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Expose anti Hindu media and intellectuals in India, says star singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya.

Strong Hindu Sentiment against Pakistani Terrorism is growing fast in India. While Star Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya says, Indian media has become Pakistani media’; Chitrapat Sena says, We will not let Pakistani star Fawad Khan into Mumbai. 

Bardapurkar and BhattacharyaHENB | Mumbai | Oct 21, 2015:: Weeks after stopping Ghulam Ali’s Ghazal night in  Mumbai, Shiv Sena had announced that they would not let Pakistani stars Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan promote their films in Maharashtra. But, getting disappointed by the behaviour of Indian Media to support Pakistan artists amidst the uninterrupted attack by Pakistan on Indian borders through a proxy war, Star Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya compared Indian Media as same to its Pakistani counterpart.

“We have taken a stand not to allow any Pakistani actor, cricketer or performer to step on Maharashtra soil, until Pakistan stops its terrorism against India” said Chitrapat Sena general secretary Akshay Bardapurkar.  A few weeks earlier Shiv Sena had banned ghazal singer Ghulam Ali from performing in Mumbai. Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya, had supported the ban in a series of tweets.

He went on to call Pakistani artists – ‘dengue artists’. And this time too, Abhijeet did not hesitate in putting across his views straight out even this time. On being asked if he thinks the ban on Fawad and Mahira is justified, the singer said that he does not know these two stars and has never heard of them, but added that he thinks ban on Pakistani artists is justified. He further added that he called them ‘dengue artists’ because they the entire Pakistan is suffering with this disease. He said, “In logon ko aadat ho gayi hai, joote khaane ke baad bhi vapas India aane ki (they have grown this habit to came back here again, even after getting slapped with shoes). 

No Entry of Paki Fawad in MumbaiBut, Bhattacharya did not stop at this. He further added, even Indian media supports these stars. Have you ever seen a Pakistani media favouring Indian artists? No. But Indian media always writes in favour of Pakistani artists. Pakistani media also writes against us, and Indian media also writes against us. Indian media is not Indian media anymore, it has become Pakistani media,” he said this to  HENB.

Abhijeet further clarifies that a section of Indian Media is always promoting Pakistani version to defame the Indian strength of secularism. India never rejected anybody including any faith, art and culture. It is Indian tradition since its history reveals. But, when Pakistan is continuing its proxy war against India, how can we be entertained by the Pakistani artists, singers, players etc.  Yudh aur khel, Aatank aur Sangeet… ek saath ho sakta hai kya, (Can we continue War and Sports, Music and Terror in a row at a time)… asks the veteran singer of Indian hall of fame. Abhijeet demands to cease all the relations with Pakistan until the neighbour country abandons its anti Indian policies and activism. He also reminds the citizen’s responsibility to expose anti Hindu media and intellectuals in India.

Paki film star Fawad, who made his Bollywood debut with the 2014 film “Khoobsurat”, has more Hindi films in his kitty including Dharma Productions’ “Kapoor & Sons” and “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”, is now being opposed by Shiv Sena’s Film industry wing, Chitrapat Sena, as a protest of Pakistani menace against India. .  Sena have vowed not to let the actors promote their upcoming films in Maharashtra.

___With input of Agencies.

3 comments on “Expose anti Hindu media and intellectuals in India, says star singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya.

  1. Amakant
    October 22, 2015

    Shiv Sena should continue its campaign even if BJP opposes it. BJP is selling out Hindus in its quest for regional dominance.


  2. Eklabya.
    October 22, 2015

    1. Yes, Shiv sena is right in this case. Why should we give them our market if they don’t reform themselves. They should be kicked back to Papistan.

    2. Our media in fact is afraid of Muslim hoodlums. It caves down to Muslims under the shadow of pseudo secularism. They piss out in front of Islamists.


  3. Arindam
    October 28, 2015

    The Indian liberals are on the same side as the jihadists – for the common enemy of the liberals and jihadis is Hindu society. The jihadis want to destroy it in order to impose Islam; the liberals want to destroy it because – as the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, put it ‘Liberalism is a totally anti-social phenomenon.’

    A German critic of liberalism came to a similar conclusion:

    ‘It is the disintegrating atmosphere of liberalism, which spreads moral disease amongst nations, and ruins the nation whom it dominates. This deadly liberalism is not to be conceived as being the prerogative of any one political party. It originated in a general European party to which it owes its name, but it subsequently exercised its baneful influence on all parties and blurred the distinctions between them: it created the familiar figure of the professional party leader.

    The principle of liberalism is to have no fixed principle and to contend that this is in itself a principle.’ (Moeller van der Bruck, Germany’s Third Empire, chapter ‘Liberalism is the Death of Nations’ )


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