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Explosive e-book of IS. ISIS expands Jihad to India. PM Modi and Hindus are mentioned as targets.

Islamic State e-book vows to expand terror war to India.  It calls to kill all non-Muslims and uploaded Physical and Car-bombing training for Jihad online.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Dec 2, 2015:: The Deadliest and most fanatic ISIS in its latest e-book titled ‘Black Flags from the Islamic State’, the global jihadi outfit seeks to warn all Muslims living in non-Muslim countries that they are “considered enemies by the majority non-Muslim population since the arrival of the Islamic State”. It states that people (non-Muslim they want to mean), dissatisfied with “neutral” governments, are turning to right-wing groups which are “racist or ultra nationalist (and) who promise to return the rich days back to their people”. ISIS wants to mean apparently the ‘Jihad tolerant Govts’ in different countries who hesitated earlier to attack the Radical Islamist in final assaults.
The e-book released by Islamic State (ISIS) across online jihadist platforms has made a direct reference to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, describing him as “a right-wing Hindu nationalist who worships weapons and is preparing his people for a future war against Muslims”. But the terror organisation mentioned Narendra Modi as “President (Narender Modi)”. This e-book is written as a compilation of continuing Jihad and its recent history taken sources mainly from ISIS’s online magazine DABIQ.
The Islamic State has vowed to expand the jihadist organisation’s war against India, citing ‘apocalyptic religious prophecies’ which talks of a global war that will precede the ‘return of the Mahdi’, or redeemer, who will rid the world of evil and pave the way for the day of judgment. The threat is made in a new, Black Flags from the Islamic State, this handbook like released online on jihadist platforms on Tuesday.
“The Islamic State would now expand beyond Iraq and Syria”, Black Flags states. “It would now expand into… India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan [and several other countries]”.
In a bare effort to divide the word between Muslims and non Muslims, the ISIS documents mention the Aryan neo-Nazi political groups in Germany, UKIP and the National Front in France as anti Muslim elements. It also alleges that a “movement of Hindus … who kill Muslims who eat beef” is growing in India.
“The people who fund these organizations want to grow a huge following of Islam-haters who can turn into potential recruits for future wars in their countries,” the e-book warns adding that such outfits have a political wing for their propaganda to attract more recruits and set up “armed militias who can start a terror campaign against their number 1 enemy – the Muslims”.

Read the complete book here: BLACK FLAGS FROM THE ISLAMIC STATE. (pdf version to be downloaded)

While condemning various Jihadi outfits as ‘Murtad’ (betrayers of religion), ISIS claims themselves as the only torch-bearer of ‘real Khilafat’ and they are too blessed by Allah, enlightened by Quran and guided by Muhammad. But, entering into the hides under the heavily shelling of Russia and France, the strategists of ISIS apparently took the easy way to promote the miracle of Islam to boost up the ISIS warriors in fear and dilemma.

The book, interestingly, contains several absurd miracle stories, purported to have been witnessed by Islamic State members, promising paradise to those killed while waging jihad.

Islamist State fighter Abu Abd ar Rahman at-Turki, it states, charged at the enemy, saying “I am seeing the hoor! I am seeing the hoor!” He was shot by a tank shell, “yet he was still reassuring the brothers and would always raise his vision upwards telling them that he is seeing the hoor coming, and that they should keep firm because this is the path of jannah (paradise).” Thanks Allah! At least Abu Abd ar Rahman restrained himself to give any details of those visible hoors with transparent clothing!

“We smelled musk coming out of him and saw peace on his face. This smell of musk from the mujahidin would be something that was smelt regularly”, the book tries to attract the screwed heads in the field of bloody Jihad.

The e-book, in what is seen by the Indian agencies as part of its global propaganda to influence Muslims to join its jihad, tells them that “right now is just the preparation stage” (by the right-wing groups). “Groups are gathering weapons, explosives and men…what you will see in the coming years will be when real insurgencies (hit and run) tactics against Muslims will begin,” it adds.


It further warns that right-wing groups in non-Muslim countries will eventually rule over their people and give them freedom to “abuse the Muslim threat”. Alternatively, it adds, the governments will get poorer and not be able to police their populations. “The right wing movements will be able to offer their supporters protection after they do their attacks, and Muslims will have to turn to their own people for protection,” states ISIS in the document.

The IS goes on to advise Muslims to either emigrate to a Muslim country as soon as possible, take up jihad or settle for humiliation “like the Spanish inquisition, where Muslims were tortured to death when Christians took back al-Andalus”.

As part of its strategy to create an environment of fear among Muslims in countries where they are in a minority, including India, the ISIS e-book cautions them that the rulers there “will be arresting them on flimsy accusations and spending billions on stopping Muslim terrorists even as they get poorer due to the economic depression”.

As this ISIS publication authority thinks the non-Muslims as idiot, they also highlights the ISIS’s transformation from some guerrilla groups to full fledged army of terror using unlimited economic resources from captured oilfields and other culpable sources.

In the book, the Islamic State describes its theory of how insurgencies against regimes can be developed, and gives supporters detailed instructions on how to build covert cells, build explosives, and maintain operational secrecy to defeat security service surveillance.

The Islamic State’s strategy, the book states, is to “do hit-and-run tactics and then go into hiding so [the world] can waste millions or billions of Euros on 100,000+police, investigators, and it can shut down its major cities and lose its money”.

It notes that the recent terror shutdown cost Belgium Euros 53 million per day. “For what”, the book goes on? “To hunt 20 people who have basic AK-47 rifles which cost a few thousand dollars maximum.”

Future attacks, it states, “will make groups in the West attack Islam and the Muslims in Europe forcing Muslims in the West to pick up weapons and start to fight back to defend themselves too. Then a jihad will begin in Europe like it did in Iraq, and this book gives guidance.”

From an analytic study of this e-book, it is apprehended that ISIS in this critical juncture of decaying under world pressure, tries to upheaval a online Jihad to provoke Muslim youths in a pseudo directive methods.

This e-book prescribes physical fitness for an interested youth for Jihad as such:
1. Jog for 10 kilometers (about 6.2 miles) without stopping, and this should take him no more than 70 minutes in the worst of cases
2. Run a distance of 3 kilometers (roughly 2 miles) in about 13.5 minutes
3. Run for a distance of 100 meters with only 12-15 seconds of rest
4. Walk a long distance without stopping once for at least 10 hours
5. Carry a load of 20 kilograms (around 44 pounds) for at least 4 hours straight
6. Perform at least 70 push ups in one shot without stopping (one can start by performing 10 push ups at once, then increasing the number by 3 everyday until eventually reaching 70).
7. Perform 100 sit ups in one shot without stopping (one can start by performing 10 sit ups at once, then increasing the number by 3 everyday until eventually reaching 100).
8. Crawl using his arms for a distance of 50 meters in 70 seconds at most.
9. Perform the Farat like run (an exercise that combines walking, speed walking, jogging and running), and it is as follows:
The Mujahid begins by walking normally for 2 minutes, then he walks quickly for 2 minutes, then he jogs for 2 minutes, then he runs for 2 minutes, then he runs fast for a distance of 100 meters, then he returns to walking, and so on and so forth until he does this 10 times non-stop) And normal walking differs from quick walking, which differs from jogging, which differs from running. Normal walking is known to all, while quick walking is that one walks at a greater speed while making sure not to raise his feet from the ground for a greater amount of time than he would while walking normally. As for jogging, then this is that one covers a distance of 1 kilometer (roughly 0.6 miles) in less than 5.5 minutes. As for running, then it is that one covers a distance of 1 kilometer in less than 4.5 minutes.  Etc… (p.9-10 )
Not only that to spread thev car bombings by the Jihadists everywhere agaibst non-Muslims the ISIS e-book makes their process to all other Muslims outfits in their online venture. In page 74 of this book they publicizes it.
This is how a different Mujahideen Cells work together to make a Car bomb:
1 – Cell 1 makes or gets its own bomb making materials (i.e. explosive powder) from the blackmarket and delivers it at a hidden drop off point (possibly even burying it underground). They will leave a secret mark there to show that the material has been placed and will send a secret letter/message to members of Cell 2 to show it has reached.
2 – Cell 2 will find out the equipment is ready and go secretly to pick it up. They will then take it to their Garage (it looks like a normal garage but it is being used undercover by Mujahideen for Jihad activities.)
Here they will put the explosive powder (usually Fertilizer powder mixed with diesel [Technical name: Ammonium Nitrate + Fuel Oil = ANFO) in metal steel boxes and insert wires/detonating cables in the boxes. When the Fertilizer powder and diesel are put on fire (by the naked wires), they suddenly explode. In a normal car bomb, there is usually 1 tonne of ANFO. The ANFO explosive powder metal boxes might be inserted in the boot and bonnet of the car, or anywhere there is a gap.
3 – Cell 3 will be informed through a secret letter or human messenger (Courier) that the equipment (Car bomb) is ready if they need it, and they can pick it up from a private location which they have decided already.
Cell 3 might have members who are willing to do martyrdom operations (‘suicide bombings’.) So the leader of Cell 3 will inform one of his men to pickup the car from the secret place and to bring it for the martyrdom operator.
The martyrdom operator will then drive the car to a place where alot of the enemy are gathered and press the Button (arabic: Doqma.) A full electric circuit will be made by the button-press, the electricity will pass through the detonating wires to ignite the main explosive powder (ANFO) in the metal boxes. 1 tonne of ANFO will explode, ripping through the entire car, killing the martyrdom operator and all the enemies surrounding the car.
Each Cell will contain about 5 members each, communicating in secret through secret messengers. These messengers will speak to the leader of the other Cell and no-one else. These secret communications make it harder for Intelligence agencies to know the secret of Cell groups because only 1 Messenger communicates between 2 Cell leaders, and no-one else knows the secrets of the other Cells’.
This is the technique the Mujahideen used to transport; weapons, fighters, money and supplies with each other.
In such a madness, ISIS wants to accomplish its Jihad to annihilate all the non-Muslims from this world!
Now, as India and its PM are in the target list of ISIS, India must join the war to finish bloody jihad of ISIS and its supporters without any mercy and with no discrimination.
With input from Agencies. Courtesy to the links used above.

4 comments on “Explosive e-book of IS. ISIS expands Jihad to India. PM Modi and Hindus are mentioned as targets.

  1. Trishool
    December 3, 2015

    Ban Islam in HINDUSTAN. Learn from China, Japan, and Angola, to leach and avoid spread of Islam in HINDUSTAN. God bless BharatTr.


  2. Arindam.
    December 3, 2015

    ‘The IS goes on to advise Muslims to either emigrate to a Muslim country as soon as possible’

    If Sunnis follow Daesh’s advice and migrate en masse to Pakistan, more than half our problems will be solved.


  3. Rattan Singh
    December 21, 2015

    Islam is a cancer, which must be operated from the social body, and like Angola, Islam must be banned altogether. All Masjids must be shut down and destroyed as these are the main centers for propagating Jihad and Terrorism. Treat Islam as invaders to our civilized societies, nothing else.


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