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India must join Russia and France to finish the war against Islamic state and terrorism.

India and its Capital under threat of ‘aerial strikes’ from ISIS: Report….

Why should India join Russia and France to eliminate Islamic State and its terrorism from this world? 

ISIS aerial Attack on New Delhi

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Nov 28. 2015:: The latest threat revelation in India as cracked so far is the highest in nature. Believe or not, ISIS is planning ‘aerial strikes’ on India and its capital. Sneaking into borders, working on local module, sending directions through internet  or plotting the fifth column are far backdated. Now, paramount Islamic Jihad may come down to the soil of India from the Islamic Asmaan (sky) with the wings of Drones sent by the Quran follower fanatics of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

With some intelligence inputs procured from UK, the Indian counterparts are now on their toes to take tangible measures for tearing the tenacity of ISIS to traumatize India.

The report said that Indian security agencies have taken necessary steps to foil any such attacks and have prepared a list of 15 key areas in the Indian capital that they fear might be targeted.

Under this serious threat of aerial strikes from different terror outfits including the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on New Delhi, the ministry of home affairs is now motivated to take action.

Various objects like unmanned air system (UAS), drones, and paramotors could be used to launch these attacks, the ministry said.

Read also: Unfriendly skies: Security agencies authorised to shoot down suspicious flying objects as MHA warns of drone terror threat to Capital.

The security agencies have been instructed to shoot down any unidentified or suspicious flying object once it is declared ‘non-friendly’ by the India Air Force (IAF).

“Delhi is the most sensitive metro in India. It has been facing threats from various outfits. But aerial attack threats are now the main focus. Security and intelligence agencies have given reports about such attacks in Delhi. The government is coming out with a plan to counter the threat,” a top government official was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying.

This Jihadi threat in India is nothing new. The serial threats of Ghazwa-e-Hind, Al Qaeda, Other Talibani outfits and the latest hits of ISIS declaring India as Khurasan in their map are not the matter of any silly indulgence. But, the PMO and Defense Ministry are taking a lengthy time to  declare a notional war against ISIS with a cleansing measures to cut its roots in India.

Read  also: In this Anti-Jihad high time, India must strike upon Islamic Terrorism with final resolute.

Is India lacking any evidence to prove that the subversive forces of Islamic Jihad are too much active in India? Does India need any further proof that this Jihad and Radicalism in India are purely navigated by ISI, ISIS and other radicalized Islamic forces based no foreign soil? Then why don’t we make a zero tolerance against the  Jihadi Intolerance and Terrorism?  To make sure of ‘zero tolerance against terrorism’, India should start destroy terrorism and must sanitized its soil by uprooting all subsidized home grown terror outfits, mainly Islamic.

If India take the policy to go slow or to wait for the first deadly strike by ISIS, then it will be great blunder. First major attack of ISIS in India will surely boost up the jest of blood thirsty Jihadist however. So. India must strike upon the ISIS dens in POK and some strategic places in Pakistan.


ISIS is not a localized problem and India is not a singularized concern. Islamic State, its Caliphate and bloody Jihad are challenging now the existing civilization and the non-Islamic world. How can any state think to be separated from a declared unity in G 20 summit to destroy Terrorism and Islamic State from the map of this world.

Otherwise, it may create a Khurasan in a place which is now renowned as India, Bharat, Hindustan or Aryavarttva.

In this critical juncture India must join Russia and France in their unfinished war against Islamic state and terrorism. It is not the best way to live in peace permanently, it is India’s duty and responsibility, as the largest democracy in this world, to save this world from the spate of terrorism and Islamic State.

India must join the war against ISIS immediately as a peace process as every citizens of any country must be protected under peace and prosperity. ISIS and Jihad are against all these.

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One comment on “India must join Russia and France to finish the war against Islamic state and terrorism.

  1. Haridas
    December 24, 2015

    Join the army, get trained for fighting means kill maximum ,forget fear of death, concentrate only kill mad Islamic dogs, ally with nation’s like russia, France,China,Europe,fight, fight,fight unto victory.india should do for humanity .young Indians ! Follow. The whole wold will come with you.8


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