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How some VHP leaders and workers saddened the soul of Singhal in heaven.

How they hurt Ma Ashokji Singhal in heaven!

VHP workers kicking and harassing a cow and VHP leaders carrying ashes of Ashok Singhal Ji wearing shoes are the signs of withdraw of Dharmik Sraddha and drowning into formalities. 

Ma Ashok JiUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | Lucknow | Nov 27, 2015:: A shocking video clip, purportedly showing some VHP workers kicking and harassing a cow during immersion of ashes of Ashok Singhal in Gomati River here, went viral on social media platforms on Friday, after which the Hindutva outfit said action would be taken if any of its members was involved in the act.

If VHP members are involved then they will be identified and action taken against them, VHP spokesman Sharad Sharma told media agencies, adding that “for us, cow has always been and will be sacred. We can never disrespect her… VHP has always taken stance on cow”.

The video shows that some leaders of VHP in a procession carrying ashes of Late Ashok Singhal Ji for immersion in Lucknow’s Gomati river on Friday were kicking the cow, which came in the way of the vehicular rally.

Not only that the VHP men participating in the rally were all  wearing shoes while carrying the holy ashes of Ma Ashok Singhal Ji.

All these wrong steps committed by the earring members of VHP are obvious signs of withdraw of Dharmik Sraddha and believing the mere formalities.

Actually, VHP spokesman Sharad Sharma’s statement to ‘take action’ etc. are also another ‘bunch of  formalities’ and it does not lead to right direction of ‘Prayschittva (प्रायश्चित- penance)’.

Asthi Visarjan

There may be so many ‘mistakes done unknowingly’ or lot of ‘forced errors’ during the span of the programmes of ‘Asthi Visarjan’ (immersion of ashes) of Ma Ashok Ji. So we must think about the Prayschittva (प्रायश्चित- penance) very seriously.

Taking any technical action or giving punishment to any earring members are not the solutions. We must hold Sahashra Koti (1000 Crore) Shri Ram Nam Japa Yajna to get rid of the committed sins.

POSTSCRIPT: Shri Vinod Bansal Ji (Spokesperson VHP Indraprasth, Cell: +91 9810948109, emails: / ) is my good friend. I would like to request him through this reporting to take initiatives to call the earring persons and engage them for at least 1 lakh Shri Ram Nam Japa. श्री राम जय राम जय जय राम. Shri Ram Jaya Ram Jaya Jaya Ram.

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