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Mischievous Potency of Urdu Press.

Mischief Potential Urdu Press

D C Nath.

IPF Bulletin on Urdu PressHENB | New Delhi | April 17. 2015:: Today, we are on an issue not generally talked about or discussed in any circle. But, a little ground knowledge of the role the Urdu press has been playing, will convince every one, be he or she belongs to any community, that it has been fostering falsehood and creates communalism when no such scope exists.

Since this is our first mail on the subject, a few things need to be clarified in the beginning. Average Muslims believe that Urdu is a foreign language, of the Muslims and for the Muslim only. That Urdu is, in fact an Indian language is not known to the vast majority of people in the country. As a matter fact, there used to be some members of the majority community were great Urdu writers, especially those who once stayed in West Punjab.

As a matter fact, the government has helped develop this mis- perception by, among other things, replacing Sanskrit-based hourly AIR bulletins by more Urdu-issued version. And, these bulletins are now routinely read by Muslim employees only.

In this background, it requires no knowledge of atomic science to understand that the average Muslims take the information catered by the Urdu press as specific messages for mass communication among the Muslims and as gospel truth. Herein lies the rub, the tremendous mischief potential of the Urdu press.

With whatever ground knowledge is available to former government employees like yours truly, it can be said without any fear of being contradicted that at times this channel is misused by foreign elements as well to misguide the average Muslims. Evidence is available on this.

Let us in this background, note that an excellent overview/survey of the activities of the Urdu press in the country is made available to us every fortnight by an academic body, namely, the India Policy Foundation ( We take this opportunity to share with all our friends and well-wishers the “Summary” of the March 16-31 issue of this fortnightly publication brought out by the IPF. While you may like to read the full one-page long Summary (attached), we produce below some parts of it:

Urdu Press

To get the details of it please click here.

Friends, this will give you an idea of what all mischief or damage this section of the Urdu Press can cause to the average Muslim psyche. As a matter of fact, apart from what the Centre ought to do, it is a very fit case for every State governments to create a cell for monitoring the Urdu press regularly. That will provide a very healthy guideline for timely action in forestalling more serious events and also to identify individuals with mischievous potential for the future. Well, this has to be planned very systematically and cannot be created just when wanted or within a short period of time.

Friends, a request now: Those of you are in position to help this process develop and gain root in every State, kindly do so in overall national interest, especially keeping in mind that the currently influential fundamentalist Islamists dominating the world developments will lose no time to exploit this excellent ready-made machinery/platform, ever available to be of assistance. Do we need to say anything more on the subject?

Friends,we hope to regularly cater to you this fortnightly “Summary”—courtesy, the India Policy Foundation. Let us give them a big cheer on this inaugural occasion so far as we are concerned.

The writer can be reached at / Cell +91 9811995693.

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