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Successful Strike by Pro-Hindu activists in Nepal demanding Hindu Rashtra.

Chitwan Bandh 1

Pro-Hindu activists of ‘Hindu Rashtra Bachao Andolan’ block the East West highway by hoisting Saffron flag in Nawalparasi on Wednesday. Photo Courtesy: Bidrohi Giri, NT.

Massive Strike by Pro-Hindu activists in central and western Nepal for the demand of Nepal Hindu Rashtra. 


Followers of Swami Kamalnayan Acharya of Muktipeeth performing “Kirtan” on road at Gaindakot (Nawalparasi).

HENB | Chitwan | July 29, 2015:: Thousand supporters of a ‘Hindu Nation in Nepal’ enforced a shutdown in four districts of central and western Nepal on Wednesday, protesting ‘secularism in the constitution‘ instead of making a ‘Hindu constitution‘ in Nepal.

Hundreds of passengers were stranded in the strike throughout the day as members of the Hindu Rashtra Bachao Andolan, a movement believed to be backed by the Hindu Royalist Rashtriya Prajatantra Party (RPP)-Nepal, blocked the East-West Highway in Chitwan, Nawalparasi, Syanja and Rupandehi districts.

A truck (Ga 1 Kha 4111) laden with noodles was torched in Devchuli of Nawalparasi district during the shutdown. Markets, educational institutes and factories were also closed. However, no other untoward incidents have been reported so far.

The campaign on strike has also demanded withdrawal of secular state from the constitution. General strike has grossly affected normal lives in Rupandehi, Nawalparasi, Syanja and Chitwan. Demonstrators and protesters have been protesting in the main cities like Bharatpur, Narayanghat and Tandi.

Similarly, demonstrations are also being held in Gaindakot of Nawalparasi. Long route vehicles and vehicles that travel on shorter routes are off the road. People are stranded on the roads but the strike enforcers have informed that they will provide food to the people.

The RPP-N, which had vowed to not call any kinds of strike in its manifesto, says Wednesday’s shutdown is ‘spontaneous’ and ‘not enforced by the party’.

Bandh enforcers gather at a road in Chitwan on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. The bandh was called by the Save Hindu Nation Struggle Committee demanding reinstatement of Nepal as a Hindu state in the new constitution. Photo Courtesy: Tilak Rimal, HT.

Bandh enforcers gather at a road in Chitwan on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. The bandh was called by the Save Hindu Nation Struggle Committee demanding reinstatement of Nepal as a Hindu state in the new constitution. Photo Courtesy: Tilak Rimal, HT.

But, as a matter of fact, the common cadres of all the parties including Nepali Congress and even from a section of communists also took part in the strike, as reported.

“Some of our district committee members might be involved in the Hindu Rashtra Bachao Andolan, but we have no ties with this movement,” said Biraj Bista, a Constituent Assembly (CA) member from the RPP-N. “People are spontaneously descending on the streets to demand a Hindu nation.”

In Gaindakot (Nawalparasi), the followers of Swami Kamalnayan Acharya of Muktipeeth obstructed the Mahendra Rajmarg (Mahendra Highway) from dawn to dusk for the demand of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal. They were performing Kirtan (devotional singing for God) on road with various musical instruments peacefully.

After the four major political parties signed a 16-point deal on 8 June, the RPP-N has intensified protests demanding that Nepal be reinstated a Hindu nation in the new constitution. A group of Nepali Congress (NC) leaders, led by Khum Bahadur Khadka, has also launched a separate campaign for a Hindu nation.

During a nationwide campaign to collect public feedback on the draft constitution last week, most of the people had also preferredreligious freedom’ over ‘secularism.

The Nepali Congress, the CPN (UML), the UCPN (Maoist) and the MJF (Democratic) on Tuesday agreed to use the term ‘religious freedom’ instead of ‘secularism’ in the new constitution in an attempt to appease the RPP-N and other pro-Hindu groups.

Hindu Rashtra is the Birthright of all Nepalis.

Hindu Rashtra is the Birthright of all Nepalis.

But the RPP-N says replacing ‘secularism’ with ‘religious freedom’ would not be sufficient. “The reinstatement of the Hindu nation is our bottom-line,” said Bista. “But we do not want to curtail rights of other religious groups, everyone will have rights to practice their religions within the Hindu nation.”

Earlier a consensus has already been made that there will be strict provisions of the prohibition of conversion in the new Nepali constitution in the making.

Police have arrested 7 (seven) bandh enforcers from Chitwan on Wednesday.

The bandh enforcers have gathered in major roads since early morning today to make the strike successful.

Dr Jagat Bahadur Pathak one of the coordinators of Hindu Rashtra Bachao Andolan thanked all concerned to make this Bandh a great success. He further hopes, ‘Nepal will be Hindu Rashtra again very soon‘.

Remaking Nepal as a Hindu Rashtra once again has also been made an issue in the mind of Hindu activists in India also. Last week, Yogi Adityanath of BJP urged that, “Nepal must declare itself a Hindu Rashtra”.

Read this news in Nepali: हिन्दुधर्म माग गर्दै राजमार्ग अवरुद्ध**स्वामी कमलनयनका अनुयायिद्धारा महेन्द्रराजमार्ग कब्जा

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One comment on “Successful Strike by Pro-Hindu activists in Nepal demanding Hindu Rashtra.

  1. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    July 30, 2015

    It is understood that human civilization started to advance since the Vedic age. Among all religions of the world, Vedic-Hindu religion is considered as an ancient religion that is recognized as the foundation of civilization and as the most liberal democratic way of life. Hinduism is the mother of all religions. Hindu religion is the most personally expansive and psychologically empowering religion on earth. Nepal is not only a ancient sovereign country but also a original Hindu Kingdom in the world. Nepal is a small and pious Hindu and Buddha country and Nepal always seeks a permanent, loyal and respected guardian– the monarchy.

    In the context of Nepal, Nepalese monarchy is identified most convincing identity of Nepal’s independence, cultural unity and safeguards the Indian culture and peace also. I think, majority Indian people also want Hindu Kingdom with monarchy in Nepal and then the continuity of royal institution and Hindu Kingdom is the only way to stop the CIA and EU who have been active to Christianize Nepal and to break China, making the based land to Nepal, in the name of free-Tibet. After restoring the Hindu Kingdom and constitutional monarchy, Nepal and India can move the parliamentary democratic system by saving Nepal’s existence and freeing it of communist’s pressure and China’s intervention.

    The world has bestowed high importance on the civilization resonant in Himwatkhanda Nepal and India. Countries around the world adopted the social structure and values of the two nations. In terms of the gestation of civilization Himwatkhanda Nepal and India both have uniformity which goes back to the ancient times.

    The King’s special authority in India’s Hindu pilgrimage sites and shrines will continue. BJP’s Hinduism in India will become an enlightening fact. Then the corruption of the famous corrupt leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist party will also vanish. The parliamentary system will instill a foundation to consolidate Nepal’s nationality, royal institution and Hindu status. After 2006 the major three parties imposed secularism and republic under pressure from foreign powers. This conspiracy to end Nepal’s existence will also end and awareness will prevail. India’s BJP government will also not fall under any conspiratorial spell against Nepal.
    Nepal is a nation that has shown its identity by being the only Hindu Kingdom that protects its monarchy. But many demand only the Hindu status in Nepal. There should not be a Hindu status only that only recognizes Hindu monopoly. From the time of unification Nepal has been known as a Hindu kingdom. In a Hindu Kingdom all religions including Islamic religion are given space. Nepal’s national flag and its status as a Hindu kingdom has been a distinct identity in the world. Nepal is the central and authoritative land of Hinduism and Buddhism. Nepal could be declared a Hindu and Buddhist Kingdom and made the centre of these two religions. However, the sad part is that on 24 April 2006 the parliament was reinstated by the King and on 18 May 2006 under foreign pressure the party leaders declared Nepal a secular nation. It was a serious crime.
    Israel is the only Jewish nation in the world. Nepal was declared secular saying that a nation has no religion. All the Hindus were saddened by this declaration. In Europe almost all the nations are Christian nations. Will the European people support a proposal to make them secular? It is a serious crime to sow the seed of secularism to invite civil war. In Nepal Rai, Limbu, Magar, Gurung, Newar, Brahmin, Maithali, Chhetri, Bhopuri, Kami, Damai, Sarki, Abadhi among others are Hindus. Among us many are Buddhists; the Sherpa, Tamang and many Newars are the products of both Swayambhu and Pashuptinath.
    Muslim, Christian and Bahai religions are imported religions in Nepal. We must all live in harmony. No one should have an objective of turning others into Christians or Muslims. During the unification campaign 54 different kingdoms were unified to form a single Kingdom of Nepal in which people of all religions lived in harmony. This Kingdom was formed from unification of smaller Hindu kingdoms. There will be no extreme policy in Nepal as seen in some of the Muslim nations. It is the tradition of a Hindu Kingdom to honor the existence of all religions. In the absence of monarchy in Nepal, if there is Hindu nation or Hindu Kingdom, if the Western countries try to impose Christianity by attacking the Hindus what will happen to Nepal then?
    Thank you
    Dirgha Raj prasai


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