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32 Hindu Mahasabha and Shiv Sena activists held in Uttar Pradesh from their way to Kairana.

UP Govt wants to suppress the facts about marginalized Hindus in Kairana: Jaivir Singh.

6 Hindu Mahasabha activists held in Kairana for violating prohibitory orders. 26 Shiv Sainiks detained at Harthala Police outpost. All released later. 

Towards KairanaUpendra Bharti | HENB | Muzaffarnagar | June 27, 2016::  Six Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha (ABHM) activists were arrested for violating prohibitory orders in Kairana village in Shamli district.   The team  of ABHM intended to reach Kairana to assess the present position of Hindus staying in Kairana in severe repression under hooliganism leveled ultimate by the Muslim criminals and extortionists. Over 100 Hindu  families left Kairana after facing a  Islamic persecution and others changed their domicile for having a safe place for leaving.  On the other hand, the Samajwadi (some say Namajwadi) Akhilesh Govt in  Uttar Pradesh wants to cut the Hindu Help Line for Kairana Hindus by disallowing Hindu organistions there.

The incident occurred on Sunday when six activists, including Hindu Mahasabha national general secretary Puja Shagun Pandey, state president Ghajendrapal Singh, state vice-president Sachin Sharma and Aligarh divisional president Jaivir Singh, reached Kairana village to take stock of the alleged migration of Hindus from the western part of the town, Superintendent of Police Vijay Bhushan said.

The arrested ABHM activists were later released on personal bonds by the sub-divisional magistrate court here. The National Human Rights Commission had issued a notice to the government of Uttar Pradesh on June 10 over several families leaving their homes in Kairana town in Western Uttar Pradesh due to alleged fear of criminals.

While observing that the allegations made were serious in nature, the NHRC also directed the state’s DIG (Investigation) on June 13 to depute a team of officers for a spot enquiry in the matter covering all the allegations made in the complaint and submit a report within two weeks.

Jaivir Singh, the president of ABHM of Aligarh division told HENB that they wanted more information about the marginalized Hindus of Kairna with a fact finding mission mode. But, the culpable UP govt. arrested them only to suppress the fact of Kairana.

26 Shiv Sainiks detained at Harthala Police outpost, Moradabad.


The police administration stood on toe on Sunday morning while numbers of Shiv Sainks were assembled in Budhbazar area of Moradabad. They were planning to reach Kairana to register their solidarity with the uprooted Hindus from Kairana.

As per source, police got the news of Shiv Sainik’s ‘March to Kairana’ from Moradabad to Kairana via Delhi-Meerut Road. Afterwards they wanted to take the Kanth Road also. Immediately police deployment were increased in Delhi Road and Kanth Road.

The restricted Shiv Sainiks got furious when Police humiliated Virendra Arora, the Shiv Sena Pramukh of Moradabad dist while he was coming to Harthala by Kanth Road at about 2.30 pm. The Shiv Sainiks (SS) clashed with police to rescue their leader, but police arrested 26 SS activists including Virendra to take control over the situation.

In protest the arrest SS activists started slogans against the pro-Muslim UP Govt, Mullah Mulaym Singh Yadav and his son Akhilesh Yadav, the present CM of Uttar Pradesh.

Virendra told the media that the UP govt had been acting as an anti Hindu force to make UP as an Islamic state. He demanded the safe return of the Hindus in Kairana again.

The designated SDM Court released all the arrested SS activists later on personal bond.


One comment on “32 Hindu Mahasabha and Shiv Sena activists held in Uttar Pradesh from their way to Kairana.

  1. reddyrv393
    June 27, 2016

    HAIL Hindu Mahasabha, Shiv Sena and Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha (ABHM) activists. It is time for an ULTA JIHAD and offer formidable resistance to the Islamists UNITY OF HINDUS IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR and not rest until we must have our Hindu rashtra established. I was very unhappy when I heard M/s Indra Tiwari, General Secretary, Hindu Mahasabha appearing on the radical, fundamental Muslim programme on ETV URDU called —HAMARE MASAIL— on 27/5/2016 & 18/6/2016 and going hammer and tongs against BJP / Narendra Modi / RSS to the delight of the MUSLIM host anchor and other Muslim panelists. This should not have happened. Shockingly she tried to dampen the voice of the Muslim Spokesperson of BJP, Mr. Syed Zafar Islam, when he tried to speak. Why did she do that? It was terrible—a representative oif Hindu Organisation admonishing Hindus on a Muslim Channel…We (Hindus) must be united and not speak in any manner to demonise Hindu Organisations, in public. We may express our views / reservations / criticisms during our internal meetings but NEVER shower pro-muslim feelings in public and that too on a MUSLIM TV Channel ( ETV-URDU ) at its Communal Programme: HAMARE MASAIL.

    Dr.R.V.Reddy .


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