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Third son of SRK-Gauri is not the last. Fourth may come in the series of Population Jihad.

Education or the economy cannot change the Islamic mentality. Third son of SRK-Gauri is dedicated for  population Jihad. 

SRK_GAURI Population JihadUpananda Brahmachari | Hindu Existence News Bureau | 4 July 2013:: A very poor and uneducated Hindu rickshaw puller in India understands the crisis of population increase and importance of family planning. But the maroon Shah Rukh Khan does not.

The actor-producer duo Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan , who are the proud parent of two teenaged children – Aryaan (boy-16 yr) and Suhana (girl-13 yr) aspired the third in a row of allegation of pre-determination of sex of the baby. Now, 16 year old Aryan and 13 year old Suhana shall be able to make love and play with their new born brother. The baby can safely named as ‘Jihad’, as he came to this world with a general belief of increasing population by every able Muslim couple to multiply the Muslim population in the service of Allah. This is called Population Jihad. SRK-Gauri are also involved in this population Jihad. For some personal problem with them, the Khan couple did not abandoned the Jihad for a new baby. They increased a number even with the help of a surrogate mother.

Finally, Bollywood cinestar Shah Rukh Khan, who has been blessed with a third child through surrogacy, speaks up at the music launch of his upcoming film ‘Chennai Express’ in Mumbai, just on Wednesday evening. Confirming the news after keeping silence on the issue for some time, SRK takes the BMC head on as they continue to probe into the child’s sex detection row. Making a promise to introduce Khan Jr to the world another day, but in the mean time staying focused on his grand Eid release ‘Chennai Express’.

After Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials visited actor Shah Rukh Khan’s residence for the second time in 15 days to find out if the Khans had used sex-determination techniques before the birth of their third child, the actor hit an emotional note at a city hotel on Wednesday and asked people as well as authorities to leave his baby alone.

“It’s a personal and delicate situation. It’s sad. I request the authorities to get their facts rights,” Khan said during a function to promote a soon-to-be-released film.

The third child of the actor and his wife Gauri was reportedly delivered by a surrogate mother at Masrani Hospital in Andheri on May 27. The baby was born prematurely at 34 weeks of pregnancy and weighed 1.5 kg at birth.

On Wednesday, BMC officials also visited Masrani and Nanavati hospitals to verify documents. According to reports, the prematurely born baby was taken to Breach Candy Hospital from Nanavati Hospital.

After lawyer activist Varsha Deshpande, had raised questions about Khan’s third child, civic authorities first visited the actor’s residence on June 17 to ascertain if sex-determination techniques had been used.

Not only that,  a fatwa was issued against Shahrukh Khan by Markazi Darul Ifta Dargah Al Hazrat for his violation of Sharia laws. He is being blamed for hiring a surrogate mother to get a child, and pre-birth sex determination of the child.

Shah Rukh Khan  kept mum on his surrogate child issue so far. He had also not even spoken a word about the baby in public earlier, but King Khan had finally broken his silence to the BMC on Wednesday.

Well acclaimed Social Activist (read Islamist),  “Padmashree” and  a  Honorary Doctorate of  British Bedfordshire University,  Shah Rukh Khan is also attached with  National Rural Health Mission of India (NRHM) as its campaigner and ambassador. While NRHM deals with child health, nutrition, birth control and many other matters related with mother and child health, SRK and Gauri violets everything in each step.

Apart from the allegation of pre-birth sex determination, SRK-Gauri gave a low birth weight baby, violated nutrition parameters  and endangered the life of the surrogate mother, all at the cost of produce another Jihadist for Pan Islamism, making a world for Muslims only by a subtle way of Satanic Verses.

Education or the economy cannot change the Islamic mentality of Religious Expansionism or bare fanaticism. SRK is a good example.

Hindu couples will not take any lesson from all these bare examples. They will always chant Hum Do, Hamara Ek (We Two – our one), not even they accept the  Govt. slogan of Family Planning Department: Hum Do, Hamara Do (We Two, Our Two).

Hindus will face a tremendous tragedy, if they do not increase their population. This the sermon of this story.

19 comments on “Third son of SRK-Gauri is not the last. Fourth may come in the series of Population Jihad.

  1. hinduawakens
    July 5, 2013

    UPA government is also does not want to control population growth.Hell with economic prosperity, as long as Muslims and Christians can increase their numbers and overtake Hindu population,that’s all this Catholic govt., wants. Muslim population is growing in higher rate in west Bengal than Bangladesh.


  2. Surinder Attri
    July 5, 2013


    1. Quote: If you build an army of 100 lions, and their leader is a dog, in any fight, the lions will die like a dog. But if you build an army of 100 dogs, and their leader is a lion, the all dogs will fight like a lion.

    2.COMMENT: True, True, True.

    3. Napolean Bonaparte was a very smart man. He was a great general. He knew what works and what does not.

    His observation on results & fortunes (windfalls & bonanzas ) of war, tell us un-complicatedly that, the puzzle gets back to the Leadership. Specifically, if the Leader is a Live-Wire ( and has courage like a lion ), then miracles would follow in the fortunes of the army that he leads. But if the Leader is a dead-horse, then foul, revolting, & repulsive consequences, shall surely follow.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  3. Ravindra Vadke
    July 5, 2013

    Re. Ur news letter : 3rd child to Devi Gauri Shaharukh Khan :

    Pl join me in persuading &/ pressurising BJP & AKALI ruled state Govts. to enact a simple SECULAR Rule of limiting all subsidy schemes (assistance to would be moms, free deliveries, medication of BPLs, subsidized school/ college studies, reservation seats, free cycles to girls blah blah) to MAX. 1st 2 children per family, in line with FAMILY PLANNING NORM Recommended by the Central Govt.

    It will go long way to support HINDU SURVIVAL/ REVIVAL.



  4. Yoga
    July 5, 2013

    I am a strong hindu realistic reformer. This, SRK family issue is not the one suppose to address in this way or anyway which is really promote anti-hindu emotion. Leave anyone unless it is clear that going to get affect hindu community. Hope my comment is not against any interest of hindus including me.


  5. bicky
    July 7, 2013

    There was once a panel discussion on Islam on the politically correct TV channel , NDTV , hosted by Ms Barkha Dutt.
    The participants were
    1.Mr. Shahrukh khan
    2.Alqyue padamsee
    3.Hate preacher Dr. Naik
    4.Another Muslim cleric.
    And some others, i do not remember.
    The person no. 4 quotes a famous meccan surah , ” to kill one human being is as if you have killed 1000″.,He very conveniently does not mention that the particular verse has been abrogated by the medinan verses.( practise of kitman ) The apologist no. 2 immediately starts to parrot that verse
    I wonder why NDTV gave a voice to the antisocial, anti Indian Dr. Naik. ?? In this discussion, Mr. Khan proudly declares ” I am as Muslim as can be ”
    what exactly did he mean by this?? perhaps he meant this he firmly and resolutely believes in the hate, violence taqqiya, kitman, jizziya, sex slavery , etc , etc so eloquently explained in the PUBH- ic TEXTS.

    Mr. Khan is a master of taqqiya , he managed to seduce a non muslim girl and thereby contribute to love jihad.
    The director of ISI , Mr. Shahrya khan is by blood relation an uncle of Mr. Shahrukh, so we have a very high profile ISI agent in Mumbai.
    I cannot understand why do dharmic boys and girls love to watch this Islamist s movies ????
    We should not entertain such people in our midst.


  6. Surinder Attri
    July 21, 2013

    1. Quote: According to a Obstetrician at Westmead hospital more than 60% of

    children born with intellectual handicap in Sydney are Muslims from the Middle East

    COMMENT: In-breeding is exactly & precisely the problem in Islam. Marriage amongst the relatives is considered the norm or standard, to be followed, in Islam. Marriage outside the zone of relatives is considered abnormal, nauseating, and niggardly. So much so, that a girl who comes in marriage, from outside the zone of the family, is labeled as ” Gairon-Kee ( that is, of the outsiders ). In fact, the term Gairon-Kee, is a term of disrepute, discredit, and disrespect. The opposite of that is Ghar-Kee ( that is, a girl from within the zone of the family ) who is the norm.

    2. Thus in-breeding, which is the norm or standard pattern, is widely followed in Islam. This practice is followed in every Islamic country, and consequences of this practice, are distinctly-discernible in every Moslem country .Every Moslem country is backward, undeveloped, and slow-witted. This practice may be the wish of Allah, but this practice cannot save the Moslems, from the power of the laws of genetics ( and evolution ).

    4. Because of these practices & backward ideology of Islam, the future of Islam is Not all that great.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  7. surinder
    July 21, 2013

    1. Islam will not change, Muslims will.
    by Taslima Nasreen
    Some ex-Muslims believe Islam is resistant to change. They think there are a few reasons why the Islamic tradition is more resistant to change and the creation of a secular liberal breathing space for adherents than many other religious traditions appear to be.
    The reasons are:
    (1)…. Islam has historically had an expansionist and political dimension.
    It was formulated at a time of war and is completely embroiled in the Arab imperialistic ambitions of the time.
    While there is war and brutality in the Old Testament, there is no call for global war – the conflicts are quite local. In effect Islam became a kind of meta-tribalism when it was formulated.
    Also, orthodox Islam explicitly sees no distinction between the sacred and the secular: social spheres have to be patterned according to sacred dictates.
    Contrast this with Christianity, in which Jesus reportedly tells his followers to render unto Caesar his due, and unto God his due.
    (2)… Islam sees its core text, the Quran, as being, more or less, God incarnate.
    What Jesus is to Christianity, the Quran is to Islam.
    Jesus is the logos in Christianity, the Word-made-flesh, whereas in Islam, it is the Quran that is the logos, the Word-made-flesh.
    This is problematic because it means that Muslims have a hard time accepting that parts of the Quran are highly situated in very specific temporal contexts. Add to this the idea that Islam believes it is the final religion and the Quran is therefore the final text for all time and all places, and you can see that the seeds of literalism are sown right into the orthodox, classical tradition itself.
    By contrast the idea of an eternally infallible text is not found in Christianity (the Bible is considered inspired, but still the work of human minds) or in the Indian / Asian religions.
    (3)… Islam has somehow gotten saddled with this arrogant claim of Muhammad being not only the final prophet, but also the best human being to have ever existed in human history.
    This is in contrast to the prophets of Israel in the Old Testament, who are seen as being basically human beings dealing with the challenges of life and existence as best as they could.
    My impression of Muhammad as a man is that he seems to have started off as a humble and honest merchant, but the second half of his life shows that some major transformation took place: he behaved no differently from an average Arab warlord of that era (not that I am judging it by modern-day ethical standards — just observing), and it looks like the military conquests, multiple wives and influx of concubines and slaves just went to his head.
    Many people have pointed out the differences between the conciliatory Meccan and more aggressive Medinan suras of the Quran.
    (4) Unlike Hinduism or Buddhism or other Eastern religions, it can be reduced to a single man and a single scripture.
    The same is true for Christianity as well of course, and Judaism to a lesser extent. This kind of reductionism encourages a religion to be a more closed system and discourages diversity and pluralism.
    (5) The traditional Sunni orthodoxy is anti-innovation to the core, and all new ideas are considered as the devil’s handiwork and to be approached as cautiously as possible.
    This has caused Islam to stagnate remarkably and has prevented its growth or evolution in any meaningful way. Here even Christianity and Judaism are different from Islam and have shown some fairly strong progressive and innovative movements through the ages (most recently, witness the rise of Emergent Christianity under which even evangelicals are taking a post-modern turn, and Process Theology inspired by Alfred North Whitehead, a contemporary of Bertrand Russell).
    (6) Every orthodoxy needs a heterodoxy to keep it from stagnating too much, and every heterodoxy needs an orthodoxy to keep it from becoming reckless.
    This is true not just for religion but also for science and for virtually every human endeavor.
    Whether we are conservative or liberal, the future terrifies us even as it beckons us, and it is just natural to want to regress to the comforts of what is stable and known no matter how stale it has become.
    But the Sunni Islamic tradition has exaggerated this fear of the unknown to such monumental proportions that it has squashed freedom of expression and thus every single heterodox movement. The only “heterodoxy” that has survived is the Shi’ites, and they only differ with the Sunnis on doctrinal issues that don’t have much of a bearing as far as social realities go.
    (7) Islam is, to my mind, the only religion in the world with developed orthodox doctrines on how to treat unbelievers and apostates, and convinced of its universalizing mission which can even be implemented by coercion.
    In other words identity politics are built right into the orthodox Islamic tradition. This makes the radical politicization of Islam even more problematic and endangers all those who dare to question the received wisdom.
    Christianity is also a universalizing, prosyletizing religion, but its imperialistic ambitions (a) were not really based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth who was nonviolent (see also the comment above about rendering unto Caesar his due and rendering unto God his); and (b) have largely been surrendered in today’s context.
    ( 8 ) There is hardly a female voice to be found in Islam.
    Christianity still has the figure of the Virgin Mary and even Mary Magdalene in the non-canonical Gospels, as well as numerous female Christian saints. Christ definitely had a feminine side and used to take female disciples, which was revolutionary for his era. Some of the Hindu scriptures are partially authored by women, and likewise for Buddhism. Both Hinduism and Buddhism have Tantric schools that elevate women to the status of goddesses and also certain very spiritual schools of thought according to which experience is supposed to trump intellectual dogmas which has allowed them to evolve.
    Some of the reasons are good but nothing can prevent religion or religious people from changing, reforming and evolving. I am more interested in modern humans than ancient religions.
    Muslim rulers have been using Islam for their own interests, they keep people in ignorance, women in slavery, and allow the persecution of the people of different faiths. They do not allow criticism of Islam.
    You suppress critical thinking means you suppress the ability to think clearly and rationally, to engage in reflective and independent thinking. If criticism of Islam is allowed in the Muslim countries, I believe many Muslims will become agnostic or atheists, or become secular and will ask for secular state, secular laws and secular education.
    It is not true that Islam can not be changed, Islamic laws have been slightly or considerably reformed in many different Islamic countries. But this is not enough. Revolution is always better than reformation. It doesn’t matter how much you sugarcoat myths, myths will never be facts.
    Ignorance about true Islam is one of the main reasons for most Muslims to resist changes in Islam. Changes happened in most of the Western countries because free thinkers were allowed to criticize churches, priests, and Christianity.
    Educated and enlightened people in the Christian societies abolished religious rules, separated state and religion before other religious communities did.
    We now see more non-religious people are in the Western Christian countries than in the Muslim countries. Muslim men and women whoever leave Islam or criticize Islam still get killed, harassed, tortured, exiled. But I do not think Muslims will take much time to be secular and liberal if Muslim rulers instead of talking action against the people who criticize Islam, take action against the religionists who violate other’s human rights and the right to freedom of expression.
    Christians were not less violent than Muslims. If Christians can change themselves, Muslims can. They are all humans.
    There is no need to make ancient religions evolve to modern religions. Religion will always have conflicts with rationality and science. Religious scriptures and religious laws are not compatible with the modern concepts of human rights, women’s rights and the laws that are based on equality. All religious scriptures are out of place, out of time. Religion alone is powerless. People have enormous power to make a religion survive for centuries, or to go extinct.
    I am hopeful that someday Muslims will make Islam die out. Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, Athena, Apollo, Neptune, Jupiter, Odin, Thor and thousands of gods died, Allah will die too.
    2. COMMENT: The observations of Taslima Nasreen, on obnoxious & obscene Islam, are correct.& faultless. But because there are additional reasons, Taslima Nasreen ought to say:
    Moslems shall be forced to change.This applies to both Moslem men & Moslem women.
    3. These additional reasons are inveterate in times of the present & of the future, both of which are highly-competitive. In these times, there is no security for any one, except his/her talent & skill. Society needs & hires only those individuals that, have value & are of use to the society. The rest are not needed. Because Islam does not generate any value, its followers have a hard time, competing with Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ) for the jobs that the society has. It is precisely because of this merit or worth problem, that 50 % of the Moslem immigrants to Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand, are un-employed.
    4. This creates a problem for the Moslems. What is that problem ?
    Answer: Moslems have an addiction. What is that addiction ?
    Answer: Moslems are addcted to eating.
    When the Moslem does not have a job, he cannot eat. He has only two choices:
    Either quit Islam, get a job & eat, or stay in Islam & starve.
    Some Moslems solve this problem, with use of falsehood & fabrication. In India, some Moslems use Hindu names for themselves to get jobs from HIndu employers. But because these lies are like all other lies, they are liable to be eventually discovered.
    5. The practitioner of these lies, is never at rest or peace. The psychological price of staying in Islam, and denying it in public, is very high. At some point in time, the Moslem may decide to end it all, by getting the Hell out of Islam.
    6. For Moslem women, the problem is even worse. She can either tolerate the subjugation & slavery of Islam, and cry, or get out of the nauseous-nonsense of Islam. The Grease-Monkeys of Islam ( Islamic Clergy: Mullahs, Maulvies, Muftis, Kazis, et al ) tell the Moslem women, that they will go to Janat ( Moslem’s paradise ) by living in this intolerable slavery. Sooner or later, the Moslem woman will realize that, this is a big fat lie.
    6. No Moslem woman ought to stay in Islam, and none will ( eventually ).
    7. Somebody ought to tell Taslima Nasreen, who says that Moslems will change. The correct interpretation of the Islamic situation is that:
    The Moslems will be forced to change.
    Surinder Paul Attri


  8. Surinder Attri
    July 23, 2013

    Subj: In-Freeding in Islam

    1. Attriji

    In the UK barely a Muslim family exists, which has not got a member with impaired faculty of mental and or physical nature.

    But the in-breeding continues.


    2. COMMENT:

    Quote: In the UK barely a Muslim family exists, which has not got a member with impaired faculty of mental and or physical nature.

    COMMENT: Chaudhari Sahib: Your obsrvations of physical & mental faults & flaws, amongst the Moslems of U.K., are flawlessly-correct. These faults & defaults are the productivity of in-breeding. But U.K. is not unique, and such foibles & frailties are, more likely present amongst Moslems of other European countries, and of elsewhere also.

    4. The Moslems ( defective-Moslems ) of U.K., that you have noticed, are products from the mating of parents, who are closely-related ” genetically.” This in-breeding results in increased homoaygosity, which increases the chance of offsprings being affected by recessive or deleterious-traits. What this does is, to lead to a decreased fitness of the population, which is called in-breeding depression. To tell it like it is, Islam produces unfit-oppsrings.

    5. In-Breeding could come in handy, for a cult like Islam, to generate specific-desired characteristics, such as Jihad-Orientation. Children of Jihadist-Parents, could be Jihad-Accentuated, as an outgrowth of the In-Bredding process.

    6. Islam has never favored the understanding or usage of science. The ideology of Islam ( which is largely un-scientific ), based in the imagination of Hazrat Mohammad & wishes of Allah, has created a one-dimensional thinking amongst the Moslems, which is hardly top-notch. In fact, it is totally topsy-turby & un-scientific brom beginning to end. Islam is retarded & retrogressive, and out-and-out incompatible with the needs of the time.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  9. surinder
    July 24, 2013

    Subj: Islam will not change, Muslims will
    1. In its perpetual quest for hatred, it is finding hatred and hatred.
    In Pakistan Hindus and Sikhs were the targets, later Ahmedias
    and now Shias. The Saga continues, because that is what the
    Quran indoctrinates.

    Kill, kill, destroy and destroy..Stop not, because you can kill yourself
    for Jannat and Houries.

    2. COMMENT: Quote: In its perpetual quest for hatred, it is finding hatred and hatred.

    COMMENT: This hatred comes straight out of Quran. Quran is a ” Gospel Of Hate. ”
    And Quran strikes this hatred with fanatic-frenzy.
    Subj: Islam will not change, Muslims will
    3. Quote: In Pakistan Hindus and Sikhs were the targets, later Ahmedias
    and now Shias.
    COMMENT: What Moslems did in Pakistan against Kafir Hindus & Sikhs, they did elsewhere too with equal frenzy, starting from Arabia itself. But all that history is carefully & cleverly concealed by the Grease Monkeys of Islam ( Mullahs, Maulvies, Muftis, Kazis et al ). These GMs ( Grease Monkeys ) concoct & conceive lies, and issue such daring & defiant lies as:
    ” Islam is a religion of peace, love, and brotherhood. ”
    4. Quote: Kill, kill, destroy and destroy..Stop not, because you can kill yourself
    for Jannat and Houries.
    COMMENT: Kafir-Killing is the name of the game in Islam. And the Moslems do it with such glee & gusto, because the rewards of this sickening-barbarism are so great: A ticket to Janat ( Moslem’s paradise ) and wild sex with 72 Houris. This is what makes Jihad, as the way of life for every Moslem. This is also what keeps Moslems permanently at war against Kafirs.
    5. Quote: The Saga continues, because that is what the
    Quran indoctrinates
    COMMENT; It most certainly does continue, in the landscape of Kafir countries, as well as inside the mosques, where the GMs issue their pretentious, pompous, and profane lies. It is total disgust, disgrace, degradation, and very shameful. But shame is not felt by GMs.
    Surinder Paul Attri


  10. Surinder Attri
    July 24, 2013

    Subj: 125 million mutilated women and girls nearly all in Islamic countries [ female genital mutilation ]


    COMMENT: It is precisely because of such transgressions agaisnt the feminine gender, that the abbreviation ” PISSLAM, ” meaning piss on Islam, is very purposeful & to the point. Because we want to tell it like it is, we do not use euphemisms. Islam is crappy, its manual of Quran is a piece of garbage. Instead of burning Quran, it ought to be heaped on a pile of garbage.

    Allah’s Laanat ( curse & evil-eye ) is on Islam. It well deserves its renowned title of Pisslam, it is a title of the first rank.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  11. Surinder Attri
    July 24, 2013


    Dr.Babu Suseelan

    On a recent visit to India, I have visited a prestigious school. I asked the question: How many of you have read “Panhathantra”and Saroupadesha Kathakal”. The answer was no. None of the students and teachers ever read Panhathantra and “saroUpadesha Kathakal”. I bought several Hundreds of Hindu books including Panchatantra and SaroUpadesha kathakal to students. I have illustrated this event only to show that our kid’s attention span has reduced due to excessive watching of television.

    Television has become the most powerful medium in India. The television industry generates crores of rupees every year. Television has become an Indian pastime and it is part of the urban Indian family. Family members learn important lessons, values, guidelines, social codes and norms from Television. For many Indian citizens, television is the only contact with the outside world. In many families, television like Manorma TV, (Christian) Jeevan TV (Muslim) Jaya TV (AIDMK) Surya (DMK) DOOR DARSAN (Bogus Secular Government) Kairali TV (Marxist) has replaced the local library, community activities and family gatherings. These television channels present distorted stories of our Puranas, and Ithiahasas. Meaningless, immoral and vulgar stories are presented to the general public. These deviant, deliberately cooked up shows, distorted, and unethical pictures and characters are embedded in the Indian consciousness.

    Indian people are addicted to Television. It is very disturbing. Our kids, and grown up adults have no time to read, debate, argue, or to form their own opinions on local, national and world events. Television experts provide the viewers ready- made answers from childbirth, marriage, life span development to death and dying.

    In a mad rush to grab viewers, television companies are employing “Television shockers”. The Television and their “shockers” pollute the air-waves with “shock waves”. The anti-national, anti-Hindu “Talk show” hosts discuss openly vulgar topics to the point that common decency has disappeared from Indian Television. Traditional family values, spiritual values, corruption in India, Jihad terrorism, bus hijacking by Islamists, coercive religious conversion and looting of money from the treasury are never television theme.

    Guest on many evening programs never go deep into the national malady affecting the nation. Televisionon management deliberately ignores important issues. Television shock shows present an unending series of crime thrillers with seductive sex images and tantalizing sex stories. Even most disturbing is that television grants undue publicity to criminals, fraudsters, smugglers, counterfeit Pakistan printed currency distributors and crooked politicians.

    To win the television battle, program directors are very eager to present anti-heroes. In such shows family and our sacred Vedic values are reversed. The concept of duty, karma, Mokasha and Jnana,Gurus, goodness, our spiritual practices, beauty, rights, morality, ethical practices, and family virtue are reduced.

    How can we stop the destructive nature of Indian television? This is a terrible misuse of freedom. It is a war against our sacred land, our Dharma, and Hindu values.

    Indian children watch an average of twenty thousand murders and violent scenes on TV before they reach the age of 18. Imagine, during the formatting years what type of Kids are developed. How are we going to free the minds of our children from grotesque TV images? Unless we change the content and style of TV, our children are doomed.

    The government and responsible citizens have the duty and obligation to stop the TV nonsense. The public should demand decency and decorum in television. The future of India depends on moving from the shadows of the television screen to the limelight of truth.

    How can the citizens expect to have decent television shows highlighting our values, spiritual practices and Hindu Dharma? In a democracy, the general public should participate in the election and elect decent, corrupt free GOD fearing Hindu leaders. Have Indian citizens forgot GOD and efficient administers and nationalist Integrating Leaders?

    2. COMMENT: Let us expel & explode lies & delusions, right out of the gate. TV is no celestial entity. Yanks express about TV & talk about TV as follows:

    ” TV is a FAST way to a D. ”

    3. But what dooms the Hindu & his children is not the TV, but the selfishness of the Hindu. It does Hindu no good at all, to blame external structures & activities, for the problems of the Hindu.

    4. Massive problems of the Hindu, can be traced back to the actions of the Hindu himself. Hindu wants to defend his Hinduism, but he does not want to pay the price of Hinduism-Defense. He wants someone else to pay this price. He wants a free-lunch. But this is a luxury that does not exist in life.

    5. Hindu does not want to put his money, where his mouth is.

    Hindu wants to defend his Hinduism, without parting with his money. This is absolutely-staggering.

    Surinder Paul Attri

    II. Subj: Reminder

    , a1. OUI MAHAMAD,





    2. COMMENT: This reply is very fitting, and turns the screws on the Sulla, by telling him to lay off..

    Make no mistake about it. Islam will eventually be punished, because of its crimes against humanity.

    3. This Johnny Mahamad, is emulating his leader Hazrat Mohammad, and acting like a standard-pig. Hazrat Mohammad acted like a pig, dirtying the land where he laid. This Johnny Mahamad, like his other co-religionists, is locked to Hazrat Mohammad’s crime, by emulating Hazrat Mohammad’s example, he is dirtying the land where he lays. He beongs in the pig-ree.

    4. The piggy-Moslems have a skull-reputation, because they engage in murder ( Kafir-Murder ), plunder, loot, and rape of Kafirs. History clearly demonstrates that Moslems have engaged in aggressive wars against Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), who refuse to accept the Islamic faith, and want to worship God the way they like. But this is not acceptable to Allah, who does not accept the veracity of any other faith, and wants to eliminate all other faiths, along with thier followers.

    5. Close scrutiny reveals that Islam is a blood-thirsty ideology, that decrees murder, rape, and pillage of Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), on a permanent basis, for the sheer crime of not believing in this good-for-nothing Islam.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  12. Surinder Attri
    July 30, 2013

    Subj: WHYS: Muslim Women Disqualified From A Beauty Pageant 1. Theiur couldn’t be a much more fitting tribute to Islam, the religion of “peace and love”!


    2. COMMENT: instead, it is becoming a disdain & disrespect of the Moslem women. It is Sharia in action. It is the slavery of Sharia.

    3. Three out of four women apologized, for disregarding the lies, of the Grease-Monkeys ( Islamic Clergy ) of Islam, who tell them that they will go to Janat ( Moslem’s paradise, by wearing a Burqa. This is chicanery, a big fat lie. It is more like an April Fool’s joke.

    4. Every Moslem woman is a slave of Islam. Every term of Sharia is an assault on the Moslem woman. By staying is Islam, there is no way she can deflect the campaign of Sharia against her. The only way she can free herself is by ” completely quitting ” Islam. It is a pity that Hindu people & Hindu outfits are Not encouraging Hindu boys to go after the Moslem girls. Hindu boys could not only bring the Moslem girls into Hinduism, but can also free them from, the servitude & subjugation of hopeless & pointless Islam.

    5. Unfortunately, the attitude of the Hindu society, towards the slavery of the Moslem woman in Islam, is sleepy & drowsy

    Surinder Paul Attri.


  13. Surinder Attri
    August 2, 2013


    COMMENT: This nauseating action of Islam, against Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ), is not of recent make. It has been part of Islam, since Day One of Islam. It is Islam’s Jihad against Kafirs, it is Islam’s holy war in the way of Allah. Grease Monkeys ( Islamic Clergy ( of Islam, call it a defensive struggle against unbelievers.

    2. These assertions of GMs are completely untrue, there is nothing defensive about these actions of Islam. Islam’s history of 1400 years shows, that Jihad is an aggressive war against Non-Moslems who refuse to accept Islam, and who want to worship God the way they like. But this is acceptable neither to Allah, nor to Mohammad, nor to Islam. Islam ardently desires to eliminate all Kafirs & Kafir religions from this earth

    Surinder Paul Attri


  14. Surinder Attri
    August 4, 2013

    , 1. History of India is a record of Islamic bestiality, untold suffering of peaceful Kafir Hindu, and dreadful genocide of peaceful Kafir Hindu communities. Waves of Islamic conquerors & tyrants, who wielded the sword, brought unspeakable violence & death upon the Kafir-Hindu.

    2.. This naked fury of Islam lasted over seven centuries in India, during which time, the ethnic & demographic character of the country, underwent a violent change.

    3. India/Bharat is a land of the Hindu. To reclaim his land, the Hindu must be willing to pay the price of Hinduism Defense. If every Hindu contributes 5% of his income towards Hinduism Defense, miracles would happen quickly, in the fortunes of Hinduism. The naked fury of Islam can not only be defeated, but totally eliminated from the landscape of India.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  15. Surinder Attri
    August 12, 2013

    1. Subj: Minority targetted in Kashmir

    The eviction of over 400,000 Hindus from Kashmir, clearly tells that Sullas intend to completely eradicate Hindus out of Kashmir. Cries of help to the Central Government of India, is neither going to eliminate nor mitigate, the barbarism that has been performed by the Sullas, on the Hindus of Kashmir.

    2. Sitting back, and waiting for someone else to solve your problem, is not a plan that is destined for success. You need to create a compelling vision of your problem, and seriously consider how to defeat the problem.

    3. Solution is to take charge of your destiny, and make your own destiny. Can this be done ? Yes it can be done. Is there an easy & practical course of action ?

    Yes, there most certainly is.

    4. Technique: Every Hindu of Kashmir ought to donate 5% of his income, towards Hinduism-Defense. In time, this will bring into existence, more than enough financial & other resources, into the hands of the Hindus & Hindu outfits, to kick the A** of the Sullas of Kashmir.

    5. Once the Hindus of Kashmir start developing money in this fashion, the Hindus of the rest of India, shall also follow suit, for sure. This is a guarantee.

    6. It is an ideal plan. Its success is dramatic & assured. And Sullas of Kashmir definitely deserve to have their A** kicked.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  16. Surinder Attri
    August 29, 2013

    1. Dear All,

    Vande Mataram.

    Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur has been languishing in prison for the last six years without any charge because she criticised the Italian Mafia (sitting on alleged $30 billions loot totally from India) and her congi cowards, scrooges and slaves from the coolie colony. WHAT A PITY, THERE ARE ONE BILLION HINDUS IN INDIA ENSLAVED BY ONE ITALIAN MAFIA AND CAN WATCH AND TOLERATE A FIERCELY NATIONALIST HINDU WOMAN IN PRISON FOR THE LAST SIX YEARS WITHOUT CHARGE.

    It is widely believed Pragya is suffering from Cancer but nothing has reduced her DYNAMIC SPIRITS A BIT. Please watch the latest video enclosed and I am of the opinion, that, you can learn so much from her WHAT IS MEANS COURAGE AND SPIRIT. PRAGYA IS TRULY A DURGASHAKTI. MAY GOD SAVE HER LIFE FROM ALLEGED CANCER AND FROM COMMUNAL, CRIMINAL AND CORRUPT CONGIS.

    Vande Mataram.

    Amit Bhadhuri

    2. COMMENT: The arrest of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, appears to be totally unjustified. No proof of her involvement, either in terrorism or bomb-blasts, has been provided. The anti-Hindu & phony-liberal bunch who is trying to take revenge on her, has a tough job & and a teaser-dilemma. It is a ticklish card to play.

    3. There are people out there, who get paid to tell the untruth, by appearing as witnesses. By linking her name to terrorist Hindu organizations, they are horsing around with pantomimism. This is because there is no such thing, as a Hindu terrorist organization. Terrorism is a specialty of Islam, not of Hinduism.

    4. What they are really trying to accomplish is, to equate Hinduism with Islam, with respect to terrorism. This kind of equation is totally ridiculous. There is no equality or parallelism between Hinduism & Islam.

    5. This kind of equating smells fishy, because it is a kettle of dirty fish. It goes against the grain of decency. Those who assemble this kind of pabulum porridge, are going to stew in the mess of their own creation.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  17. Surinder Attri
    August 30, 2013

    1. Amitji, It is rather sad that no Hindu Organisation has entered any legal petition in her favour. There is an army of Sampradays/ Mutts and there is no dearth of affluent Hindus, who could have taken the plenge by now.

    How sad?


    2. COMMENT: I completely share your grief, Chaudhari Sahib, that no Hindu organization has come forward to support her. It is an example of gross sham & disproportionate shame, an utter ingloriousness & ignominy. It is just too bad, it will not do.

    3. She has been left to go away, with a flea in her ear. What a damn sham & shame ? Her enemies can stigmatize & impute as much shame on her, as they like, but they cannot silence or shut her up. They can kill her or blow her apart, but they cannot shut her mouth.

    4. This lady is a true-blue Hindu, a sworn-saffronist, she will not only put enemies of Bharat out of countenance, but will put their noses out of joint.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  18. Surinder Attri
    September 5, 2013

    *1. Can Muslims Ever Change?* *Dr. Babu Suseelan* * * *Can Intrinsic Islamic values ever change? Hedonism, rationalism, voluntarism, romanticism, Hinduism, Judaism Christianity renaissance, our perspective on human behavior, theory and practice and everything in the world have changed. Islam refuses to change.Islam political- social paradigm of bigots must change or the general public must use force for Muslims to change. Of course, instrumental value and intrinsic value of Islam must change. There can be more change of Islam, not less of it.* ** *People believe that Islamists are changing. The change is visible in Iraq, Kuwait, Libiya, Egypt and many other Islamic countries. In fact Arab Spring is a collasol failure.The fight was for political power and not for Islamic renaissance.* * * *All Muslims are converted by the sword of Mohammad the desert warrior, pedophile and sex addict. As you know, Islam is against democracy, secularism, human rights, coexistence, peace and progress. Can Muslims survive in this ever changing world by looking back ward with out changing? The question still remains. can these jihad’s who was forced to disregard their cultural, spiritual roots can be a citizen in a democratic country like America, Israel and India? * ** *In what ways can a Muslim change and improve and draw inspiration, motivation, and guidance from rich cultural, democratic countries. Muslims and islamic religipus scholars, media experts, and political leaders must work togehther for islamic reform and reniassance.* ** *How do we force muslims for a change? Muslims consider Islam is a complete and completed religion. Islam is a closed desert dogma fit only for invasion plunder, looting and sexual exploitation of women and young children. Islam has promoted polygamy, genital mutilation suicidal bombing, pedophilia burning alive, sanding alive of women, limb amputation and deviant behavior. * *Saudi Arabian Mullahs and Imams, control Saudi foot soldiers through meaningless and absurd fatwas. Islamic religious schools around the globe, brainwash young mu slims with rot learning. Those who question the absurd indoctrination methods are ridiculed and called them apostate and beheaded. These Islamic schools brainwash young mu slims with information of intolerance irrationality and hatred. These bigoted Saudi foot soldiers prefer death to life. They have chosen evil over goodness. Deviant Islamic communities ** are part of Islam. Saudi imams and Mullahs want young radical Muslims to fight with Jews Christians and infidels. Unable to understand modern theories and practice to interact with spiritual culture, and rules of the community, these radicalized Muslims commit crimes against humanity. Islamic clergy and Islam its in the world must stop demanding special aids, affirmative action plans, and special programs for Muslims.* ** *The world is changing fast. Our technology, communication theory, internet, human rights laws and economic plans are fast changing. We aim for peace, progress, and freedom. We want to live in peace, harmony and progress. Islamists want to promote and seeking opportunities for beheading all kaffirs and infidels. * When Jihadists and I*slamic theologians must stop making the whole world DAR UL-Islam where no one can live as a non-believer. At least all Muslim religious preachers must stop teaching Muslims certain outdated verses in the Koran. Koran says: ” Oh you believe! Murder those of the unbelievers and let them find harshness in you”. (Koran 9:123) “I will instill terror into the hearts of unbelievers: Smite above their necks and smite all their finger tips off” (Koran 8:12) “Slay the idolaters whenever you find them” ( Koran 2: 191). Muslims consider it as a success and the goal of Islamic life to kill all infidels. Muslims prefer to use foul means to achieve success. Success in life involves not merely getting what one wants or follow what the desert Dogma (Islam) wants Muslims to do.* *We are told to tolerate intolerant Islam as a religion. Let me remind you that tolerance of intolerant radical Muslims is not a positive virtue. It is unwise and foolish to tolerate a Jihad i burglar coming to your house to rape your sister. It is pathology to tolerate and compromise with a radical Islamist s coming to your house with a sword in hand for beheading.* *We want peace, freedom, harmony and progress. All pseudo-secular intellectuals pro-Islamist political leaders want us to tolerate islamic hatred.All peace loving people should confront Muslims with unholy verses of the Koran and our world leaders must encourage Muslims for a renaissance and change. Muslims should be demanded to attend courses on conflict-resolution, absorbing change.* *Muslims of course differ greatly in versatility adaptability and ability to absorb change. Muslims must show the ability to improve in quantity, duration, intensity, and quality of their life and our life. *

    2. COMMENT: The answer to the question ” *Can Muslims Ever Change? ” was provided by Dr. Wafa Sultan, who says that:* *Islam cannot change. Islam is the standard-bearer of all things, for Moslems. Islam is evil, it denies the equality * of men.

    Man is born free, but where ever there is Islam, man is in chains. The warlords of Islam want to rule over others, especially over Kafirs ( Non-Moslem Infidels ). The badness of Islam does not start from Moslems, it is other way around. It starts from Islam, it is Islam that perverts the Moslems, in irrational terms.

    3. Islam is the agent of slavery & of oppression. Gone are the days when uncivilized Bedouin barbarians, with their two-edged swords, could terrorize & subdue Kafir civilizations. It is time for freedom-loving people of the world, to stand up to evil Islam, defeat it, and make it the Mohammad-Loo ( counterpart of Napolean’s Waterloo ) of Islam.

    4. Kafirs have no other alternative. If they want to do away with the evil of Islam. We have no alternative other to defeat & overthrow Islam, and other similar systems, that do not conform to the freedom & equality of man. Islamic government is the government of divine rights, and its laws cannot be changed, modified, or contested.

    5. Freedom-loving Kafirs of the world, cannot allow the Islamic agents of oppression, to succeed & lord over Kafirs. It is time to banish Islam to Mohammad-Loo.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  19. Sunny
    September 8, 2013

    You can raise your population greatly by a few different things – More children, banning of abortions which have killed millions upon millions of hindus in the womb, more time and resources towards conversions in india and abroad, better health care so hindu men and women do not die on the operating table, and the destruction of islamists…..


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