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Greetings of Sri Ram Navmi. Chant Ramraksha Stotram. It’s not just a chant. It’s Powerful and Blissful.

Jai Sri Ram

Greetings of Sri Ram Navmi to all.

Ramraksha stotra: Not just a divine chant.

Barkha Mathur | Nagpur | TNN | Apr 19, 2013:: The nine days of ChaitraNavratri, from GudiPadwa till Ram Navami, are filled with chants of Ramrakshastotra. The same can be heard at temples, homes and in groups, as people come together for collective recitals.

Considered to be one of the most sacred chants, it has tremendous powers to protect a devout from evil, says Prafulla Nandangiri, secretary of Bhonsla Ved Shala in Mahal. “There are a total of 38 shlokas, of which some like the 35th one is ‘siddha’. Reciting it can provide mental strength to a person, by making him feel fearless,” he says. This is a siddha stotra for complete protection of body and when read 1,300 times, it can destroy all dangers that a person may be facing, says Nandangiri.

“Ramraksha is also considered to be good for a newborn child and the new mother, and is read out while tying the black thread around the neck of an infant,” he says, adding that there are different rhythms for reciting it.

“The stotra focuses on all parts of the body and invokes Lord Ram to protect them. So, it is recited for children and also for those afflicted with some disease,” explains Kapil Chandrayan, a student of astrology. For best results, it should be read in Sanskrit for the vibrations that emanate through chanting of these sacred mantras, suggests Chandrayan.

Recitals of Ramraksha stotra are considered good during Chaitra Navratri as at this time god is present with all his powers in the sanctum sanctorum of temples, says Prasad Joshi, who is studying scriptures. “I recite the Ramraksha stotra as it helps me to master incantation of different chants. It has been written with anushtup chan as its poetic meter, which is a four-part mantra with 32 letters in one stanza. During these nine days, reading and reciting these sacred mantras is very effective.” <Read details here.>

[Courtesy: TOI].

राम रामेति रामेति,
रमे रामे मनोरमे ।
सहस्रनाम तत्तुल्यं,
रामनाम वरानने ॥
Raam Raameti Raameti,
Rame Raame Manorame |
Sahasra-naama Taththulyam,
Raama-naama Varaanane ||


The Complete Ramraksha Stotram in Snaskrit: 

॥ श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्रम्‌ ॥ – Shri Ram Raksha Stotram

॥ श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्रम्‌ ॥
श्रीगणेशायनम: ।
अस्य श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य ।
बुधकौशिक ऋषि: ।
श्रीसीतारामचंद्रोदेवता ।
अनुष्टुप्‌ छन्द: । सीता शक्ति: ।
श्रीमद्‌हनुमान्‌ कीलकम्‌ ।
श्रीसीतारामचंद्रप्रीत्यर्थे जपे विनियोग: ॥
॥ अथ ध्यानम्‌ ॥
ध्यायेदाजानुबाहुं धृतशरधनुषं बद्दद्पद्‌मासनस्थं ।
पीतं वासोवसानं नवकमलदलस्पर्धिनेत्रं प्रसन्नम्‌ ॥
वामाङ्‌कारूढसीता मुखकमलमिलल्लोचनं नीरदाभं ।
नानालङ्‌कारदीप्तं दधतमुरुजटामण्डनं रामचंद्रम्‌ ॥
॥ इति ध्यानम्‌ ॥ 
राम रामेति रामेति रमे रामे मनोरमे ।
सहस्रनाम तत्तुल्यं रामनाम वरानने ॥३८॥
इति श्रीबुधकौशिकविरचितं श्रीरामरक्षास्तोत्रं संपूर्णम्‌ ॥
॥ श्री सीतारामचंद्रार्पणमस्तु ॥

Know the meaning of Sri Ramraksha Stotram and just chant  Sri Ramraksha Stotram 18 times today in any Temple or Home with full of devotion followed by regular chanting once a day and see the Miracle ~ Upananda Brahmachari, Hindu Existence. 

3 comments on “Greetings of Sri Ram Navmi. Chant Ramraksha Stotram. It’s not just a chant. It’s Powerful and Blissful.

  1. Chitranjan Sawant
    April 19, 2013



  2. Chitranjan Sawant
    April 19, 2013

    By Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant,VSM

    The august court room of the Islamabad High Court, with the Justices, lawyers and litigants present to attend to their court cases, witnessed a high drama where Pakistan’s LAW became the first casualty at the initial stage. Many more heads of the high and mighty may roll at the subsequent stages of trial of the former uncrowned king of Pakistan, General(Retired) Pervez Musharraff progresses.
    The hero of the untitled tragic-comedy is indeed the General himself who wore many hats like that of the President of Pakistan,the Army Chief, the Head of the State and so on before becoming a fugitive and hiding in Dubai, London etc to avoid execution of a warrant of arrest issued by a Paki court against his acts and omissions that went against the grain of Pakistan’s Constitution and general terests of its people. Of course, the General has been telling the world that he is a man of principles and his actions are meant for the good of the people of Pakistan. Indeed it is the ballot that will tell the world who is the common man’s darling. We will not have to wait for long. The elections there are around the corner.
    As our readers know, General Pervez Musharraf had to demit office of the President under public pressure and the Media had aired the grievances of the common man until the deaf in the government too were compelled to take note of it. The air in the country was so hot that a hardened fighter like General Musharraf found Pakistan uninhabitable for himself and his family. Destination Dubai was the beaten track but popularly chosen one. Mian Nawaz Sharief, the elected Prime Minister of Pakistan had also chosen Dubai when he was given the marching orders by none else but General Musharraf. Of course, being an army officer, he too was in love with the British military traditions and frequently visited Sandhurst, the Kashi-Mecca of future military leaders. Indeed the Royal Military College at Sandhurst attracted the officers in uniform and Musharraf was no exception. Nevertheless he did not succeed in making good friends who would stand by him through thick and thin. Permanent enemies he had one too many both in military and civil. The concept of solidarity of soldiers stood by him but in the civil it was always a no-changing scene of remaining at daggers drawn. The cut-throat competition among the high ranking civil servants affected their masters in uniform too but rather remotely.
    General Musharraf had tasted the spoils of war as a leader of both soldiers and civilians. He found the office of President the most attractive one and had returnrd to homeland from the self – imposed exile just to try his luck at the hustings. But he had run out of luck. His old enemies from his Presidential days were just lying in wait to ambush him and thwart his plans to be a popularly elected representatives of the people. The enemy ambush was well laid and the much hated General now stands trapped.
    The enmity with the Judiciary cost him dearly. One may recall that General Pervez Musharraf had ordered the arrest of some high court judges, not making an exception of the Supreme Court justices. However, he had failed in his mission because cyclists of all shades, be they lawyers, munshis, students and the middle men out to angle the clients had felt agitated and joined the protest processions demanding release of the judges and personnel of the higher judiciary. They swelled the number of protesters day by day and no coaxing and cajoling could wean them away from the protesters. Nothing short of restoration of judicial prestige by reinstating the sacked judges was acceptable to the protesters.
    General Pervez Musharraf, the then President of Pakistan, had chickened and bowed before the ever swelling crowd. The judges were reinstated and the judiciary was back on the rails. But by restoring judges to their posts, the General had signed his own DEATH WARRANT. The lawyers encouraged to file both civil and criminal cases against the General and he found living and breathing in Pakistan well nigh impossible. He went into self-imposed exile to return for the election s only, notwithstanding good friends counseling to the contrary.
    The old criminal cases against the General got a fresh lease of life and he was summoned to put in a personal appearance before the hon’ble judges on Thursday, 18th April 2013. Sensing legal trouble, the General filed an application for an anticipatory bail. The High Court of Islamabad rejected the bail application and ordered the Police present there to arrest him forthwith.
    General Pervez Musharraf could sniff more trouble in jail and even risk of losing limb and life. He acted like lightning and signaled his personal security to move and head for an unknown destination. Before the civil police could move to contemplate an arrest, the General and his security squad provided by the Pakistan Army and the Federal government had vanished into thin air. The unfriendly Media reported that the Commando had fled from field before the battle was joined. The legal luminaries went into an open debate to find out if the fleeing from courtroom amounted to an act of contempt of court.
    Where has General Pervez Musharraf gone from the court room? No one knew. However, after sometime news trickled that the General and his strong army security had reached his private farm house and were huddled into a legal discussion on what the next step should be. A battery of lawyers with the best legal brains in the country were at hand to answer queries of the General and draft new applications to keep him out of harm’s way. Opinion was veering round to filing an appeal with the Supreme Court of Pakistan against the judgement and order of the High Court, Islamabad.
    The Media, both print and electronic, were flush with facts about the attitude of the Pakistan Army. One view was that the civilian babus must not be allowed to meddle with plans of a former army chief, irrespective of action contemplated against him by the govt and the judiciary under law of the land. Of course, the retired chief of ISI was of the opinion that Law should be allowed to take its own course and the present Army Chief should be as neutral as he has been so far. Some army strategist were of the opinion that the Army has a special place in the hearts and minds of the citizenry. Allowing the civil administration to put a former army chief behind the bar would make a dent in the image of the army itself. There has however, been no finality in firming up one opinion or the other. The in-house chat is going on. Indeed the Pakistan Army was of help to General Musharraf in letting him flee from the court room. After all the comradeship of men in uniform is a long lasting one.
    The Judiciary feels slighted too. The High Court bench had ordered rejection of the anticipatory bail application and arrest of the General thereafter. But the agile and cunning fox got away. Thus the nation will consider the higher judiciary incapable of ensuring obedience of its own orders and their prestige in the eye of common man would go down many notches. It should not be permitted.
    Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan, has maintained radio silence so far. Indeed he knows that his wife and vibrant leader of PPP, Benazir Bhutto, was assassinated at the behest of General Musharraf because he wanted an uninterrupted rule of his in Pakistan. Bhutto was a challenge and a roadblock in this road map. And yet Zardarti is helpless in the case at this point of time.
    General Pervez Musharraf has lost the legal battle now. The Supreme Court has rejected his bail application and ordered his arrest. The legal experts say in hushed tones that his arrest is imminent. However, there has been no reaction from the Army brass so far. Perhaps General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, the present Army Chief, wishes to make the fighting machine apolitical and not get involved in matters where it has no role to play. Let us wait and see what happens next. That is the way it is.
    Email: Mob. 9811173590


  3. indian citizen
    April 19, 2013

    jai sri ram..


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