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Joint Raid by RSS, Animal Rights Activists & Cops to resist Cow Slaughter sparks violence in Bangalore.

Fifteen RSS Activists and animal rights activists attacked by 350 Fanatic Muslims for stopping cow slaughter in Bangalore. 

RSS Karyakarta Anjaneyalu deeply injured

RSS Karyakarta Anjaneyalu deeply injured

Bangalore |  Source~VSK & TOI | 5 July 2013 :: At least 15 RSS activists, other Hindu leaders and activists from Animal Protection forum were injured in an unexpected attack at Muslim dense Islampur area next to Annasandrapalya near HAL at Bangalore last night. RSS Halasur Nagar Karyavah Anjaneyalu is seriously injured, his condition is critical, said a local RSS leader. Strangely, everything happened in the presence of police on Thursday night ad the cops were also roughed up by the Islamic goons.

Tension prevailed near Annasandrapalya (remaned as  Islampur), off Old Airport Road, after a group of animal rights activists and RSS men jointly attempted to raid what they claimed was a cow slaughterhouse on Thursday night. Peace returned to the area on Friday and the police confirmed there was no evidence of any slaughterhouse. However, five men were arrested for the violence that ensued.

On Thursday night, the activists were confronted by locals. According to a complaint filed with the HAL police, seven activists, including a woman, were attacked by the 200-strong mob.

Seven activists and two policemen were admitted to HAL Hospital and Chinmaya Mission Hospital. The condition of some of the injured, B Basavaraj and Anjaneyalu, is said to serious. Police have detained five men for their alleged involvement in the attack.

Police Jeep was attacked by Muslims of Islampur A Karyakarta at Hospital with minor injuries explaining the details RSS Karyakarta Rahul Ramaswamy met with serious injuries, his bike was burnt at Muslim dense Islampur, Bangalore

Pic. L to R. 1 Police Jeep was attacked by Muslim Mob. 2. A Karyakarta at Hospital with minor injuries explaining the details. 3. RSS Karyakarta Rahul Ramaswamy met with serious injuries, his bike was burnt at Muslim dense Islampur, Bangalore. 

What happened?

  • At around 9pm, On a specific information given by a brave techie girl Sherine about a vehicle carrying cows for slaughtering.  Animal rights activist, Joshine Antony, 23, spotted a truck carrying 30 heads of cattle at a traffic signal on Old Airport Road on Thursday evening.  She then called her friends over and they went to the police station to file a complaint and get help to raid the ground where the cattle was kept. RSS team immediately came to action and stopped the vehicle with the help of local police.
  • RSS team insisted to file a complaint, FIR was lodged in HAL police station. But few youth with the vehicle and associated with transport of cows escaped.
  • To identify and catch them, Police team along with RSS swayamsevaks, the brave informer Sherine and Joshine Antony went to Islampur, a Muslim dominant area. All followed the truck, which went up to an open ground next to Annasandrapalya, behind HAL helicopter complex.
  • On arrival of RSS team to the area, nearly 350 goondas attacked RSS Karyakarta’s including police, Joshine Antony and Sherine. RSS Swayamsevaks vehicles were damaged, set to fire, burnt. Police vehicle also damaged. Anti-social elements attacked on Sherine too, humiliated her within the police vehicle. She was so brave to face those goondas. She was safe as Swayamsevaks were there around
  • Attack continued, RSS Kartakarta’s Rahul Ramaswamy, Halasur Nagar Sahkaryavah Anjaneyulu, Krishna Hatwar, Sadashiva, BJP’s Prashanth and many others were seriously injured.
  • Injured RSS activists were immediately hospitalised.
  • RSS top functionaries Dr Giridhar Upadhayaya, Ramaswamy, Prakash Raju, Krishna Gunaga, Senior Police officers like Addtional Commissioner Kamal Panth, DCP Harsha and few Media channels arrived at the spot as they heard about the attack.
  • On Friday morning at 9.30am RSS, VHP activists staged a massive protest in front of HAL Police Station, demanded to arrest all culprits behind this attack and illegal Cow transport for slaughtering.

RSS Condemns the attack:

RSS State Joint General Secretary Prof BV Sridharswamy condemned the attack and said “We strongly condemn this attack on our Karyakarta’s. Through this, Our Karyakarta’s again alarmed the government, to take immediate steps to be taken on illegal cow transports for slaughtering. We request the Government, Police and Society to join hands to stop illegal transport of Cows for slaughtering” .

4 comments on “Joint Raid by RSS, Animal Rights Activists & Cops to resist Cow Slaughter sparks violence in Bangalore.

  1. zaheer
    July 7, 2013

    Cow slaughter is condemned in India, if sum thng is going wrong, lodge a complaint, why RSS is acting too much, is it necessary to show goondaism, why RSS people misuse Law?


    • Hindu
      July 8, 2013

      did you read the story above properly…i think you are trying to act smart here, you are wrong….
      read point 1 and 2 if you can…else i’ll consider you are illiterate


  2. Surinder Attri
    July 7, 2013

    Subj: Real reason for banning the movie Raanjhanaa in Pakistan

    1. To discover the real reason for the banning of the movie Raanjhanaa in Pakistan, you have to look through the backdoor, into the brains of the Grease-Monkeys of Islam ( Islamic Clergy: Mullahs, Maulvies, Muftis, et al ). That is the Queen’s highway into the basic matter of Islam’s thinking.

    2. The GM’s of Islami-Pakistan are scared that, this movie might encourage Moslem women of Pakistan, to marry Kafir boys. When that happens, the GM’s would end up pleading with these women, to stay in Islam, But these women, more than lilely would refuse to play ball with the GM’s, and would rejectthe bad

    2. COMMENT: Note: The Hindu boys would be befriending Moslem girs, with a clean conscience. How come ?

    Reason: The Moslem of India & Pakistan, are earstwhike Hindus, who were forcibly converted to Islam, by Moslem Kings. Their only choice was:

    Convert to Islam or die.

    3. The Moslem girls now have more choices than that. They can now give a three-letter signal to the GMs of Islam ( Grease-Monkeys of Islam: Mulllahs, Maulvies, Muftis, Kazis, et al ). The three letter signal is GTH ( GTH means Go To Hell ). The GMs are trudging & drudging Moslem girls into slavery. They are vicious & malicious. They are Jihadis of Jhanam ( Hell ), it is most appropriate for Moslem girls to tell them to go to that place ( that is, Jhanam ).

    4. Hindu boys by bfriending Moslem girls, marrying hem amd bringing them back into Hinduism, would be only bringing them back into their real-home. Besides, they would be freeing them from the slave world of Islam, and getting them inside the free world of Hinduism.

    5. Moslem girls do not need the slave world of Islam any more, than they need a hole in their head. Rather than living as slaves & serfs in Islam, they can quit the slave world of Islam, and become masterful, free, assertive, and creative citizens of Hinduism.

    Hindu population, Hindu leaders, and Hindu outfits, ought to encourage such forward actions on the part of Hindu boys. Such Hindu actions, ought to become the Atal-Shiksha ( permanent education ) of the brave Hindu boys.

    6. With this kind of social service, Hindu boys would not only be helping the Moslem girls, get out of the servitude & subjugation of Islam, but they shall also be helping their own Hinduism, by building the strength & sinews of their Hinduism.

    7. No Hindu, should have any hesitation or disinclination, towards this kind of social service, on the part of Hindu Boys. Besides, this is a perfect-remedy for the suffering girls/women of Islam. It is a noble act.

    Surinder Paul Attri


  3. Surinder Attri
    July 13, 2013


    1. Q;uote: A major road in Bangalore city central is named after FM Cariappa, but there is nothing anywhere after FM Sam Maneckshaw

    COMMENT: The reason for the omission of Sam Maneckshaw Road or Boulevard, is not due lack of merit or worthiness, on the part of Sam Maneckshaw. Sam Maneck shaw’s record is very fitting, meritable, and praiseworthy.

    The real reason for this omossion is politics & practice of politics, especially the politics of phoney-liberalism. Field Marshall Sam Maneckshaw gave a bloody-nose to the highly vicious & belligerant Pakistan Army. The defeat of the Paki Army was, total & completely-consumated.

    Sam Maneckshaw was the king-bolt or king-pin of the entire campaign, for the liberation of Bangladesh. In other words, he is a person of chief importance.

    2. Then why the Hell, they are refusing to honor Sam Manechshaw & recognize his contribution to the liberation of Bangladesh ?

    The reason is pure & simple. It is all politics. They are trying to be nice to the Moslems of Pakistan & Moslems of India. They absolutely do not want to rub salt into the wounds of the Moslems & into those of the defeated Paki Army. This is how the politics of Phoney-Liberalism works. Hell with Phoney-Liberalism.

    Surinder Paul Attri


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