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No Conversion and no Displacement made possible in Rampur Hindu Valmiki Colony. Considering it a defeat Azam wants to leave India.

Valmikis in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh have now called off protest. No Conversion no Displacement took place so far. Maintaining it as a defeat Azam Khan wants to leave India. 

No Conversion- No Displacement in RampurHENB | Rampur | April 16, 2015::  The controversial hoax on mass conversion of 800 Hindu Dalit families belonging to Valmiki community has put to an end in Rampur. No conversion made as such as a statement came into the media as issued by National Commission for SC and ST on Thursday.

The Residents of a Valmiki colony, who were on a hunger strike for a week in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, have been persuaded to break their fast after they were assured that their homes would not be demolished.

The tension sparked as a demolition drive planned to create space for a mall parking lot became a major controversy this week when 800 residents of the locality announced a mass conversion to Islam, they said to save their homes from being demolished.

The residents of the earmarked colony belong to the Valmiki community, traditionally engaged in sanitation work, and allege that they took the startling decision to convert after they were told by civic officials that their houses would not be touched had they been Muslims.

The frightened residents point out that there are several shops and houses owned by Muslims only about half a kilometre away, which have not been included in the parking lot plan, under which only the Valmiki colony will be demolished and the residents re-located.

“They want to construct a parking lot for the mall nearby. The surrounding Muslim colonies have not been touched. Why us? When a draftsman from the local civic body visited us last week, he told us that if these were Muslim houses they would not have been demolished,” said Avinash Tapan, a resident of Valmiki colony.

Rampur is a Muslim dominated area and the assembly constituency of Azam Khan, one of the most powerful ministers in UP. Azam is infamous for his anti-Hindu stand and master in playing communal cards.

The upcoming mall is being built by the local municipality and the District Magistrate has now promised the residents that no demolitions will be done in a hurry. But worries remain, with supporters Mr Khan asserting that the demolition drive will continue “irrespective of any caste or religion.”

Azam Khan would only say, “If I am not aware of this issue, then I obviously cannot comment… If I begin to worry about what people are talking about, then it will be very difficult to live.”

The BJP workers in Kanpur today burnt an effigy of Mr Khan alleging that the entire episode is a conspiracy to convert Hindu Valmiki families to Islam in his constituency. BJP leader Sadhvi Prachi reached Rampur yesterday, but was prevented from visiting the Valmiki colony.

But the residents say that they do not want their problems politicised and want restore peace in the locality without any forced displacement. Members of the National Commission for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe visited the area on Thursday and assured the residents that they would not be evicted fro their homes forcibly.

Considering a great defeat by failing demolition of the Valmiki Colony or not being successful to convert the Valmiki families into Islam, now eccentric Azam khan wants to leave India.

Before Azam, Daud Ibrahim, MF Hussian and other anti-Indians left India to continue their anti Indian activities from abroad. Azam may the new edition of it.

Read this in Hindi: कोई देश पनाह दे तो मैं हिंदुस्तान छोड़ने को तैयार : आजम

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