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Declare India as Hindu Nation, implement beef ban across country, kill Pakistani terrorism, fix specific date for Ayodhya Rama Temple: Shiv Sena.

At Mumbai Dussehra rally Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray hits out Pak Terrorism and demands action as Rama killed Ravana entering Lanka. Asks BJP to fix a deadline for building Ayodhya Rama Temple. 

Uddhav Vijay Dashmi DusseraUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | Mumbai | Oct 22, 2015:: In a Mega Dussehra Rally at Shivaji Park in Mumbai on Thursday evening, Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray for the first time launched a sharp attack on the BJP over the ‘Ram mandir’ issue and Indian policy on Pakistan.  He said, “Mandir whoi banayenge, lekin tarikh nehi bataenge” (they say, we will build a temple in Ayodhya but we will not tell you when). He hinted that it would be meaningful to attack Pakistan entering the present dane of Ravana as did Lord Rama in the past.

This year Shiv Sena had to face many hurdles to get permission for party’s annual rally held on the Shivaji Park ground in Dadar.  Shiv Sena got the clearance from the Bombay High Court to hold the rally at Shivaji Park in Mumbai this year after separate applications moved by the BJP-led Maharashtra government and Shiv Sena, which also is part of the state government. The applications were opposed by Wecom Trust and Azad Foundation saying the noise pollution rules debar use of loudspeakers in a silence zone.

At the rally, Uddhav also justified the ink attack by his party cadre on Sudheendra Kulkarni, former advisor to Prime Minister AB Vajpayee, for organizing a function to launch the book of former Pakistan foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri. He also justified his party’s opposition to a concert by Pakitani ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali, which led to its cancellation.

He added saying that if Pakistanis are invited to India, his party will keep opposing it.

Uddhav’s acidic remarks against the BJP covered other issues as well. He taunted his ally on the various controversies over beef ban, asking the BJP to talk about inflation instead.


8.07 PM::  Whenever we say something against BJP policy, we are asked whether we will quit state government. We will after our work is done.

8.08 PM::  Gai nahi mahangai- Speak about price rise than cow slaughter, Uddhav to BJP.

8.21 PM:: Uddhav Thackeray taunts BJP at Dussehra rally, says We will build Ram Temple in Ayodhya, but won’t tell when.

8.26 PM:: Balasaheb would be proud to see that we’re still tigers. We are still tigers, but others have become lambs, says Uddhav.

8.28 PM:: Like Ram waged war against Ravana, action should be taken against Pakistan, says Uddhav.

8.29 PM::  Uddhav speaks about Veer Savarkar, asks ‘Did Congress suffer for freedom like him’. Why not Bharat Ratna to Him?

8.35 PM:: Declare India as Hindutva nation, implement beef ban across country, says Uddhav.

8.36 PM:: Attacking seculars Uddhav says, It’s okay if Hindus get converted, but you protest if name of Aurangzeb Road is changed.

8.39 PM:: Aurangabad must be renamed as Sambhaji Nagar, says Uddhav.

8.56 PM:: Why no charges levied yet on Col Purohit, Sadhvi Pradnya? asks Uddhav.

8.57 PM:: Prove charges against Sanatan Sanstha, Samir Gaekwad then point fingers, says Uddhav.

8.58 PM::  Why so much ruckus about Yakub’s hanging? Just because he is a Muslim, why not same feeling about Hindus? asks Uddhav.

9.03 PM:: Why do people want to ban to us? Did we create violence during Kasuri’s book launch? Uddhav at rally.

9.06 PM:: Dadri brings shame, but violence against Hindus does not, says Uddhav at rally.

9.13 PM:: Hold Ghulam Ali’s concert at Lal Qilla but first respect Indian martyrs, says Uddhav about the music programme threatened to get cancelled by Shiv Sena.

9.15 PM:: My Hindutva teaches me to bow before martyrs like Abdul Hamid who sacrificed life for country, but not before the fake secularists, says Uddhav.

Uddhav warned the BJP saying that his party won’t break the alliance in Maharashtra, but will keep raising issues that concern the public and supporters in general.

He also urged the Centre to probe with absolute seriousness the recent killings of rationalists and writers across the country.

Jana Selab Shiv SenaUddhav Thackeray warned the BJP saying that his party won’t break the alliance but will keep raising issues that concern the public and supporters in general.

In light of the recent killings of rationalists across the country, Uddhav urged the government to probe the incidents with absolute seriousness.

Talking about the recent Dadri killings, the chief said, “Dadri killings has tarnished the image of the country and not the ink attack.”

Additionally, the Sena chief demanded Bharat Ratna for freedom fighter Vinayak Damodar Savarkar.

__with input from  TNN, PTI, DNA & Times Now.

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