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‘Will not allow destruction of Hindu temples in Pakistan’ is nothing but a ‘taqiyya’ by Hafiz Saeed.

“It was Muslims’ responsibility to safeguard holy places of their Hindus brethren,” - Sayeed. Exalted Indian media does not know the reality of Islam.

“It was Muslims’ responsibility to safeguard holy places of their Hindus brethren,” – Sayeed. Exalted Indian media does not know the reality of Islam.

A Pak Taqiyya in Reality….

Now, a great liar and dreadful Pak terrorist Hafiz Saeed says, “Will not allow Hindu temples in Pakistan to be destroyed”! 

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Haridwar | May 4, 2016:: If a cat tells, it will not touch fish and go to Hajj, would you really believe it? Certainly not. So, it is not digestible that the Islamic extremists in Pakistan will not destroy Hindu shrines, temples and holy places any more!

Chief of Pakistan’s banned  Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) and 26/11 Mumbai attack mastermind, Hafiz Saeed, has said his organisation will not allow destruction of Hindu temples and other holy places of non- Muslims in the country. The news struck the headlines in Indian media creating a big surprise. By issuing this statement Hafiz also admitted the history of destruction of Hindu temples in Pakistan by our Muslim brethren on the other hand.

‘It was Muslims’ responsibility to safeguard holy places of their Hindus brethren’, Saeed said while addressing a meeting in Matli town of Sindh province yesterday. Wow!!

“We will not allow destruction of temples and other holy places of non-Muslims in the country,” he warned.

But, what is the actualities behind this absurd story telling of ‘saving Hindu temples by JuD’ by Hafiz Saeed at this point of time?

Pakistan was created in 1947 after the division of India accommodating around 15% Hindus of its populace in its present territory. During the turmoil of  division, the half of Hindu population fled to India and through its prevailing Islamic persecution and atrocities Hindu population of Pakistan came down to below 2% at present.

As per record, there were 2500 Hindu-Sikh Temples, Gurdwaras, Shrines, Yogi Asthna in present Pakistani territory before partition. Number of such Hindu-Sikh worship places came down to only 200 in present days, which signifies a real Islamic tolerance towards the non-Muslims in Pakistan as usual any Muslim countries in this world. Destruction non-Muslim holy places, desecration of these places are very much important and integral part of Jihad by any devout Muslim or Mujaheddin.

As a matter of fact, Hindus of Pakistan are at the verge of complete extinction barring a ray of hope in Sindh province where some 2 million Hindus still reside still now.

But, why Hafiz Saeed expressed him otherwise? It is not difficult to track this terrorist taking the help of taqiyya. But what is a taqiyya in Islam?  Taqiyya is nothing but deception or lying so religiously only to save the situation or to harm non Muslims in a very stealthy way.

Scholars in Islam say, “There are several forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, the best known being taqiyya. These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.”

So, a ‘Taqiyyaist’ Hafiz Saeed is now ready to start his operation in Sindh for another ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Pakistan to remove all Hindus from the map of Sindh, by making this taqiyya, “we will not allow destruction of any Hindu temples in Sindh”. May be, they will not destroy a single Hindu temple further, but they can transform all those as the prayer houses of Allah by saying ‘Inshallah’. There are hundreds of forceful occupation in Pakistan upon Hindu temples etc. for the use of those as mosques, madrasha, shopping mall, private use, even for urinals.

Though, the JuD chief rejected allegations that his organisation is promoting extremism in Thar area of Sindh, which borders India, by opening seminaries in the poverty- stricken arid region, it is really difficult to believe a ‘red corner’ terrorist like Hafiz Saeed.

After the strong protest of India against China’s stand on diluting the ban on Massod Azhar, Hafiz tries to draw a fake line of secularism around him and his JuD as to get a protective shield from China and Pakistan too. Through this extreme bluff depicting his concern about tortured Hindus in Pakistan, Hafiz also tries to remove the ban on his organisation JuD.

But, any intelligent Indian must rely on Chanakya than Hafiz Saeed.

Great Chanakya (371 BC – 283 BC), the legend Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist, royal advisor of Maurya era and the writer of ‘Arth Shastra’, advised us, “दुर्जनः प्रियवादी च नैतद्विश्वास कारणं / मधु : तिष्ठति जिह्वाग्रे हृदये तु हलाहलम // (Durjanah Priyavaadi Cha Naitad-vishwas-kaaranam/ Madhu Tishthati Jihwaagre Hridaye tu Halaahalam)”. It means: One should never trust a mean and cunning person (durjan) even if he is polite and soft-spoken (priyavaadi), because there is honey in his tongue, but his heart (hridi) is filled with poison (Halahal).

News Source: PTI. Courtesy: The links used above.


One comment on “‘Will not allow destruction of Hindu temples in Pakistan’ is nothing but a ‘taqiyya’ by Hafiz Saeed.

  1. Anand, USA
    September 30, 2016

    Pakistani already destroyed most The Temples in pakistan. It is practice of Islam that whenever they come in power they first target they other faith Worshipers and Place of worship. Impose jajiya tax. The AL AXA Mosque is an example in Israel. All Hindu ancient Temples in Kashmir including SUN TEMPLE and many others through out India and Pakistan. Islam have No Respect for other faiths period. There is is something seriously wrong in Islam preachings. The Moderate, Educated Muslims must eradicate it from their faith or move to Muslim countries rather then creating problems for peaceful other societies. They are free to go, No One will stop them. Pt. Nehru & Mahatma Gandhi were damn wrong allowed them to stay in India, a dire mistake that Hindus have to pay long time to come.


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