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Declare cow as Rashtra Mata: Yogi Adityanath.

BJP Lawmaker Yogi Adityanath wants cow declared Rashtra Maata; starts nationwide movement.

Go SevaUpendra Bharti | HENB | NEW DELHI | April 3, 2015:: Fire brand Hindu Saint, Star Bharatiya Janata Party campaigner and lawmaker Yogi Adityanath, whose impeccable Hindutva credentials include support for Ghar Wapsi and the desire to install idols of Gauri-Ganesh in every Indian mosque, now has the cow in his sights. He’s embarked on a drive to raise Bos taurus indicus to new heights of veneration.

The Hindu Yuva Vahini led by Adityanath wants the cow declared Rashtra Maata or Mother of the Nation. Inspired by the success of the BJP’s missed-call membership drive that has apparently made it the world’s biggest political party, the Vahini has adopted a similar tactic. It has launched a missed-call subscription number, 07533007511, on a pilot basis in Aligarh to canvass support for the cause.

“Gai sanaatan dharma ki pehchaan hai,” Adityanath told ET, referring to the cow as being a symbol of orthodox Hinduism. “There is no doubt that it is the link between India’s spiritual and economic cosmology. Gauvansh (cow genealogy) and gausampada( the animal’s variety) bridge the temporal and religious worlds in India.”

The Narendra Modi-led BJP’s resounding victory in the general election last year followed by the party doing well in some state polls strengthened the cow preservation movement. Maharashtra’s BJP led government enforced a law banning the slaughter of bulls and bullocks in March.

Anyone who sells beef or has it in their possession is liable to face five years in jail and fines. Police in the state’s Malegaon town have asked people who own cows to provide them with photographs of each animal, presumably to help keep track of the bovines.

Haryana, another state with a new BJP government, recently banned cow slaughter. Those breaking the law could face jail time of 10 years and fines. Home Minister Rajnath Singh, on a recent visit to a Border Security Force station on the India-Bangladesh border, called for the prevention of “cows crossing over” in order to discourage beef eating in the neighbouring country.

“We have launched this campaign because this is the majority sentiment and it should be acknowledged with some national status being accorded to cows,” he said.

“People’s sentiments should be acknowledged… This should be accompanied by a total ban on cow slaughter across the country.” Adityanath is confident that the party’s membership push method will work for the cow campaign as well.

“This is just one strategy to build awareness and demonstrate numbers, since the BJP’s enrolment drive managed to net over 9 crore members and made the party the largest political party in the world,” he said. Some non-supporters have questioned that claim, saying that they have received messages welcoming them to the party even though they had no intention of joining the organisation. There is no time limit for the Mother India campaign, which has drawn support from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad

(VHP) as well. Adityanath is clear that the people of India are keen on the cause.

160_600-1In recent past, Yogi Adityanath’s statements made controversies. Here is a look at few of them:

1. Muslims safer in India than anywhere else in world
“Muslims are safer in India than anywhere else in the world and the majority community is liberal by nature,” BJP MP Yogi Adityanath said.

While speaking at ‘Virat Hindu Samavesh’ in Hubballi, Yogi Adityanath said, “Hindus are liberal in nature and therefore the country is also liberal, and Muslims are safer in India than anywhere else in the world.”

Echoing RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s comments on Mother Teresa, Adityanath said “in the name of rendering service to the poor, resorting to religious conversions is wrong.” Bhagwat had recently raked up a controversy by commenting that conversion to Christianity was the main objective behind Mother Teresa’s service to the poor.

2. Ghar Wapsi will continue
BJP MP Yogi Adityanath on Monday said that the Ghar Wapsi programme of the Hindu rightwing outfits will continue till a law on religious conversion is put in place.

Addressing a ‘Hindu Sammelan’ in Rohtak organised by the VHP, Adityanath said vote-bank politics and not poverty is the main problem in the country. “Ghar Wapsi shall continue till a law on religious conversion is brought in,” he said.

“If such a law was in place at the time of Independence then the population of Christians would not have risen from a mere 0.7 per cent to seven per cent. Similarly, the population of the Muslims would not have increased from three per cent in 1947 to 15 per cent,” he added.

3. Imam Bukhari should be sent to Pakistan

Firebrand leader Yogi Adityanath said on Friday that Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, should be sent to Pakistan.

He was reacting to Bukhari’s comment that he would invite Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on his son’s annointment but not Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He also called Bukhari a traitor.

RSS, the ideological mentor to the most of the right-wing Hindutva outfits, had last month made a strong pitch for protecting the ‘gau vansh’ and said merely enacting laws to ban cow slaughter by some BJP-ruled states was not enough.

“The government must ensure that the law against cow slaughter is implemented effectively, just making laws is not sufficient,” RSS general secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi had said at the conclusion of a conclave of Akhil Bhartiya Pratinidhi Sabha, the highest policy making body of the Sangh, at Nagpur last month.

__With inputs from, PTI, Economic Times and India Today.

5 comments on “Declare cow as Rashtra Mata: Yogi Adityanath.

  1. shyamdkumar
    April 4, 2015

    Gau Vansh is the full economy!
    Gau Mata must be Rashtra Mata……
    Jai Ho


  2. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    April 4, 2015

    Open and read COW- > <
    Thank you!
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


  3. dinu
    April 5, 2015

    we are also with this


  4. Meenakshi
    April 6, 2015



  5. vikaskumar619143
    April 8, 2015

    I want Cow slaughter has to be banned Completely in India.


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