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Islamic ‘No-entry for outsiders’ signboards in Rameswaram villages removed by Police.

Success: ‘No-entry for outsiders’ signboards installed by Jammat as Fatwa in Rameswaram villages removed under Hindu Protest.

We don't want Shariat Law in IndiaSpecial correspondent | Ramanathapuram (Tamil Nadu) | Jan 01, 2014:: Following a report published by The Pioneer first and propagated by Hindu Existence, Haindavakeralam and Hindu Janjagruti Samiti about the billboards put up by local Jamaat Councils in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu that ‘outsiders were not allowed into the villages’, police last week removed all the signboards displayed prominently at entrances to the villages.

Hindu Existence propagated the issue under the headline “Fatwa challenges Rule of the land in Rameshwram villages in Tamil Nadu. Hindus are prohibited in some parts of India.” and commented “Islamic Fatwa violates Indian Sovereignty in Rameshwram villages in Tamil Nadu. Non Muslims are not allowed in the outskirts of Hindu Shrine place, even not allowed to purchase lands. State and Central Govt.s are sleeping. Oh Hindus! Retaliate wherever possible. Don’t give entry of Muslims and Christians in Hindu Villages and don’t sell a piece of land even. It’s our existential question in Bharat. Anti-Hindu forces are too active to cease our rights in the traditional land of Hindus.”

Immediate after publication of the report, the Hindu Existence Forum sent all the clippings of the news and pictures to various authorities (Administrative and Police)  in Tamil Nadu and forwarded the same to all possible corner of the globe including the international media.

The high offices of President of India and the Prime Minister of India have also been alerted for such a repression over Hindus around Rameswaram villages.

The endeavour  of all concerned and the main reporter of the specific news, Kumar Chellappan of The Pioneer has been reached to a fruitful end at last.

Yesterday, Ramanathapuram Superintendent of Police NM Mayilvahananan has been quoted by a local daily that he ordered the removal of the boards since they had the word ‘Warning’. “Only the police can use the word ‘Warning’ in public places,” he told the reporter of a local daily.

Though the local daily report quotes a Baskaran (that too a changed name), as telling that the boards were never a bone of contention as it was collective decision to put them up, The Pioneer had carried comments from persons with original names and are known to everybody in the district.

Though MH Jawahirullah, the Manithaneya Makkal Katchi (an Islamist outfit) MLA representing the Ramanathapuram constituency said no fatwa has been issued anywhere in the district and the report about hoisting of national tricolour with chappals was false, he has conceded that a group of boys were fined by the police for hoisting chappals. What he left unsaid was the presence of national tricolour along with the chappals.

The report also quotes that the presence of the bill boards were of no concern earlier. “It is out of fear that nobody lodges a complaint,” said D Kuppu Ramu, an advocate and VHP leader who was once brutally attacked by Islamic terrorists.

Elsewhere in the Ramanathapuram district, there are instances of the Hindus living in perpetual fear because of the sheer strength of numbers of the Musilm community which is getting radicalised by the day.

The present case of initiating Shariat laws in a Muslim majority area issuing fatwa or the tendencies of expelling the Hindu minorities from Muslim areas , have the right answer through instant and joint protest in many ways to restore Indian Constitution and law of the lad over Islamic hegemony and dangerous Shariat.

7 comments on “Islamic ‘No-entry for outsiders’ signboards in Rameswaram villages removed by Police.

  1. Maneesh Agg
    January 2, 2014

    “Nip in the Bud” is the right way to tackle this most dangerous problem of Islaminization of India. These kind of instances are occurring across India and Hindus are not united so they are protesting in a feeble way. This pseudo secularism has destroyed the strength of Hinduism in a very large extent. Your efforts to stop these kind of barbaric shariat law application are commendable. They are spreading like cancer very fast and swiftly. Every HINDU organization like Yours are working to stop this. We feel secure because of your presence. We support all your good deeds which directly or indirectly help HINDUS.


  2. Shubham Mishra
    January 3, 2014

    This is a big milestone achieved in our holy war against radical Islam. We have to keep on fighting untill the whole muslim community fall in line to obey Indian constitution and accept hindu supremacy in this country.


  3. fmaksakov
    January 5, 2014

    I’m Russian and agnostic, but i’m a big sympathizer of all people who understand the vile nature of muslim ideology (after reading unholy quran, i find it embarassing to call this evil ideology a ‘religion’; it’s a wild political ideology with religious component, we are still suffering from influx of muslim immigrants from ex-USSR countries + goddamn Chechnya), be it Chinese pseudocommies, Indian Hindus, Israeli Jews, Myanmar’s Buddhists, Angola’s Christians and whatever. Now look at this brave 13-year girl: – i suggest that Hindu spirit must be alive as she’s dealing with muslim goatbangers more effectively than pussy muslim-in-chief of the USA can even dream of. Look forward to elect such ppl into your govt. After all every complaint from Indians about muslim goatbangers is fair and just – you’ve got your very own “Two nation theory” and separated Pakistan instead of one united country for a reason (which is referred to as ‘pisslam’). Regardless of language or ethnicity, there must be no muslims in India. Proven by Bosnians (only muslim Slavs) and Pakistanis (like civilized Indians by genome and blood, but fucked up in mind thanks to shitlam). There shall be no remorse, no exceptions, no mercy, muslims should be kicked out of the country, be it extremist sunni salafi, so-called ‘moderate’ sunni sufi, ‘neutral’ shia who ‘don’t care’ or ahmadiyya (they may say crap like ‘we are against sharia, we are secular, the last prophet who came after Muhammad updated islam’, but they still ready shitty quran which incites hatred when they don’t want to rewrite it, thus they are a potential ‘fifth column’ of traitors who can make treason anytime).


    January 6, 2014

    congats TN police, India should learn fm this and take stern step aginst fanatics whose main goal to spread violence nd convert innocent Hindus


  5. Water Boy
    July 25, 2015

    For all the wise men and idiots alike, i would like to submit this link:

    Those who really care may read it. those who can read Tamil & English, please read it.


  6. ayush goel
    July 29, 2015

    muslims should be removed away from india except some of them like kalam sir


  7. Allodas
    October 6, 2015

    Hindus should unite against all prejudge,conspiracy. To be united all hindus should be considered brothers from same pairs.
    :Vande parameswara
    Joytu parameswara:


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