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Elderly Hindu priest slaughtered in Bangladesh by IS linked Jihadis.

Hindu Priest Killing in Bangladesh


Jihadis killed Hindu priest in Bangladesh in a profound  ‘Islamic style’. IS took responsibilities. 

Atul Brahmachari | HENB | Dhaka | June 7, 2016::  A veteran Hindu priest has been hacked to death in Bangladesh’s south-western district of Jhenidah on Tuesday morning. The manner of murder bears the hallmark of previous alleged killings in an profound Islamic style of Jihadi militants .

The victim has been identified as Anando Gopal Ganguly, 70, our local reporter conveys quoting Jhenidah Sadar Police Station Officer-in-Charge Hasan Hafizur Rahman.

Ganguly was riding a bicycle towards Naldanga Bazar to perform regular puja in “Shiddheswari Temple” when he was attacked around 9:30am, Gopinath Kanti Lal, assistant superintendent of Jhenidah police (Sadar circle), told while briefed to media.

“First shot, the victim was hacked on the neck to confirm death. The wounds are deep,” he said adding that the style of the killing “looks similar to previous militant killings”.

Locals said three assailants, riding a motorbike, intervened the veteran priest near Sonakhali canal.

Ananda Gopal Ganguly was attacked at around 9:30am by three bike-borne men who slit his throat with sharp-edged weapons in the western Jhinaigah district’s Noldanga village, assistant superintendent of Police Gopinath Kanjilal said, adding that suspected militants carried out the murder.

“As it appears Ganguly was killed by the militants as it matches the pattern they followed previously,” Jhinaidah’s police chief Altaf Hossain told HENB.

“He was an old ordinary man who was known little beyond the neighbourhood and we found no clue as well that he had enmity with anyone … the circumstances led us to point our figure to militants as we launched the investigation initially,” he said.

Police said they have recovered the body and sent it for an autopsy. An investigation was launched into the incident.

The near-decapitated body of the priest was discovered by farmers at a farmland near his home.

Anando Gopal Ganguly


Meanwhile, IS claimed responsibility for the killing of the Hindu priest. The terror group said it “assassinated” the priest while he was going for prayers, the SITE monitoring group quoted the terror group’s Amaq news agency.

This would be the third such killing pulled this month after the murder of a Christian grocer in Natore and the killing of a police official’s wife in Chittagong.

So far, police have record of at least 37 cases that relate to militancy. Most of these cases have been in the northern region of Bangladesh. But, at least four more suspected militant killings have taken place since then.

Frightened Hindus of the locality appealed to the local administration for arrest the culprits for hardest punishments.

Both the Awami League (AL) and Bangladesh National Party (BNP), the two largest political parties in Bangladesh are failed to provide the safety and security of Bangladesh minorities in a whirlwind of Radicalism in Islamic Bangladesh. Jihad is trolling there to annihilate all non-Muslims from Bangladesh.

Read this in Bengali: ঝিনাইদহে হিন্দু পুরোহিতকে গলা কেটে হত্যা

In Hindi: बांगलादेश में हिन्दू पुजारी की गला रेत कर हत्या, इस्लामिक स्टेट के आतंकियों पर संदेह

__Agencies. Courtesy: The links used above.

One comment on “Elderly Hindu priest slaughtered in Bangladesh by IS linked Jihadis.

  1. Arindam.
    June 8, 2016

    Bangladeshi society is going to end up like Pakistan’s. A Sunni Muslim majority population makes that inevitable it would seem. In which case, we must facilitate the immigration of non-Muslims from Bangladesh into India, and encourage the emigration of Sunnis from India.

    Our safety and survival depends on this.

    Indeed, it is up to Indian Hindus to protect all non-Muslims in the subcontinent from these vermin: no one else can.


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