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Telangana BJP MLA Raja Singh Thakur threatens dire consequences for Osmania Beef Fest.

jai Gou mata

Osmania beef fest puts Hyderabad on the fire. Raja Singh Thakur says, “Ready to take life or give life for Gou Mata”.

T Raja SinghHENB | Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) | Dec 2, 2015:: Derogatory and disturbing ‘beef festival’ planned by some Anti Hindu student unions in Osmania University here on December 10 has taken a communal upraise with a Hinduwadi BJP MLA threatening to “take life” anyone or to “give life” for the purpose of  protecting cows and stop any Hindu humiliation by arranging “beef  festival”, put the police and administration on notching tenterhooks.

The confronting sides are on rough rivalry with supporters of the festival planning a five-km run on December 7 to gather support for the festival while the BJP MLA Raja Singh Thakur and his supporters announcing a counter rally to Osmania University on the day of “beef festival” to take on the organizers on spot.

“Granting permission for any run depends on the subject or the purpose. If any event may lead to law and order issues, we will not allow such a programme,” Hyderabad DCP Limba Reddy told press when asked about the event. However, the organizers are determined to hold the festival saying the “we will not seek permission as it is our right to eat whatever we want”. A source says that the communal forces of AIMIM is allegedly backing the “beef fest” to create communal tension in the city.

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Sri Raja Singh Thakur queered the pitch on Tuesday by declaring that he was “ready to kill or get killed to protect cows”. The Telangana BJP leadership has distanced itself from the MLA’s strident posture but has not taken any action against him. As Raja Singh Thakur has a strong support base in his area, the state BJP leadership fears to poke their state chief whip Raja Singh in any manner.

Giving warning to the organizers of “Beef Fest in Osmania University”and stressing that a Dadri kind of incident should not be repeated in Telangana, Singh, 37, a first-time MLA from Goshamal seat, said: “I am categorically warning those who want to hold the beef festival that they must drop the programme. We are committed to take life or give life in order to protect the ‘gou mata’.”

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The Telangana BJP chief G Kishan Reddy reacted by accusing Singh of indulging in anti-party activities and said: “Of late, he stopped taking part in party activities. He is acting as if he is an independent.” On the December 10 event, Reddy said, “We won’t oppose or support the so called beef festival. We heard that cow meat is not being used in the festival. They say it is buffalo and ox meat. So long as it is not cow meat, the BJP has no issue.”

A supporter of Shri Ram Yuva Sena condemned the statement of State BJP Chief by saying, “How Reddy is so sure that beef will be not served… who told him that buffalo meat will be served… then why it is named as beef festival?”

Another supporter of Andhra Pradesh Gau Raksha Dal vows, “We will stop beef-Jihad in Osmania at any cost”.

Gou Mata ki Jai in OsmaniaOn Dec 1, Raja Singh along with supporters of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and other Hindu orgs visited Osmania University and submitted letter to Vice-Chancellor Smt. Rajeev R. Acharya, IAS raising his objection for allowing beef festival in the University Campus.

Reddy said earlier that BJP had not permitted Singh to protest against the beef festival and Raja Singh had also not informed the party about his visit on Monday to the university campus where he had reportedly brandished a sword. On his part, Singh remained defiant and said: “I don’t bother if the BJP supports me or not. Even Narendra Modi cannot stop me from going ahead with my crusade to protect ‘gou maata’.” He added he would lead a rally to the university on December 10.

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A forum of Leftist student organizations led bu SFI, along with other anti Hindu student groups and some from the university faculty, have planned the event on the occasion of Human Rights Day. The idea is to uphold right to food as one among the human rights as well as to protest against the ban on cow slaughter. K Shankar of All India Students Federation said 10,000 people were expected at the festival. Before the event, student organizations plan to hold a five-km run on December 7 in support of the beef festival.

The pro Hindu student union ABVP is also opposing the unnecessary clamour in the field of education by humiliating majority sentiments.

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When asked whether the beef festival will be allowed, deputy commissioner of police (East Zone) A Ravinder told the press: “We will go as per the law. As of now, we are hearing from various sources like the media about the beef festival and there is not direct communication from organizers.”

Raja Singh Thakur, a former Bajrang Dal member, has a struggling past and was arrested in 2008 on charges of murdering two Christian pastors engaged to forceful conversion. Prior to that, he was held for murdering a businessman linked with anti-Hindu activities. Raja Singh put to jails several times. He was, however, acquitted in all these cases.  He entered politics as a TDP councillor from the Old City and joined the BJP just before 2014 elections. Raja own the assembly election in a spectacular victory.

Raja Singh Thakur holds every year a spectacular Ram Navami Procession in Hyderabad and is believed to be a forceful Hinduttva leader capable to combat the communal activities of Owaisi brothers of AIMIM.

Latest updates: BJP MLA booked for ‘provocative’ statements against beef festival.

Source: Agencies. Courtesy: Links used above.

2 comments on “Telangana BJP MLA Raja Singh Thakur threatens dire consequences for Osmania Beef Fest.

  1. Lambda Scorpio
    December 2, 2015

    There should be a limit to all this, Why Muslims are so desperate in provoking the Hindu psyche for getting them eliminated from this land?! Is there anything secular in it? just bluntly hurting the sentiments of the majority community.


  2. skanda987
    December 4, 2015

    We need many pro-Vedic MPs and Vedics like him. Need united efforts to make Bhaarat a Vedic state where any forcibly invaded anti-Vedic and intolerant religion will be illegal. That will make it easy to control terrorism.
    jai sri krishna!


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