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Are Pakistani Terrorist Orgs really planning to a Fatal Attack on India on 26th March 2015?

Terrorist Threat from PakistanThreat to execute a ‘Special Terrorist Attack’ on Hindusthan (India) by Pakistani fundamentals on 26th March 2015.

  Special Atankvadi Hamla on 26 March 2015

New Delhi | Hindu Existence News Bureau | 7 July 2013:: A threat to attack on Indians through a ‘Special Terror Attack’ has been sent by some MOHSIN KING from Karachi Pakistan as received by the Hindu Existence Editorial Desk on 7th July 2007 at 12.07 am (IST). The message was sent from the email id and generated from ip no located at Karachi, Sindh province of Pakistan.

The threat message is written in roman script and Urdu/Hindi language as “26 march 2015 specal aatang wadi hamla ho ga taiyar rahna bahgne k liye baad ne nahi bol na bataya nahi bahgo gay to kaha bhago gay”. That means, Get ready to face a special terror attack on 26th March 2015. Don’t say that we have not told to flee away. But where do you flee to escape.

Actually, Pakistan had to keen down to India on 26.03.1971, when Bangladesh was established as an independent country after separated from its persecutor Pakistan being controlled by Army regimen. And Pakistan is always try to recapture Bangladesh again under a fundamental authority connected to Pan Pakistan conspiracy.

Pakistan terrorists groups are very much active in India to destroy its democracy and its majority Hindu texture with its heinous conspiracy of Jihad through its own intelligence agency ISI and with collaboration with  Bangladesh intelligence agency DGFI and Arab Intelligence agency GIP.

Though such threats are not new to Hindu Existence, the matter must be taken seriously by the Indian authority and its intelligence counterparts avoiding the Islamic menace as perpetrated by a filthy neighbor like Pakistan.

Hindu Existence is always responsible to assure any type of its assistance to GOI and its agencies to protect the Nation and its citizen from any satanic design of Pakistan or any foreign power to destroy Bharat. India will take a lead to end all bloody Jihad from the soil of earth.

We believe that no power on this world can finish Bharat as it is Sanatan (Eternal).

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Jamat ud Dawa waged Jihad against Hindus to destroy India, N-war for Kashmir, demands separate Ministry of Jihad in Pakistan Government.

Why should Bharat tolerate Jihadi Threat time and again? Cut the Islamic Terror Root for ever.

2 comments on “Are Pakistani Terrorist Orgs really planning to a Fatal Attack on India on 26th March 2015?

    July 12, 2013

    Am impressed. It is a really good as well as tough work.. very much informative also. My best wishes.


  2. Lambda Scorpio
    August 5, 2014

    Only answer, Destroy Pakistan with all your Might, once and for all.


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