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Hindu Protesters gutted Police Car and tried to lynch two over alleged cow slaughter in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri.


Hurting Hindu sentiments with cow slaughter in India may be highly punitive for Muslims….. 

Riot like situation in UP’s Mainpuri, cops’ vehicles gutted, Hindu mob targets four Muslims allegedly involved in killing of a cow.

HENB | Agra | Oct 9, 2015:: A riot-like situation broke out in UP’s Mainpuri, about 100km from Agra, on Friday after a mob chased down and attacked four men with sharpened weapons  for alleged killing and skinning a cow. Two of them fled and other two were hospitalized in critical condition.

After Bhisada (Dadri), communal tension erupts in UP’s Mainpuri over alleged cow slaughter led to violence and arson near Nagaria village at Karhal area today. Two cases have been registered and 20 persons have been arrested for the violence. Additional police force has been rushed to the area which is part of the Yadav family bastion.

As per report,  two FIRs have been lodged — one against the men charged with killing the cow, both residents of Mainpuri, and the second against about 500 unidentified men for triggering riots at a time when Section 144 of CrPC was already in place in view of the panchayat polls.

It was alleged that a cow, which was grazing in a field near the village, was whisked away for slaughter and its skin was being removed in a house when some villagers barged in, the police said.

Briefing media-persons, Uttar Pradesh ADG, Law and Order, Daljeet Chaudhury said a cow belonging to one Ghanshyam died a natural death in the village.He employed one Ilyas to skin the animal. While Ilyas and his associate Rafiq were skinning the animal on the outskirts of the village, rumour spread that a cow had been slaughtered.

But, SDM Karhal, Vijay Pratap said it would be known only after post mortem whether the cow was slaughtered as was being alleged by some persons or the skin of a dead cow was being removed.

District Magistrate Chandrapal Singh said that two persons have been arrested and more arrests would follow.

The situation was under control and DIG, DM and SP were camping at Karhal with heavy police force.

__with input from PTI.

2 comments on “Hindu Protesters gutted Police Car and tried to lynch two over alleged cow slaughter in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri.

  1. Yakoob Dassu
    October 10, 2015

    Cow protection is important, slaughter and abuse of cows should be made into a criminal offence.
    Successive Indian Governments have failed to take this matter seriously and if Mr. Modi fails to accord protection for Cow Slaughter and abuse, he will have failed. This issue should and must be made a STATUTORY CRIMINAL OFFENCE IMMEDIATELY.
    The name of our Country’s reputation is being harmed.
    Muslims should take the sensitivity of their Fellow Indian Hindus and stop making silly arguments which inflame fellow Hindu Citizens. Islam compared to Hinduism is a younger relegion and Respect and sanctity of Cows is thousands of years old.
    Muslims should accept that Islamic conquests have committed atrocities and hurt Hindu sentiments. To move forward and build A PROSPEROUS INDIA


  2. krishanamachary
    October 10, 2015

    Main culprits are the secular crowed who created an image that muslims are supreme to them at the cost of hindu sentiments,without even iota of benefit accruing to muslims.Media too is on false secular phobia.Secularism means anti hindu for them.Media and politicians are to be blamed


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