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India will be Hindu Rashtra by 2020 and a Hindu world by 2030: Ashok Singhal.

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By 2020, India will be Hindu Rashtra (Nation-State) and a Hindu world by 2030: Shri Ashok Singhal.


The Reporter (Upananda Brahmachari) stayed with Shri SudarshanJi in 1988 at 84, Ashutosh Mukhrejee Road , Kolkata- 700 025, for two months.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB| New Delhi| July 18, 2015:: Categorically calling the victory of the BJP- led alliance in the 2014 Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament) elections  as initiation of a “Hindu revolution” in the country, Chief VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) patron Ashok Singhal said on Saturday, India would be a ‘Hindu Nation’  by 2020.

“Sudarshan ji, a great Hindu visionary, once told me that the entire country will be Hindu by 2020 and the entire world will be Hindu by 2030.”Shri Singhal said at a function here attended by external affairs minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Kanpur MP Dr Murli Monhar Joshi  and other RSS functionaries.

The programmes was arranged under the aegis of Swadesh News Group.

He was speaking at a programme for release of a book “SUDARSHAN SMRUTI” on the life and work of former RSS chief K S Sudarshan, who died three years back with speakers remembering him as someone who encouraged promotion of ‘swadeshi’ model for the country’s development.

“Sudarshan ji was not only a saint but a visionary, who had predicted that a revolutionary change in the country will begin in 2012 and ultimately that happened in 2014,” he said in an oblique reference to the BJP-led alliance’s victory in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

Hailing the coming to power of the Narendra Modi government, he said the victory has put an end to the 800 years of “slavery” from the foreigners like Mughals and Britishers. “This is not a modest revolution. It will not remain confined to India but present its traditional ideology before the world in a newest form of holistic advances,” he said.

downloadSmt. Sushma Swaraj said, “Sudarshan had created a positive vibe around him due to which any worker could talk to him freely without fear and his ‘goodness’ made him a ‘saint’ amongst his peers”.

“Sudarshanji created such an atmosphere around him that I could speak to him openly. I feel the goodness of a person is measured by the positive vibe that he creates around him. If there is a sense of fear, no worker can talk freely. If there is no sense of fear, a worker can speak freely. He created such an atmosphere,” she said.

Sushma Swaraj said: “Sudarshan ji was like my mother. As girls used to share everything with their mother, I used to share with him everything.”

Shri Murli Monohar Joshi, a BJP ideologue and Member of Parliament from Kanpur Loksabha Constituency paid homage to the fifth Sarsanghachalak (Chief of  RSS), Param Pujaniyea (most venerable) Shri Sudarshan Ji  as a modern and outstanding visionary of a Practical Hindu Rashtra in ‘Akhand Bharat’ (undivided India).

Talking to HENB, Dr Joshi proclaimed a spiritual proliferation of Hindutva to save the basic humanitarian and cultural crisis in the dejected and over-materialistic situation looming large in the present world.

Read this News in Hindi:: 2030 तक हो जाएगा हिंदू-विश्व – श्री अशोक सिंघल : क्रांतिदूत

भारत 2020 तक हिंदू राष्ट्र होगा विश्व 2030 तक:  दैनिक जागरण 

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16 comments on “India will be Hindu Rashtra by 2020 and a Hindu world by 2030: Ashok Singhal.

  1. C.M.Vikram
    July 19, 2015

    Are these guys dreaming? The Hindu population is going down in India with the self imposed one child policy and Hindu girls marrying Muslims either on their own choice or by force. Bengal and Assam are facing Bengladeshi Muslim attack and Hindus are driven away. Does Sudarshanji and Singhalji know this? Are their foot on the ground? They make statements which are much further from the truth. Where action is needed, you do not see them.


  2. mathesisuniversalis
    July 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on L'horreur islamique à l'âge des ténèbres ن and commented:
    Souhaitons le, que l’Inde soit vidée et purifiée de tous ses envahisseurs musulmans


  3. reddyrv393
    July 19, 2015

    This is no doubt music to the ears to listen but is easier said than doen. For this to happen, all efforts need to be mnade and every Hindu must be motivated to achieve such an objective, keeping in view theIslamic aggeression. Dr.R.V.Reddy


  4. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    July 19, 2015

    Since 2006 Nepal’s situation has been further deteriorating. The American intelligence agency CIA and the Christian nations in Europe have spent billions to turn Nepal into a Christian nation and make it a base to launch Free Tibet agitation to disintegrate China. It is learnt that thousands of Tibetan army have been trained in the northern districts of Nepal in the form of armed monks. Christians have poured into the villages of the nation to convert the people there. China is cognizant of these conspiracies and is ready to take action if necessary. For its security China is ready to face imperialist forces. China is a good neighbor. We don’t have to be suspicious of China. But if China enters Nepal with force for its national security the country will turn into an international battleground. It will be very dangerous for Nepal. It could turn into a world war. What will happen to Nepal then? Will its existence remain intact? Nepal could meet the fate of Afghanistan and Iraq.
    We must not allow a situation that endangers the national security of China. We must seek all options for this but what options do we have on hand. We cannot always rely on arms for solution of such problems. If the royal institution is reinstated in Nepal it could provide a way for solution. The royal institution of Nepal wedged between China and India is such a pillar which can bring a balance between these two giant nations. It is a symbol of peace. So we must respect Nepal’s monarchical system and for that we must enthrone the King in his throne.

    In India 80 per cent of the population is Hindu. During the 1000 years of Muslim and English rule the Hindu shrines were destroyed and vandalized; and India desecrated and Hindu values harmed. India became Independent in 1947 after a great struggle by Indian nationalists. The constitution of the independent India declared itself ‘secular’. A secular India was established following a joint effort between Hindu, Muslim and Christian’s to draft a new constitution. It is not possible now to declare India a Hindu nation. It is not possible constitutionally. India should have been a Hindu nation from 1947. But Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and other leaders wanted secular system to create the harmonious among all the religions. Then, the secular tradition has established.
    THank you
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


  5. sabah ahmad
    July 19, 2015

    Mad men…look at the Hindu population in the world. ..are these people seriously deranged to think the world will be Hindu? Naozobillah.


  6. Mahesh Chandna
    July 19, 2015

    I am not able to understand on what basis Mr. Ashok Singhal has stated this . Just with statements and tall claims nothing happens .Hindus position in India is day by day becoming weak in social and political areas. Ratio wise also Hindu’s population is declining . If this continues in next 30 years hindus may become a minority . Do you think when hindus were 87% they could not make it a hindu Raashtra then when they will become a minority they will be able to make it ?. Now when RSS ,BJP have also started appeasement of muslims ( Roja Aaftaari celebrations ), its leaders often make statements that Ved & Kuran are same and give same message , BJP’s policies are giving special concessions to muslims just to appease them, is it possible that in next 30 years hindusthaan can become a Hindu Raashtra as Singhal Jee is pronouncing. Most scholars say that in coming years Islaam will be on decline in whole world except India where it will flourish . Truly speaking if present policies continue India is on the verge of becoming an Islamic country . Then why singhal Jee has stated so? the reason I could see is that Rss’s different organisations have different mouths their voices are different . Few of them have been given the job of pleasing muslims and making friendly relations with them , so they do muslim appeasement . On the other hand RSS do not want that such message should go to hindus thats RSS is also becoming Pro muslims, VHP and its leaders have been given the job of making hindus happy by such false and tall claims . RSS wants to keep both Hindus as well as muslim Votes in its ( BJP’s) Basket


  7. A K Mishra
    October 5, 2015

    When the entire world is going for secularism over all religious social colour caste racism, why these people are eager for Hindu Rastra. I am a Caste Hindu and you can not not take away my right to have friends in Muslim, Christian, other communioties, castes , colours or even physically challenged people. This is only appeasement for the gullible lots for vote and power politics. YEH SIRF BAKWAS HAI.


    • K S Roy
      October 6, 2015

      Your moronic attitude stunts me a lot. Do you know how many secular states in this world? It is three. India, Turkey and now Nepal.

      While there are over 150 Christian countries, over 50 Muslim countries, over 10 Buddhist countries, 1 Jew country, why there is no Hindu Country in this world?

      Cause: You like namesake Hindus or the virtual anti Hindus are majority among Hindu clan.

      I am sure that you never read the Quran or Bible in an analytical mind. Otherwise you will not be proud for them as you.



    • prakash
      January 9, 2017

      Hindu is not a religion it’s great way of living and Hindu is not secular we believe in vasudhaiva kutumbakam but there are some community people who make remind us about their religion


    November 27, 2015

    Yaa,,,,Jai Sri Ram….Har Har Mahadev….and curse upon Islam….the religion of terror and violence and hatred….Just destroy the forcefully constructed mosques within Kashi Viswanath Temple, Krishna Janma Bhoomi premises and no need to give any land for mosque construction over the 1/3rd land of ayodha…


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  10. Sohail
    January 5, 2016

    Even i am Hindu geographically..India is already a hindu nation…if some1 proves to me the word hindu in their religious scriptures like (bhagwat gita n vedas)i will be convert to hindutva and leave islam..


  11. veer
    May 9, 2017

    first of all give proper knowledge to each and every hindu kid from his child hood
    they must serve for religion and country compulsory
    every parents should make their kid aware of religion and threat of terrorism
    we need militant hindus now
    wake up hindus


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  13. Mehmood Asif (@Sharqain)
    February 12, 2019

    Akhand Bharat is a must under ISLAMIC CALIPAHTE


  14. Amit Modi
    February 12, 2019

    @ Mehmood Asif

    Where is your Abu Bakr Al-baghdadi? US and Israel fucked him well.
    We have destroyed ISIS and will end the Islamic Calipahte.

    Amit Modi,
    New Delhi, Bharat.


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