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Muslim Driver raped little girl in a correctional mode not allowing any infidel attitude.

7 years girl gagged, raped by a Muslim driver in his home by luring with Chocolate, TV and Islamic lesson.

Muhammad~Ayesha. Majid~Khairunneccha.

Muhammad~Ayesha. Majid~Khairunneccha.

Barasat | Hindu Existence News Bureau with the input of TOI | 29 June 2013:: Barely three weeks after the brutal rape and murder of a 20-year-old Hindu girl in Barasat’s Kamduni, a 7-year-old girl in the same North 24-Parganas town is now battling for her recovery in Barasat Sub Divisional Hospital hospital after being allegedly raped by a 52-year-old man on Thursday evening. In Kamduni one Sipra Ghosh, a girl student (a student of BA 2nd year of Baguiati Derozio College) was brutally gang-raped and murdered subsequently by a group of  Muslim rapists under a leadership of local  TMC operators named Ansar and Saiful Ali with other Islamic flag bearers viz Emanul, Rafiq, Nure Ali and  Aman Ali (all devout Muslims)  on 7th June 2013. Lately some suspicious names like Gopal, Bhutto, Bhola were named in the rape case to secularize the matter.

In the present case one Khairunneccha Khatun (7 years), daughter of one Hafizul (father- a daily labour) and Marufa ( Mother- a maid servant) was raped by one  Majid Ali Middya who is in his age 0f 52.  Several stitches were administered to her private parts. The accused and her neighbour, Majid Ali Middya, has been arrested. Khairunneccha (name changed), a little girl of 7 years frequently called by Majid to teach the girl some Islamic customs and rhymes who was not getting sufficient Islamic teachings from a local Ramakrishna Free Primary School, in which Khairunneccha is a student of class one (standard – I in Indian system).  Khairunneccha sometimes recited some un-Islamic rhymes or ‘Jana Gana Mana’ – national anthem of Bharat (India) in her free mind, which were considered un-Islamic and Majid took a vow to correct the faults of the innocent Khairunneccha, who finally fallen victimized by a person should be considered as her grand papa.  Khairunneccha had another unbearable infidel habit for Majid as the little girl used to collect the pictures of many things like flowers, birds, Hindu deities etc. Majid could not allow such type of un-Islamic and infidel habits by little Kahirunneccha. Demanding Majid’s death sentence, more than one hundred people launched an agitation in front of the Barasat police station on Friday.

The incident comes barely three weeks after the Barasat’s Kamduni case in which a 20-year-old college girl was brutally gang raped and murdered by at least eight persons. While the Kamduni incident stirred across the state and even hit the all-India news headlines, but the court trial has not started yet as the CID already missing the chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s 15 days deadline. Anyway, the charge-sheet has been given after 21 days on 29 June 2013 in connection with Kamdumi gang rape by rape Jihadists. It is alleged that the TMC is trying to rescue the main culprits by giving a loose charge sheet against them.

In this present case of girl child rape case, on Thursday at around 7.30pm,  when the girl, named Khairunneccha, a Class-I student of a local primary school, Ramkrishna F. P. School,  was standing alone in front of her house at Ramakrishnapur near Barasat’s Kajipara,  Majid – a truck driver – lured her with chocolate and took her to his home for some Islamic lessons. The girl, daughter of a daily wage earner, agreed to go to Majid’s house as she also wanted to watch TV,but not for any academic session.

“After reaching home, Majid sent her daughter-in-law to shop to buy something and closed the windows and doors. Getting the girl alone to his home, Majid, the monster started torturing the little girl brutally even after gagged her with a piece of cloths. He continued the torture her sexually till she somehow managed to remove the cloth from her mouth and screamed in heavy pain. On hearing her screams a woman, a next door neighbour rushed to the Majid’s residence to find him torturing the little girl sexually,” a local said. Then the little girls was profusely bleeding after the attack of the Muslim monster – Majid, who is also a member of CITU run truck driver association, as a report appeared in a Bengali daily Protidin.

Majid then threatened the protesting woman with dire consequences if she did not leave the place immediately. But the woman started to scream drawing the attention of others in the area, who later roughed up Majid before handing him over to police. The girl was taken rushed to the Barasat district hospital. According to a hospital sources, the girl was still in critical. “While she was taken to the hospital on Thursday evening she was still bleeding profusely. The doctors had to administer at least five stitches to her private parts. She was recovering slowly,” a nurse of the hospital said who was on duty in emergency ward on Friday evening. On Friday morning the locals gathered in front of the Barasat police station and demanded the accused to be hanged. “Those criminals like Majid deserve only death soon after committing the brutal rape on a little girl. But we have no faith on the police as they hardy take proper action against those culprits even after arresting them and the trial is delayed like recent Kamduni case,” said Jharna Bibi, who rescued the girl from the Majid’s custody.

The father of the girl said that he was not at his home while Majid lured her daughter to his house. “I was at outside for my job. But I got the news from a local with whom I met there. I rushed to my house while my daughter was already taken to the hospital. Majid, was my neighbour and he lives just after two houses from my residence. He used to come to my house and my daughter called him Majid Dadu. I want him only to be hanged,” the father said. The girl’s kin have lodged a complaint of rape with Barasat police on Thursday night.

Police, however, registered the case under section PCSO (protection of child from sexual offence), 2012, IPC 4.

“We have arrested Majid on Thursday and produced him in the Barasat court. The case has been registered for sexual assault on a child according to PCSO (protection of child from sexual offence), 2012 Act,” said Bhaskar Mukherjee, additional SP, North 24 Parganas. Majid was remanded in judicial custody for 14 days.

On Saturday the little victimized was taken to the Barasat Court so that Magistrate in this case can record the statement of the rape victim. The health of the victim is recovering slowly as such reports procured for the sources at Barasat Sub divisional Court.

In Bengal, both the Muslim and Hindu girl children are being victims of rape by their known persons, under the series of Rape Jihad. This trend is dangerous enough.  And the Ayesha syndrome (including Mufa’ Khathat) among the Muslims is simple a curse to the Muslim girls and women. Here Majid wanted to accomplish the sex mission of  Muhammad.

Courtesy: TOI | Ali Sina | Black Hawk S | S Arya | Agencies.

4 comments on “Muslim Driver raped little girl in a correctional mode not allowing any infidel attitude.

  1. malayappaswamy
    July 1, 2013

    such monsters must be publicly hanged, no mercy to be shown


  2. Surinder Attri
    July 1, 2013

    Subj: **

    ***Muslim Driver raped little girl in a correctional mode not allowing any infidel attitude.*

    by *hinduexistence*

    1. 7 years girl gagged, raped by a Muslim driver in his home by luring with Chocolate, TV and Islamic lesson. Barasat | Hindu Existence News Bureau with the input of TOI | 29 June 2013:: Barely three weeks after the brutal rape and murder of a 20-year-old in Barasat’s Kamduni, a 6-year-old girl in the same North 24-Parganas town []

    2. COMMENT: Islam is neither civilized nor refined.

    Despite the loud and rowdy statements of the Grease-Monkeys of Islam ( Islamic-Clergy: Mullahs, Maulvies, Muftis et al ), Islam’s practical reality is that:

    In the system of Islam, all Moslems are brothers & equals as Moslem-Rapists. When it comes to the matter of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), a Kafir immediately becomes an alien in Islam. Alien has no bond with Islam or with any Moslem. Alien is not considered an equal with Moslem. Any violence, misuse, or maltreatment against Kafirs is, therefore, not considered a crime or foul-play in Islam.

    Surinder Paul Attri


    • bicky
      July 2, 2013

      Surinder sir,
      we dharmic peoples ( hindus, sikhs, buddhists, and jains ) must begin the defence of our culture by ensuring that we follow the below rules strictly.
      1. Our sons and daughters MUST marry among our culture only. We have to bring them in an atmosphere of such love and attention that they automatically reject marrying outside our culture.
      2.NEVER sell our property to nondharmic peoples. If at all we sell we have to sell among ourselves.All land in our akhand bharat must be in our control.We must ensure that Muslims are not allowed to buy any land.They are doing in many places using counterfeit money printed in pakistan.



  3. Gaurav
    July 1, 2013

    The Time has come for all Hindus to unite show the barbaric Muslims & Christians the Power of Hinduism..Jai Sri Ram!!


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