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Hindu Adhiveshan in Goa pledges a reunited Indian subcontinent as Akahnd Bharat.

Separation and Reunification of Bharat

Mandate on Hindu Rashtra in 5th All India Hindu Adhiveshan.

Acclamation of undivided Hindu Rashtra comprising Bharat, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Srilanka !  

Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | June 23, 2016:: As a mandate on Hindu Rashtra (Hindu-Nation-State) and Dharmarakshan (Protection of Righteousness), delegates of 5th All India Hindu Convention and the representatives of different organisations of Bharat and abroad formed a solidarity for an undivided Hindu Rashtra comprising Bharat, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. On its 4th day of the Akhil Bharatiya (All India) Hindu Adhiveshan (Convention), all the participants raised slogans acclaiming undivided Hindu Rashtra and spontaneously extended support to Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Nepalese Hindus put under distress and repression by the respective Govt and political powers.

As the 5th All India Hindu Convention took a shape of a plenary of the Hindus of Indian subcontinent, a new light of hope of undivided India is regenerated to alleviate the persecution on Hindus as an un-abetted fashion of ruling in India and its neighboring countries.

While Shri Maravanpulavu Satchidanandan, an ex-higher official in SL Govt. was posing a Hindu status in Sri Lanka, Shri Subhash Chakroborti, a veteran activist for Bangladesh and Pakistani refugees in India claimed the provision of proportionate land in the partitioned part of India for the rehabilitation of the uprooted Bengali and Sindhi Hindus from their actual motherland. Prof. Niranjan Ojha from Nepal pursued  an constitutional change in newly adopted Nepali Constitution to make a Hindu State again in Nepal by a meaningful and appropriate initiative of Indian Govt. with a strong support of crores of Hindu people in India. All of their aspirations finally presented the remaking of India and its neighbor as a strong and undivided Bharatvarsha as it was earlier united and functional under the Hindu culture, tradition and principles.

Hindus from all over should come to Sri Lanka for preventing genocide of Sri Lankan Hindus   – Shri. Satchidanandan. 

Resolve by ‘Hindutvavadis’ to go to help Hindus not only from within the country but also Hindus staying in other countries.


Shri Satchidanandan.

Hindus have been staying in Sri Lanka since millions of years. In fact, after the British left, this land was given to us as ‘Hindu Land’ but now, population of Muslims, Christians and Buddhists has increased and police are suppressing Hindus. Innocent Hindus are shot dead and systematic genocide of Hindus is going on in Sri Lanka. All ‘Hindutvavadis’ from Bharat, Bangladesh and Nepal etc. should come to Sri Lanka, was the earnest appeal made by Shri. Maravanpulavu Satchidanandan, a ‘Hindutvavadi’ from Sri Lanka.

He said, “We have acquired such invaluable treasure of culture, traditions and philosophy. We should pass it on to the next generation. There has to be constitutional procedure for propagation of this culture; so also for its abidance. Not only in Bharat, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka but Hindu Rashtra should be established wherever there are Hindus.”

Acclamation of undivided Hindu Rashtra !

Shri. Satchidanandan showed video made by BBC news channel on how Hindus from Sri Lanka were brutally oppressed. Scenes of helpless Hindu women, small children and shooting of Hindu men with their hands and feet tied were quite heart-rending and sent all participating ‘Hindutvavadis’ from the Convention in a shock. When Shri. Satchidanandan made an appeal to come to Sri Lanka for giving support to those Hindus, all participants raised slogans acclaiming undivided Hindu Rashtra and spontaneously extended support to Sri Lankan Hindus.

Will establish Hindu Rashtra not just in Bharat, but also in Bangladesh and Pakistan –Subhash Charabarty.

Shri Subhash Chakrabarti.

Shri Subhash Chakrabarty.

Shri. Subhash Chakravarty, Secretary, Nikhil Banga Nagrik Sangh, South Paraganas, Bengal said, “I am attending the HinduAdhiveshan since last three days. This Adhiveshan is like a new lease of life. If I get a chance, next year too I will attend it. Since the year 1947, when India was partitioned and East Pakistan was created, the rights of the Hindus living there were crushed. Muslims got an easy chance to commit atrocities on them. Till 1970, more than one lakh Hindus were driven away from East Pakistan. Close to twenty thousand Bharatiya soldiers sacrificed their lives to make Bangladesh independent. Since then, various atrocities are being committed on Hindus over there. The land of Hindus was seized by Bangladesh Govt. Many temples were demolished, burnt down, idols were broken. Property worth one lakh crore rupees of Hindus was destroyed. Bangladesh is our Motherland. If we get your support, we will definitely go back to Bangladesh and establish a Hindu Rashtra, not just in Bharat, but also in Bangladesh and Pakistan.”

He further said, “Even in Bengal, Bangladeshi migrants troubling the local Hindus. They are looting the property belonging to Hindus. The Hindus are migrating to neighbouring States. If Hindus do not unite and fight against this, then very soon Bengal will become another Kashmir.”

For the solution of attack upon Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan or anywhere in the world, Chakraborty pledges a powerful Hindusthan and Akhand Bharat by the Hindus, for the Hindus and of the Hindus.

Indian Hindus should help Nepal to become a Hindu Rashtra ! – Prof. Niranjan Oza.


Prof. Niranjan Ojha

85% Hindus had opposed to Nepal’s being declared as a secular country; still Nepal was declared as a secular country in an undemocratic manner. It is a ploy to convert Hindus by amending Constitution of Nepal as a secular nation. One year ago, during earthquake, Hindus, in large number, were converted by luring them with baits. It is a conspiracy to make Nepal a Christian country by the year 2030 and for achieving this goal, Christian leaders in Nepal, leaders supported by Christian organizations and voluntary organizations are very active. If with such conspiracy, Nepal becomes a Christian country, it will directly affect India; so, Indian Government and Indian Hindus should help Nepal to become a Hindu Rashtra.

The delegate from Nepal, Prof Niranjan Ojha also urged the restoration of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal through a constitutional amendment there. He attracted the points on Indian initiative for that cause, otherwise it would be danger for the cultural identity of Nepal so far.


3 comments on “Hindu Adhiveshan in Goa pledges a reunited Indian subcontinent as Akahnd Bharat.

  1. Hirak Nag
    June 23, 2016

    In my opinion the best way to revive a Hindu Rashtra is to continue the present periodic gatherings to keep alive the thoughts of Hinduism. To attempt a Akahnd Bharat now is not possible, there never has been and the present set up in India is not opportunate.———Hirak Nag.


  2. skanda987
    June 24, 2016

    Before dreaming for creating अखंड भारत , all foreign (i.e. invaded and not grown in Bhaarat) intolerant and exclusive religions and ideologies (e.g. Islam, Xianity, Communism) will need to be purged out of the current fragments of the past अखंड भारत .

    The purging out can be done by social, economics and political pressures/ policies/ new laws. Those who refuse to quit those religions or ideologies within a set time period, will need to be moved out of भारत .

    In Vedic State भारत all the intolerant and exclusive invaded religions and ideologies will be illegal, per the new/amended constitution.
    jai sri krishna!


  3. Dirgha Raj Prasai
    June 24, 2016

    Respected all!
    have been writing from the beginning all about Hinduism in Nepal and India. In that sense, to studt, please search Google and read > So, I request to go in deep sense to keep intact Hinduism in Nepal and India including in all over the world.
    ‘Hinduism.’ probably only we, two are Hindu countries in the world. I want to focus obviously is on conservation of our common identity that is Hinduism and a sustainable cordiality between Nepal and India. Hinduism and its cultural traditions have a long history spanning over a period of thousands and thousands of years and developed over several eras. It is understood that human civilization started to advance since the Vedic age. Nepal and India are only the two pious Hindu countries in the world. Due to the eccentric corrupt characters of the party leaders in Nepal, the political, social and economic disintegration is continuing all over these days. They failed to understand the reality the country and desire of our people. They are traitors. The parties are choosing the ethnic lines to operate themselves to break Nepalese unity. This is tantamount to ping for a suicidal path.
    In fact, Americans and the Christian Europeans want to turn Nepal into a Christian nation. The vested interest of foreigners is to watch and spy India and China. India has witnessed the historical victory of nationalist patriotic power as a democratic practice of world’s largest democracy. We heartily congratulate Prime minister Sri Narendra Modi, a visionary leader. We believe Indo-Nepal relations will find new dimensions with new government of India. We are against any interference. But we always seek positive support and developmental cooperation. At this time, we are in crisis. All Nepali people want India be supportive in reinstating our lost pride-Hinduism and constitutional monarch. The Nepalese monarch always has goodwill with India. The fact is that the Nepalese monarchs held special right for carrying out ritualistic worship in many Hindu shrines and temples in India. Then, India’s Hindutwa also can be dignified.
    It is highly appreciable that current Indian leaders have made statements for our side. Here I want to quote some statements. Senior leader of B.J.P Lalkrishna Advani had said: ‘The framework for constitutional monarchy in Nepal should be consolidated because monarchy is the symbol of Nepal’s identity and sovereignty. Nepal should have an active and dynamic multi-party democracy’. In India 80 per cent of the population is Hindu. During the 1000 years of Muslim and English rule the Hindu shrines were destroyed and vandalized; and India desecrated and Hindu values harmed. India became Independent in 1947 after a great struggle by Indian nationalists. The constitution of the independent India declared itself ‘secular’. A secular India was established following a joint effort between Hindu, Muslim and Christian’s to draft a new constitution. It is not possible now to declare India a Hindu nation. It is not possible constitutionally. India should have been a Hindu nation from 1947. But Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and other leaders wanted secular system to create the harmonious among all the religions. Then, the secular tradition has established. So, being identity and survival essence, Nepal must reinstate Hindu Kingdom and constitutional monarch. India should positive and supportive role.
    Thank you!
    Dirgha Raj Prasai


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