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PEW Report hints an absurd change in Islamic Psyche!

There is no reason to believe that ‘Muslim-majority countries across the world overwhelmingly detest Islamic terrorist group’ and love the non-Muslims like Christian-Hindu-Buddhist-Jew-Yazidi-Atheists and so on.

ISIS-580221Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Nov 28, 2015:: Most of the time the paid media and the ostensible opinion makers think that the general public are too short of memory and they can even  digest eggs made of stones.

In this lineage world headlines are tucked now with the caption like “ISIS: Muslim-majority countries across the world overwhelmingly detest terrorist group” on the basis of this report “Most dislike ISIS in Muslim countries”  made by PEW Research Centre.

So, the process of showing the sacred secular mentality in Muslim community is generated accordingly by the press and media in a clandestine manner only to dupe the general public against the actual trend and truth both.

The present report of Pew Research center tells that “ISIS is almost universally detested across the Middle East, Asia and Africa, even in Muslim-majority countries, a new poll has shown.

Despite rhetoric about supposed “sympathy” for the terrorist group among Muslims in the UK and around the world, research by the Pew Research Centre indicated almost non-existent support in 11 surveyed countries and territories.

In Lebanon, where ISIS’ recent bombing in Beirut killed 43 people, 99 per cent of respondents said they had a “very unfavourable” opinion of the group, while 94 per cent of Israelis and 89 per cent of Jordanians felt the same.

In the Palestinian territories, 84 per cent of people had a negative view of ISIS, both in the Gaza Strip (92 per cent) and the West Bank (79 per cent).” etc. etc. /read details here/.

But, these media and agencies talking about Muslim aversion to Islamic State are purposely hiding another report of Muslim mentality just made and published in May 2015 in the peak hours of ISIS or ISIL.

Pew vs aljazeeraThen the huge majority of Islamic counties supported Islamic State in Arab world in just 6 months back.

The Arabic news channel Al Jazeera survey then carried this news, “Huge majority SUPPORT Islamic State in Arab world, shock poll finds“.

The report was shocking as it revealed a hard truth of Islamic mentality. It was flashed then, “More than eight out of 10 of the respondents to an online survey for the Qatar-based network – which also has offices in London – gave their backing to the brutal regime.

The poll, which asked in Arabic “Do you support the organising victories of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)?” has attracted almost 60,000 votes.

Shockingly, 81.3 per cent – or 61,145 people – voted yes to the question, in support of the Islamic extremists.

The ‘no’ side gained just 18.7 per cent of the vote.

Al Jazeera, which is funded and run by Qatar’s ruling family, has courted controversy in the past for its support of groups including Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which is identified as a terrorist organisation in many countries.

Change in Islamic Psyche

Critics say it has a bias towards Islamist groups and dozens of staff in its Egypt office quit over the network’s coverage. ” /read details here/.

So, 80 % Muslim people supporting Islamic State and Bloody Jihad in May 2015 have been changed as peace loving people against Islamic state in Nov 2015!  We must think, is this a sea change in the Muslim psyche or is this another strip of Taqiyya? The both is possible as answer.

With the onset of fierce offensive (I see it as an Crusade over Islamic aggression) on Islamic State made by Russia and France and retaliating non-Islamic forces, the Muslims got frightened or otherwise made this strategy under taqiyya to prove them also as antagonist to Radical Islam and Jihad.

On the other hand, ISIS and other Jihadi outfits have killed at least 150,000 Muslims in the last five years and made millions of Muslims refugee. This may be a real point of aversion of Muslims to much lauded Islamic State.

The other point is US authority cast its influence upon CAIR or PEW like organisations for making any report to gain its state policy of Muslim appeasement.

Even then, when we see a blindfolded Muslim youth wants to be hugged by Paris dwellers who can believe him, or a Muslim family members stand along a Paris street to greet the passers by, it is posed to an over-tuned drama out of fear psychosis.

Islamic faces

But, there is no reason to believe that Muslim-majority countries across the world overwhelmingly reject Islamic terrorist group and have started to love the non-Muslims like Christian-Hindu-Buddhist-Jew-Yazidi-Atheists and so on out of any universal fraternity rejecting its communal ‘only Islamic’ fraternity.

The propaganda for Muslim’s aversion to Radical Islam, Jihad and Islamic State is apparently a bogus thing.

It is only possible when there will be no Radical Islam, Jihad and Islamic State in this world.

We all peace loving people must be united to annihilate bloody Jihad and radical Islam.

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One comment on “PEW Report hints an absurd change in Islamic Psyche!

  1. pr
    November 28, 2015

    If people are told it is ok to speak falsehoods (taqia) it becomes very difficult to defeat terror. In the Dharmic world everything revolves around Truth. Humanity must become truthful so as to defeat all forms of terror once and for all. Seek inspiration from great souls of Aryvarata: Raja Janak, Guru Nanak, Sivananda, Prabhupada. World peace is impossible unless we spread the vegetarian ethic to all persons. Cultivate all virtues especially compassion, patience, chastity/forgiveness and prudence. Shun the sangat of those whose existence is not rooted in Truth.


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