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Mother struggling for life in hospital, son severely injured after local Islamic peace-makers take on law in Bangladesh.

Hindu Mother and son brutally beaten up in medieval style by Muslim Hooligans in Bangladesh. Mother struggling for life in hospital. 

BD Hindu PersecutionHENB | Dhaka | May 22, 2015:: A Hindu woman with his son were beaten up in medieval style by the Muslim hooligans  at Dharmapur village in Kashipur Union of Phulbari  Sub-district in Islamic Bangladesh. The brutal incident occurred on Wednesday, May 13, but the matter came in the surface through a Mobile message later.  The seriously injured victim woman is struggling for her life in a Hospital far off the locality for avoiding further attack to kill her for erasing a living victim and potential witness of the case.

According to reports,  33 Hindu families in the village Kashipur,  had been living in the ancestral habitation for a long time. But Lal Chand Miya and Abdul Mannan (Chand Miya), both son of Mohammad Akbar Ali, belonging Muslim Bhatia family from Rangpur purchased some homestead lands from local Hindus and erected  there permanent houses, have been creating various  harassment and torture, only to drive away the minority Hindus from the area. The reporter of ‘Samayer Kanthoswar’ revealed that the situation of the minority Hindus are so critical and fearful that even the victims are not able to dare to share the abuse and torture upon them anyway and  anyone. The reporter of ‘Samayer Kanthoswar’  visited the place on Wednesday, 20 May, 2015.

The frightened Hindu families had been in the area as bare minority and do not dare to speak. The level of violence in the region is so engrossed that the Muslim perpetrators beaten up  Smt Birati Rani wife of Ranjit Chandra Sen and their son Sajal (7 yrs) with heavy bamboo sticks in broad day light while a dispute arisen from entering a calve in a jute field of the perpetrators for grazing.  The hooligans named Mannan, Lal Chand Miya and Haizul Haq victimized Birati Rani and jointly beaten up the victim as an attempt of murder. It was also reported that one point of time the perpetrators attempted to undress the victim Hindu woman.

When the matter spreaded through a video capturing by a school boy,  in the local people intervened.  The seriously injured Mother and the rescued son were initially admitted into Phulbari Hospital and transferred to Rangpur Medical College Hospital as the condition of the Mother deteriorated further.  As per report the Hindu mother is struggling life and death in a very critical condition.

One of the perpetrators Lal Chand Miya said, yes we are responsible for it. The law will take steps as per its own course. But, we must consider the Sharia as our law and non-Muslims have not any right to live in Bangladesh. But,  on the other hand, seeing the media team on spot, the perpetrators  left the place at once.

A tearful Ranjit, the husband of the victim said that the situation occurred as we were Hindus. He has also filed an FIR in the local police station.  But most of the perpetrators are roaming free and giving threatening to the minority Hindus of Phulbari village for dire consequences further.

As per latest reports the victim lost her psychological balance before going to a coma out of serious injuries generated from an Islamic Peace prevailing in Bangladesh.

Courtesy: Agencies | The links used above.

3 comments on “Mother struggling for life in hospital, son severely injured after local Islamic peace-makers take on law in Bangladesh.

  1. reddyrv393
    May 22, 2015

    These are the issues which the Ministry of External Affairs shd. be taking up with Bangla Desh Govt. and it would be nice if a feedback is given to the people on how the present NDA Govt. is tackling complicated issues.==Dr.R.V.Reddy


  2. Lambda Scorpio
    May 22, 2015

    Is our external affairs minister sleeping or she has gone blind over these attrocities happening upon Hindus of Bangladesh.


  3. pankaj M
    May 22, 2015

    there is hell situation for minority in has been happning since 1971.but surprisingly our goverment couldn’t act yet if NDA govt not take any appropriate action then who will save them?UPA


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