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Nasty anti-Hindu Role of CPM in Kerala by ridiculing Narayana Guru.

CPM’s Crucifixion Drama on Kerala’s Most Revered Hindu Guru.

Nasty anti-Hindu Role of CPM in Kerala.Mavelikkara | Janmabhoomi | Sept 8, 2015:: There are widespread protests over the Marxists ridiculing of the great social reformer Sree Narayana Gurudevan in their ‘Onam celebrations’. Never in their history have the communist hoodlums acknowledged Gurudevan or his eternal messages. In fact EMS Namboothiripad had once scorned the great seer’s teachings as being of ‘obscurantist in nature’. (Poet Kumaran Asan was also derided by the same party as obscurantist , for “having received the acknowledgements of Maharajah”).

So, a party that was hell bent on keeping at bay the teachings and messages of this social reformer, has now evangelized the same soul, ‘transformed’ him to suit their requirements and presented him before a crowd as pageantry piece, after having crucified him. Can anyone else resort to sacrilege greater than this?

Gurudevan’s message, obviously aimed at putting an end to the conversion spate that had gripped society was “Whatever the religion be, man must strive to be noble”.  The same Gurudevan was made a mockery of, by evangelizing him and later crucified.

Weren’t the Marxists dead against the commemorative shrines of Gurudevan that were set up in different parts of the state? In fact, during the reign of EMS Namboothiripad and EK Nayanar, these shrines suffered large scale vandalizing.

Marxists seemed curious to know “if Sree Krishna Jayanthi and other Hindu festivals were the sole prerogative of the RSS”. The response would be an equally inquisitive rejoinder- “Which are the other religious communities that observe and celebrate Sree Krishna Jayanthi?”

The Marxists must remember eternally that Sree Krishna Jayanthi is indeed the prerogative of Hindus. But will and can communists become Hindus? If yes, good for them.  But, will Kodiyeri Balakrishnan openly acknowledge his Hindu ancestry? How many of the comrades have taken an oath in the state legislative assembly, in the name of God? Can the party that ostracized its two MLAs for having taken oath in God’s name ever metamorphose into ‘Hindu’?

When Marxists scream “Hindu blood does not run in us”, what is the need to envy to the core, those members of Balagokulam who adhere austerely to every Hindu observance? And finally, wasn’t the latest instance of vandalism against Gurudevan’s bust in Kodiyeri the result of utter shame and ignominy suffered thus? And screaming, obviously in a desperate bid to set afloat a rumour that the RSS had its hand in the episode, is something everyone will take in with a pinch of salt- even the comrade world.

Times have changed now. The Marxist slogan of ‘Remember this is Kerala’ must be something that should make the red brigade introspect. It is a well known fact that the hoodlums aim solely at creating strife, unrest and riots in the state. But they must also bear in mind that with changing times, the citizens will stop putting up with their antics and tomfoolery.

‘Vinasha kale vipareetha buddhi’ is the most befitting axiom that sums up the party’s current scenario. It is obvious that Kerala will not put up with this stench any more. And the wait is not too long either.

Courtesy: HK.

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