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Rahul Gandhi spreading hatred against Hindus, RSS puts complaints to EC.

Congress and Rahul Gandhi’s anti Hindu propaganda in Election campaign row….

Rahul spreading hatred, RSS tells EC in complaint

Raul GandyTNN | Bangalore | Mar 8, 2014::  The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh filed a complaint with the Election Commission on Friday against Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for his speech at Sonale village in Thane, Maharashtra, calling it “politically motivated false propaganda”.

Alleging Rahul had made several false, unverified and unfounded allegations against the sangh during his Maharashtra tour, RSS spokesman Ram Madhav said, “The complainant wishes to point out that the statement by Rahul Gandhi was made deliberately, with ulterior political motive … equating the RSS with BJP and to spread hatred against both in sections of society.”

Charging Rahul with violating the model code of conduct, the RSS demanded “appropriate” action against him. In the contentious speech, Rahul had referred to the RSS and said “… They have killed Gandhiji, today they talk about Gandhiji.” RSS alleged that the unverified statements against it were made in a Muslim-dominated district. “He linked RSS to the BJP, a rival of the Congress,” the complaint reads.

Stressing that the media coverage of the speech by several TV channels and print media was sufficient evidence, the organization argued that such statements were made to spread hatred.

“The complainant submits that Rahul, by making offensive remarks in a predominantly Muslim area, has sent a message to the community that the RSS got Mahatma Gandhi killed. The utterances were clearly aimed at and amounted to an activity which may aggravate differences and create mutual hatred between Hindus and Muslims,” the complaint read.

Madhav, who is member, central executive committee, RSS, said he filed the complaint in Bangalore as all senior RSS functionaries are here in connection with the Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha.

RSS planning legal action against Rahul Gandhi says Ram Madhav

ram-madhav 1Daily Bhaskar   |  New Delhi | Mar 07, 2014:: Taking offence to the remarks made by Rahul Gandhi which accused Rahstriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) of killing Mahatma Gandhi, the volunteer Hindu nationalist group is planning to initiate legal action against the Congress vice president and also register a complaint with the Election Commission.

Ram Madhav, the RSS spokesperson tweeted earlier in the day “Legal action will be initiated against Rahul Gandhi for his irresponsible utterances linking RSS with Gandhi’s murder. Complaint will be filed with EC too.” 
Reportedly, the Gandhi scion had accused the Sangh of taking active part in the murder of Mahatma Gandhi during his political rally in Maharashtra yesterday.
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Islamic Legacy of Rahul Gandhi.

Islamic Legacy of Rahul Gandhi.

Courtesy: TOI | Daily Bhaskar.

5 comments on “Rahul Gandhi spreading hatred against Hindus, RSS puts complaints to EC.

  1. reddyrv393
    March 8, 2014

    Rahul GAndhi ( PAPPU ) should be taught a fitting lesson for spreading hatred Hindus. N.A. should be taken in this regards. Dr.R.V.Reddy 9866470115


  2. kiran prakasba ganbote.
    March 8, 2014

    देशभक्त संघटन पर राजनैतिक स्वार्थ के लिऎ आरोप लगाना गलत है।


  3. hinduexistence
    March 9, 2014


    Many of the readers wanted to view the copy of the complaint lodged by RSS to the CEC. We have procured the text fro Samvada.Org, a RSS site. A representational JPEG copy is given herewith to get a proper idea about it.
    The framing, Letter heads etcare not original. But, the text is original as it was sent to CEC.

    Editor, Hindu Existence.



  4. SAI
    March 10, 2014

    The 10 Numabri Gandhi, using Mahatma Gandhi’s Name, when even his party does not have Mahatma (maybe afterthought will be added), Indira, Rajiv or Sanjay (who???) Mr Raul Vinci may ask
    Mr Raul is an imbecile half Italian so does not know ANY HISTORY, or GEOGRAPHY.
    HIT BACK AT THIS CHRISTIAN VATICAN HALF WHITE SKINNED SAVAGE (his filthy white skinned genes). Anyway MR RAUL HINDUS are rising to your and your Mothers christian evil. These shit filled uncultured, uncouth white skinned rascals think they are superior still. Sense needs to be banged in their pigshit filled heads. REPLY THEM IN THE TOUNGE THEY UNDERSTAND–FEROCITY

    1. Who surrendered NETAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE to enemies that his death is still mysterious AT BEST

    2. which PARTY MOHD ALI JINNAH belonged to before creating Muslim League?? Did I hear Congress??


    4. By the way it is an idioticity of highest order by the Illuminati controlled Vatican Congress to say it is responsible for Independence. IT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DRAGGING THE DYING BRITISH EMPIRE..BUT FOR SHEER DUPLICITY OF CONGRESS-CoMMIES. Afganistan threw British off in 1919,INDIA

    5. CONGIS were begging BRITISH FOR “DOMINION STATUS”(which was what we got actually-FALSE INDEPENDENCE).Congress duplicity of dynasty. Its NOT PRSIDENT OF INDIA but Queen of england who is the first citizen of India STILL

    6. NETAJI was First to raise POORNA SWARAJ Issue in CONGRESS. FOR WHICH HE WAS THROWN OUT (CONGIS-BRITISH FRIENDSHIP). However he became so popular and Gandhi-Nehru SO UNPOPULAR that Congis picked that slogan (with British consent offcourse)

    7. Hidden christian, white skinned illuminati like Annie Besant ran congress actually to fool the masses. No doubt REAL NATIONALISTS FACED CELLULAR PRISONS, WHILE CONGI TOPMOST were always “House arrested” with 5 star facilities

    8. Nodoubt there was a clamour to ban RSS fast, as the Illuminati, Edwina, so conviently Mahatma Gandhi is removed and RSS banned.

    9 Mr Raul Vinci: 1965 Lal Bahadur Shastri removes India from PL 480.Country fasts once every week including nationalist PM L.B Shastri. and L.B Shastri dies mysteriously??

    10. 1998 INDIA becomes a Nuclear Power shocking even the CIA. 1998 suddenly a foreigner sonia descided to join politics, 1998, All parties gell with foreigner led Congress to protect “secularism”BJP-NDA felled by 1 foreigner vote in 1998. What was the big game??

    11. Your most famous quote “I’am very happy to come to Uttrakhand for first time”..Good feelings…But the state in question was Chattisgarh 1200 kms away from Uttrakhand. Anyway it was the “secular” (Christian cunning combined with white skinned guiles) quote

    12. Why was MARCOS delayed for 14 hrs when they were posted right in Mumbai with NAVY’S Western commnad on 26/11, and would have reached in 14 secs, and only when white skinned rascals got killed that they were moved??

    13.. Can you spell “secularism”?? In italian your mother says “Sickularism”

    14. Do you know the Preamble of Indian Constitution.. ANYWAY “SECULARS” (meaning the christian Illuminati, slaves though these white skinned christian genocidal maniacs will name Jews again) are excused

    India is a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic

    YOU AND YOUR FOREGN MOTHER with conniving Khalistani destroyed it and mortgagaed our soveriegnity to USof A and ITALY vide 123 agreement, allowing foreigners to buy property in India, ALLOWING PLUNDER BY FOREIGNER-SPECIALLY ITALIANS OF INDIA’S ASSETS, giving India’s strategic resources like OIL TO MNCs, allowing Multi brand retailing to kill our shopkeepers, killing agriculture in name of SEZs (54 around the world, vide 119 in India and all on EXCELLENT AGRICULTURAL LAND), allowing 40 million illegal slundog gutter scum Bangaldeshi, crimnal terrorists. AND YOUR SLAVE KHALISTANI MOUTHPIECE AND MOTHER LOOSES FULL NIGHT SLEEP OVER TERRORSITS..(By the way the reality is all suspect Indian Mujahideen is a Christian Church-Congi outfit )

    Socialist: HA HA HA HA HA FDI, Corporate “socialism”

    Democratic ” VOWW….AN anaccountable UPA Chairperson (Indian constitution has no such post but again “secularism” does not require ANYTHING ELSE)Foreigner(that too with no education) and her HANDPICKED TOILET Cabinet called NAC with no account RUNNING INDIA like a PVT LTD COMPANY. SHADY CIA AND CHINESE AGENTS AND OUTRIGHT NAXALITE KILLERS (Here again Mr Raul Vinci..Naxalism was limited to Andhra till CB Naidu was the CM..The day the christian CM YSR was “chosen” by the foreign christian, the NAXALITES in a day transeferred their base to BJP ruled Chattisgarh. MAYEB SECULAR (Christian)DEMONOCRAZY


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