didn’t he capture women as war booty to keep as sex slaves ? See Hadith Bukhari ( 3.718 ) where the prophet encourages his companions to capture and rape women of those communities which did not accept Islam. Millions of Jews and pagans were slaughtered by Mohammed’s army and their women raped. We Hindus have also been persecuted by Islamic invaders, and the ruins of several temples throughout India is testimony to that. Islam is a huge pile of dead bodies. For 1000 years, rivers of blood has flown from Mediterranean to Pacific in the name of Allah.

    Let me conclude by saying that Hinduism is the oldest and the mother of all religions. You may not be able to digest it, but even Islam is a separated offshoot of the great Sanatana Dharma. From Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) came Buddhism, from Buddhism came Christianity, and from Christianity came Islam. God has arranged for different religions for different countries according to the habits and intellectual capacity of the people of those countries. Since ancient Bharat (India) was a land of a great luminous civilization of high-level spiritual consciousness and intellectual capacity, we created a beautiful tolerant broad-minded religion out of the divine visions and experiences of our ancestors who were luminous seers and philosophers ( rishis ). Mohammed happened to stumble over the same divine visions and experiences that the Hindu seers had thousands of years before him, and what is “La ilaha illallah” in Arabic is same as “Ishvaram ekamedadvitiyam” in Sanskrit ( mentioned in the Vedic scriptures written thousands of years before the Koran ). In other words, the same Absolute Truth revealed to the Hindus thousands years earlier was now revealed to Mohammed. However, Mohammed belonged to a race of barbarians of low intellectual capacity. So he could not get to the actual depth of the Divine Truth which the Hindu yogis had realized to the fullest. In other words, Mohammed was an uninspired yogi. The result was an intolerant exclusivist narrow creed called Islam. Hinduism and Islam are like diamond and coal. Both diamond and coal are chemically the same – carbon. But one has significantly higher value than the other, and if allowed to undergo further modifications even coal can gradually change into diamond. Similarly Islam, although possessing the same “One Absolute Truth” concept as the Vedic religion, is not as broad-minded and tolerant as Hinduism the grand old religion is, but if the Muslims are gradually enlightened further on the higher aspects of spirituality, they will also merge into the great ocean of knowledge and bliss that is Hinduism, for after all, everything has to one day return to its ultimate source.


  8. niyaz
    April 22, 2013


    How are you? hope u doing well..i had gone through your reply..i do admit that the history of hinduism is much older that islam..but not hinduism as a a civilisation or in much simple a way of life..same like the ancient Greek civilization.

    .about idolatry ..i think you misunderstood some facts..or i some basics about islam..we as muslims we never consider prophet mohammed as GOD ,or we never workship him..but we consider him as the last messenger from GOD during our prayer (namaz) we never imagine him (like rays/light) as some of your muslim friends told you..may be its their ignorance about islam. We all pointing towards kaaba during namaz as u doesnt means that we are bowing towards that civil structure or what kept inside..its just a general format of pointing towards a particular direction which makes muslims from any part of the world can offer namaz anywhere(the place should be neat and clean),which simplifies and avoids confusion..thatz all

    i never dreamt that you will get converted to islam and its not my duty to convert someone to islam.Since Islam is the fastest growing religion with nearly 200 crore followers through out the world,there is no meaning or no time even for such false dreamz..also frankly i can say accidently i was diverted to this website through some links .I was so worried about the wordings and the content of some articles in this website ,which is so provocative and i thought to reply.I am a common man and dont think me as an agent of Mr. Zakir naik.So better keep the sword with you.

    Brother,plz go through quran thoroughly or atleast go to islamic websites ,you may know what islam dictated about rape and your doubts will be clear there..

    u compared islam and hinduism as coal and diamond..shall i ask a simple question..? Y THIS DIOMOND IS SO DIMINISHED WORLD WIDE AND Y THIS COAL IS FLOURISHING LIKE ANYTHING..really i expecting your reply for this..



    • malayappaswamy
      April 23, 2013

      Dear Niyaz,
      I am fine, I hope you are fine. No, don’t misunderstand me. My sword is not for people like you. It’s for people like Zakir Naik and fanatic Muslims who go about converting people through love jihad, physical force and deception. You said that you found “provocative” articles in this website. Let me make one thing clear – this site is dedicated to the well-being and rights of Hindus who are facing threats from Islamic fundamentalists. We Hindus don’t believe in violence, but if we are being threatened then we won’t sit quietly. The harsh language that you claim to find in this site is an outburst of a thousand years of agony and torture that Hindus in India had to bear in the hands of Islamic invaders who destroyed our sacred temples and raped our sisters and mothers. When the Babri Mosque, just one mosque, was demolished by Hindus to reclaim one of our sacred sites, all Muslims felt upset. Imagine how we Hindus must have felt that 2000 of our holiest temples were demolished and replaced with mosques by the Islamic invaders !

      You said that coal (Islam) is flourishing and diamond (Hinduism) is diminishing. Let me tell you, diamond doesn’t need to be physically spread, because its brilliant lustre radiates far and wide. After all, India is the land of Kohinoor ( Persian for “Light of the World”), got the pun ? Islam is spreading only through immigration and demographic explosion. Liberal countries like India, USA and Europe have been unfortunately allowing large-scale influx of Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Arab countries. These immigrants breed like insects. Even the indigenous Muslims in my country India shun family planning and birth control. Each Muslim couple gives birth to 10 children on an average, obviously the global Islamic population will increase. After all, birth control is un-Islamic isn’t it ? That’s how Muslims want to conquer the world. But how far will you go like that ? 90% of non-Muslims all over the world have some dislike for Islam in varying proportions. USA and Europe are increasingly Islamophobic. Very soon India will too. The demographic expansion of Islam is not being well-received anywhere in the world, I can already foresee a huge backlash. Read Samuel Huntington’s book ” The Clash of Civilizations ” to know about that backlash.

      Hinduism is NOT diminishing. Our numerical proportion to the population of India is gradually decreasing, but very soon it will be arrested. If Islam was that powerful then India would have become a 100% Islamic country ( like what happened to Egypt, Mesopotamia and other previously non-Islamic countries ) after 1000 years of brutal Islamic rule. Not easy to wipe out Hindus, we are the oldest civilization. We don’t believe in expanding our religion in the way Muslims are doing.

      But open your eyes around you and see the reality. Hindu wisdom is expanding far and wide without us Hindus having to resort to demographic explosion. In 1893, when the World Parliament of Religions took place at Chicago, Swami Vivekananda, the only Hindu representative, was declared as the best of all the speakers, and since then the westerners started taking interest in Hindu philosophy. The concept of reincarnation and cycle of birth and death is a Hindu concept, it is not present in Abrahamic religions like Islam and Christianity. USA is a Christian-majority country, but according to a survey 25% (one-fourth) of the US population believes in reincarnation, a Hindu concept. Yoga and Ayurveda are a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide. Every prominent business and corporate houses are having yoga sessions for the members. More and more people all over the world are taking to the Hindu way of life consisting of vegetarianism, yoga and belief in reincarnation. Almost half the world population have gone vegetarian, which has its origins in Hindu ethos of respecting all life. More and more business schools and universities in the West are introducing the Bhagavad-Gita as part of their curriculum.

      We Hindus don’t believe in forceful conversions or demographic expansions, but our glory is spreading like the shine of the diamond. Let’s see how far Islam can go with its birth-based and immigration-based expansion.


  9. niyaz
    April 24, 2013

    dear SWAMY
    thnx 4 not misunderstanding me as a fanatic or extremist..the same i was repeating in my previous replies that all Muslims are not extremists ,but yes i agree a minority z there..with all the respect on you ,i would like to highlight again that you too silently admitting the fact that islam is flourishing..bcz u cant answer my question..u told about DIAMOND and COAL..and u compared both with our religions..shall i ask you one thing…if u exhibit a piece of diamond and coal,does the public will be attracted to COAL?? OFCORSE NO..all will surround DIAMOND..then y its not happening in Hinduism?? y its diminished worldwide ??..the answer within you..but you are hiding facts simply by telling that MUSLIMS multiplied like insects ..see even in this 21st century ,you can see every family in north India..especially bihar,rajasthan,UP,MP…every hindu family is having 8 to 10 kidz..and at the same time its not more than 3 in muslim families..i am not telling this..just check the census issued to the following states..

    u told me that demolishing a mosque is a small issue can you say that?If someone did wrong in past the same you are correcting with another it you studied from your great dharma??

    U are talking about yoga and Ayurveda..these two are not the sole property of emerged and shaped in the current form due to lot of reforms happened in years and its backbone is our ancient culture..may be Hinduism have some impacts on that ,since these emerged in india..the same relation for karate,kunghfu,judo with China and Japan.

    I saw lot of videos related to ZAKIR NAIK..i found lot of people got converted due to his speech..but all these are not forcefully converted or due to some third rate ways..all those Hindus who got converted are well educated and financially settled people..even i found a famous hindu doctor,who is nearly in his 60s too got converted to islam..just imagine how a man can embrace islam when he reached his 60s..throwing all those he practiced in his life time..Y THIS IS NOT HAPPENING WITH ISLAM..Y NO ONE IS CONVERTING FROM ISLAM TO HINDUISM..???DO YOU THINK all due to population explosion or love jihad as u said..



    • malayappaswamy
      April 24, 2013

      Niyaz, let me tell you that Zakir Naik is a liar and a psychological manipulator. Only a few gullible confused Hindus convert after getting carried away by his speeches. Having a medical background, he knows how to psychologically exploit and manipulate the listeners. Even the top Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband ( second in authority only to the Al-Azhar University of Egypt ) has issued a fatwa against him declaring him to be a fraud and asking Muslims to avoid him.

      If Islam is that attractive and superior, then why India did not become a Muslim-majority country even after 1000 years of Islamic rule ? If the Muslim population is increasing, it is only due high fertility rate. Birth control is forbidden in Islam as the womb of a woman is considered to be like a fertile land where the seed of Islam’s expansion and success lies. Also, more than 30 million Bangladeshi Muslims have illegally infiltrated into India in the last decade. All these must be taken into consideration.

      And who told you that Yoga and Ayurveda have nothing to do with Hinduism ? Yoga and Ayurveda have their basis in the Vedas. Yoga is one of the six schools of Hinduism. The main pioneers of yoga and ayurveda were Patanjali, Charaka and Dhanvantari, all of whom were Hindus who lived in ancient India. And yes, it is being practiced throughout the world today.

      Let me conclude by saying that Islam is not the future of the world. Leave all dreams of making the Whole world into Darul Islam.


  10. niyaz
    April 28, 2013

    Dear swamy
    sorry 4 the late reply since i had some other engagements..hope you doing well ..and i hope you may take these conversations in a healthy manner rather than abusing each others faith

    regarding ZAKIR NAIK.

    .i am totally not agreeing with ur views about him.I think the way you abusing him simply shows your failure to counter him,and his views..he have thorough knowledge in vedas,bible and quran ,and he is comparing all these books during his you think all those hindus who got converted ,hearing his words are gullible confused illiterate people..ofcorse no..all those converted have enough education,social status and have above average IQ..bcz if you analyse their questions to mr.ZAKIR NAIK,you can understand too know this fact..BUT THE HATRED TOWARDS ISLAM MADE YOU TO ABUSE LIKE THIS INSTEAD OF DOING A HEALTHY INTELLECTUAL CONVERSATION WITH HIM.

    For your knowledge ..every 24 hrs an average of 6800 people are converting to islam can varify the authenticity of this you think all these people are converted due to force? or they don’t have brain???

    about India…if hinduism is so superior than islam..then Y no muslim is returning back to hinduism..and you can see lot of conversions happening from hinduism to islam..even famous writers,artists ( eg:- MADHAVIKUTTY ..well known writter,A R RAHMAN etc..)Go to Wikipedia or search google to find the list..

    regarding yoga nd silently admitted my point of view in my previous reply..Patanjali, Charaka and Dhanvantari all those hindus developed these science forms..but how can you say that its emerged from got lot of reforms in years and it cant be considered as the sole property of hinduism..And yes its the sole property of ancient indian culture..

    I have no dreams to islamise the whole world ,bcz as i told you i am a common man accidentally diverted to this site.But if islam is growing in this rate,may be the whole world will be islamised,which you people cant afford..I M SORRY.



    • malayappaswamy
      April 28, 2013

      Dear Niyaz,
      I have no interest in abusing any religion, but that Zakir fellow is touring the whole of India and abusing my religion. Why shouldn’t I abuse him ? I am bound by some public decency, but otherwise the most severe expletives are coming to my mouth when I think of that fellow who insults Hindu religion and incites hatred against other religions. And moreover, the top Islamic seminary Deoband has issued a fatwa against him and asked Muslims to avoid him. However scholarly he may be, do you think he is a greater authority on Islam than Deoband ? And by the way, I have listened to many of his speeches and even occasionally watched his Peace TV, but so far I am still a proud devout Hindu.
      I don’t know from where you get your statistics of 6800 people converting to Islam per 24 hours, but let me tell you that it is Buddhism and not Islam which is the world’s fastest growing religion. Besides, the Western population is increasingly being secularized and is moving towards irreligion or atheism. And Islamophobia is rampant. Atleast in my country and city, I don’t find the common people giving any special attention to Islam except for all the wrong reasons ( such as the Bangalore bomb blast ). Out of the hundreds of my friends relatives and other people whom I know, I don’t know of ANY conversion or even the slightest attraction to Islam.
      You asked why no Muslim converting to Hinduism. DUE TO FEAR. Apostasy is punishable by death in Islam, and moreover the fanatic mullahs exercise great control over the Muslim community. Also Hinduism is not a proselytizing faith. Another reason is that Muslims are from childhood brainwashed and taught that other religions are kufr and people following those religions are kafirs who will surely go to hell but those following the religion of Muhammad will go to heaven where there are beautiful virgins. So it is not genuine love for God but the desire to get 72 virgins and the fear of burning hell that makes narrow-minded people follow Islam.

      All those confused people who convert to Islam after being psychologically manipulated by the witty play-of-words by evangelists like Zakir Naik will leave Islam in a moment once shown the true nature of Islam. How can a religion which says the following be accepted in this age of reason and human rights ? :

      1. Only Muslims will go to heaven and the rest of humanity is doomed to hell ( Quran : 3:85 )

      2. Man can keep more than one wife but not the other way round

      3. Disobedient wife must be beaten ( Quran : 4:34 )

      4. When the sacred months are over, kill the non-believers wherever you find them, strike terror into their hearts, but if they repent and accept Islam and pay Zakat then let them go for Allah is Merciful ( Quran : 9:5 )

      5. Adultery is punishable by stoning to death

      6. A daughter shall inherit half of what a son inherits. In a trial, the testimony of one man is equivalent to that of two women. In other words, a woman’s worth is half that of a man.

      7. A wife can be given divorce if the husband utters the word “talaq” thrice. But the discretion of talaq lies only with the husband not with the wife. In other words, a woman is at the mercy of her husband.

      8. If a woman files a complaint of rape, she has to produce four witnesses to prove it, else she herself shall be blamed for the sexual intercourse and charged with adultery and punished accordingly.

      9. A man is permitted to marry a girl as young as six, but till she attains puberty the man can satisfy his lust through THIGHING ( this is a Sunnat from the marriage of Muhammad with Aisha )

      10. Punishment for theft is amputation of hands and legs. Also, don’t forget the ” eye for an eye ” justice system which is totally inhuman and medieval

      11. Music and art forbidden

      So, do you think that in the 21st century, in this age of gender equality and human rights and freedom of religion and rationalism, a religion like this is suitable ? Remember the pictures of the naked woman protesters in the comments of the moderator ? I don’t support that kind of exposure, but that was an outburst of the women who were sick and tired of the gender inequality and the burqa of Islam.

      Some of the fatwas of Deoband seminary :

      1. Talaq given by a husband over the phone in a drunken state is valid !

      2. Girls should not ride bicycles as it is un-Islamic and causes side-effects in the body features ( Islamic medical science !)

      3. Girls should not work as receptionists

      4. A girl’s photo cannot be shown to a boy’s family before marriage

      5. Birthday celebrations un-Islamic !

      Do you expect 21st century modern civilized people to accept this type of medieval society ? How far will Zakir Naik go by playing with words metaphors and tricking people ? You can fool some people all the time, you can fool all the people sometimes, but you cannot fool all the people all the time, and let Zakir Naik remember this.

      We Hindus don’t have any proselytizing or conversion agenda, but if anyone targets our faith then we will also target his faith. Forgive me if I sound harsh and rude, but what can I do ? We Hindus have historical memories of Islamic persecution, thousands of our brothers are getting slaughtered like cattle in Pakistan and Bangladesh and Kashmir just because of being idol-worshippers. Thousands of our sisters are being kidnapped and raped daily in that Paki hell. We have had enough of bomb blasts. While Muslims can freely practice their religion in Hindu-majority India, no such privileges are given to Hindus in Muslim countries. Hindu-majority India has had three Muslim presidents, and currently we are having a Muslim vice-president, a Muslim foreign minister, a Muslim chief justice and a Muslim Intelligence Bureau chief. Mind you, the Intelligence Bureau ( or IB as we call it ) is the prime internal intelligence agency probing Islamist terror attacks in India, but still a Muslim has been appointed as its chief. WHAT ABOUT THE COUNTRY WHERE YOU ARE STAYING ? FORGET ABOUT PRESIDENT, EVEN A POLICEMAN’S POST IS NOT GIVEN TO A KAFIR IDOL-WORSHIPPER. It is this magnanimity of Hindus which makes most Hindus regard all religions with respect ( I am an exception ) and therefore many Hindus, foolishly though, thinks it okay to convert to another religion including Islam. BUT ALL THOSE HINDUS CONVERTING TO ISLAM DO SO WITHOUT KNOWING ITS TRUE NATURE. IN FACT, VERY FEW HINDUS KNOW WHAT ISLAM IS AND ARE ONLY DEPENDANT ON HOW THE LIKES OF ZAKIR NAIK PRESENT IT. Even then, it is a small negligible group of Hindus converting to Islam.

      Mr. Niyaz, I respect you as a person, and I appreciate your politeness. But unfortunately I have the habit of speaking the truth however harsh it may be, so please forgive me. I have never used any abuse for your God or Prophet, I have only spoken in plain and simple language whatever I know of Islam from my thorough study of the Quran and some reference study of the Hadith. And of course, I will never forget the crimes against my community committed in the name of your religion, for I can clearly draw some parallels between the actions of the anti-Hindu criminals and some of the passages in your scriptures ( the ones relating to kafirs, jihad, war booty )



  11. niyaz
    April 30, 2013

    dear SWAMY

    we both are in two extreme ends and our views wont coincide for QURAN there is a phrase..LAKKUM DEENUKKUM VALIYA DEEN..its in arabic..i can translate for you..YOUR FAITH BE URS AND MINE ME MINE AND IF U BELIEVE IT WILL PROTECT LIVE and let others LIVE..since u did such a thorough study about QURAN ,i wondered how you missed this particular wordings..

    For all those questions u asked..frankly..i have no thorough knowledge to answer you ,since i am not a master in islam or i never read QURAN may post this questions to any of the islamic sites/scoloures who can clarify your doubts..also just i am repeating i am a common man with average knowledge ,having friends from all community,and like to lead a good life without hurting anyones sentiments..but those rash words in this site(EVEN CALLING HINDUS TO KEEP WEPONS READY TO KILL MUSLIMS) made me to react..thats all

    Thanks a lot for spending some time with me ..But please keep in mind that ALL MUSLIMS ARE NOT EXTREMISTS AND WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE MISTAKES DID BY PREVIOUS GENERATIONS.



    • malayappaswamy
      April 30, 2013

      Dear Niyaz,
      I respect your humility and politeness. I know you are a nice person. But please note one thing – this site is only asking the Hindus to keep weapons for SELF-DEFENCE. Last February, a Muslim mob of 10,000 set fire to houses of 200 houses of Hindus and molested Hindu women just 70km from my house ( see Wikipedia “Canning riots in West Bengal 2013” ) and the provocation was just a rumour. And the Hindus didn’t retaliate at all ! And amazingly, such attacks on Hindus are taking place in a Hindu-majority country ! Therefore the Hindu organizations and sites are asking the Hindus to be united and alert and possess weapons in case of such attacks. After all, Hindus have the right to self-defence.

      Let me conclude by saying that even I am an ordinary Hindu not having any ill-will against any religion per se, but I only try my bit to unite Hindus and defend Hinduism from onslaughts from hostile forces.



  12. sameer
    October 24, 2014

    Islam is a pure religion of piss boss …………… Islam religion is worst in the world …….


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