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Love Jihad behind Agra Church Vandalism.

Love Jihad Behind Agra Church Vandalism

Jilted Muslim lover responsible for Agra church attack, police revealed finally.

HENB | Agra | April 24, 2015:: The most inquired Agra church attack and vandalization case has almost been solved and a Muslim rickshaw-puller, who is supposed to be a jilted lover, is alleged to be the main culprit, police said on Friday.

Haider Ali, in his 20s, was picked up from Agra for attacking the St Mary’s Church in Agra Cantonment area in the wee hours on April 16, an official release said here.

The incident was a fallout of Haider’s love for the girl, also in her 20s, who used to light candles in the church.

During interrogation, the accused told police that he wanted to marry the girl and take her to Delhi. Ali said that he used to pick up the girl from outside the church. Ali also said that he used to visit certain places with the girl and drop her at the church later, the police claimed.

Before the incident, the girl had refused to marry the rickshaw puller and did not meet him for 10-15 days, citing the difference in their faiths. To this Ali got agitated and on April 16 vandalised the place of worship after consuming liquor and drugs.

An FIR was registered at Rakabganj police station against unknown persons after two statues on the church premises were found damaged.

Miscreants had damaged two statues of Mother Mary and wrapped a dog chain around one of them in the attack on St Mary’s church here last week. The incident, occurring weeks after the gang rape of a 71-year-old nun in West Bengal by some Bangladeshi Muslim miscreant, had strong repercussions across the country.

Police said that the chain used by the suspect to tie his rickshaw was the one found tied around the Mother Mary statue pulled down at St Mary’s church. A senior police official, on the condition of anonymity, said that the accused is reported to be a drug addict and had moved to Agra Cantonment railway station after damaging statues at the church. The accused is supposedly a jilted lover and he might have damaged the statues in anger, the officer added.

Post Script: Some American and European websites erased our previous posting at under the headline: Three Muslims arrested in Agra church vandalization. We are not giving any note of descent on our report dt. April 23-24. Rather, we find no inconsistency in out earlier report. Viewers are requested to please compare the concerned reports to reveal the truth as hinted in our reports on the current matter. Ed. Hindu Existence.

__with spl input from PTI.

3 comments on “Love Jihad behind Agra Church Vandalism.

  1. Joyraj
    April 25, 2015

    communal punishment is need of hr.


  2. sachin
    April 25, 2015

    All so called secularist would you like to comment on this, this is one another incidence after Bengal Nun Rape case of Islamic threat to all other religious . Be alert from these devils & Prepare for Religious safety. Do MIMI like to condemn this.


  3. bALLAL
    April 27, 2015

    The Devils are the christians, because they worship the demon, whose bloodthirsty virgin coveting god only takes birth in the flood of blood and Gore, millions of Turkeys, ducks,cows, even dogs are cut and liqour flows in billions of barrels to usher their god. Their bastardized progeny be it Indian Buddhist, Communist, Parsis are NO FRIEND OF HINDUS REMEMBER, they are enemies of Hindus. Yes the PARSIS mark it, they are one of the most fanatic and fundmentalist, more than Muslims like Shias, Bohras, Sufis. The other day ADI GODREJ to lick the ass of Italian christian nazi sonia, wanted Govt to CONTROL HINDU “EXTREMISTS”, the same Godrej whose ancestors came with begging bowl to India, we Hindus gave them ALL FACILITIES and these Parsis are FILTHY RICH BY EXPLOITING HINDUS AND INDIA. Would a TATA, A GODREJ, A WADIA be those they are in their original IRAN OR PAKISTAN..BUT MOTHER OF THE PARTITION VILLIAN MOHD ALI JINNAH WAS A PARSI, THE FATHER OF THE GANDHI CLAN WAS A PARSI..THE MASS MURDERER OF BHOPAL WARREN ANDERSON’S UCC RENAMED AS DOW WAS BROUGHT IN INDIA BY PARSI TATA. Hindus should Boycott ALL GODREJ PRODUCTS, LET THESE TRAITORS SELL IT IN IRAN OR ITALY


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